These are some of the best features coming to Android in Spring of 2022

By Andrew Romero

Android is set to experience a ton of new features during Spring of 2022. Since there are a lot of them, let's jump right in!

Nearby Sharing expanding to multiple devices at once

Nearby Share is a feature that lets you send content to another Android device wirelessly and exceptionally quickly. The feature is expanding a bit, allowing users to select multiple people to send images, links, contacts, and more.

Portrait Blur coming to Google Photos for Android w/ support for more subjects

Portrait Blur is a loved feature available on Android for Pixel. Now, the feature is set to grace more devices, provided users are subscribed to a Google One plan. To add, Portrait Blur will no longer be limited to only human subjects. Pets, food, and plant photos will be eligible for this effect as well; Let's be honest, we all have more photos of our plants and pets than we do other people.

Digital Wellbeing is getting a new widget

Digital Wellbeing is a fantastic tool for users who want to keep an eye on their digital usage during the day or week. Fortunately, Google is creating a widget for the app that will give you a glimpse of your digital habits. The widget will showcase your screen time and the top three apps of the day, to give you a better idea of your usage.

Google Live Transcribe feature now works when offline

As an aid for those who are hard-of-hearing, deaf, or have other impairments, Google's Live Transcribe app is able to convert speech to text to bridge the gap between communication. Previously, this app was only functional with an internet connection. That's changed now since the ability to run offline is being added for users who don't always have a stable internet connection.

Google Assistant can now pay for parking

In a collaboration with ParkMobile, Google Assistant will soon have the ability to pay for your parking. All it needs is your zone info, duration, license plate, and card saved in Google Pay. This takes the hassle out of opening an app to pay. This feature will be available in over 400 US cities.

Google TV for Android getting 'Highlights' feed

Lastly, Google TV is adding a "Highlights" tab to showcase personalized entertainment news, reviews, and other articles. This is basically Google Discover for media. To add, Material You is coming to Google TV in the form of a taller bottom bar.

Unfortunately, we couldn't cover every new feature in this story, but rest assured, you can find more of Google's Spring feature collection at 9to5Google.com.