Back in April, Australia set out to force Google (and Facebook) to pay local publishers for content that appears in products like Search and News. An AU$600 million to $1 billion yearly payment has recently been suggested, with Google Australia today offering a rebuttal and explaining how its business works.

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Google expresses ‘support of racial equality, and all those who search for it’

This past week has seen widespread protests in cities across the United States. Google today expressed solidarity for this moment in history with a message on the Search homepage. YouTube has a similar display and is encouraging donations.

Have you ever heard of those message strings or files that you can send to other users to cause their phone to reboot? We’ve heard the story a few timesmainly on iPhones — and now there’s a seemingly similar issue affecting some Android devices. A simple picture has the ability to soft-brick some Android phones if it’s set as the wallpaper, and we’re not entirely sure why.

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May 30

Google Doodle slideshow captures the beauty of the Galápagos Islands

On this day in 1978, the Galápagos Islands were officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To celebrate the 42 year anniversary, Google has replaced their homepage logo with a slideshow Doodle that captures the beauty of the Galápagos Islands.

Google Assistant lets you build macros that invoke multiple actions with a single command. Over the past day, a bug when creating new Assistant Routines prevents you from easily adding Home control actions. Fortunately, the underlying capability remains functional and a workaround exists.

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Right now, the only way to use Chrome extensions on Android is to use an alternative browser like Kiwi Browser, which is based on the same Chromium browser engine. The developer responsible for Kiwi Browser is working with Google and Samsung to bring Kiwi’s extensions support “upstream” to Chromium for other Chromium-based browsers to use freely.

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