Here's what we've learned from the latest Pixel Watch leak

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

Over the weekend on April 23, images surfaced of the upcoming Pixel Watch, showcasing the handsome hardware and different sensors that the new wearable will have to offer.

Since then, the person in possession of the pre-production Pixel Watch unit hosted an AMA on Reddit, wherein users could ask questions and get more information on the new device.

This is what we learned...

First off, booting the Pixel Watch up reveals almost nothing at all. With the battery long dead and no official way to charge it, all we were able to glean was the "G" logo when the Pixel Watch first booted up.

The user tried “2 Qi chargers and Power Share from Samsung Fold 3" but had no luck in powering it on. The most likely case is that Google has limited this pre-production unit to a specific internal power source.

Next, the Pixel Watch was placed beside a 40mm Apple Watch and a 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 for size comparison. After being measured, we learned that the Pixel Watch is 40mm wide and 14mm thick. For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 7 is 10.7mm thick.

According to the leaker, the bottom is bulbous yet round enough to be very comfortable on the wrist. As for the crown, it "feels identical" to one on an Apple Watch.

Something else that proves to be very interesting is Google's chosen band method. It looks like Google will use proprietary watchbands that can lock into the Pixel Watch.

Lastly, we're able to get a decent look at the bezels around the Pixel Watch, even though the display won't run on. Using a flashlight, we can clearly see the display boundaries, which don't appear to be very large at all.

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