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YouTube, being one of the largest platforms for viewing online video content, is all about helping users upload their own content to share with others. Unfortunately, two of the tools that the service provided for those who wanted to create “polished” videos without the use of expensive software are going away on September 20th. Those are YouTube’s video editor and photo slideshow tools…

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The Chrome OS project is always getting updated, with new code commits happening every day. While most of these are just bug fixes or other improvements to the operating system, sometimes these commits hint at something new coming soon. The latest commits hint at two things: the ability to take notes straight from the lock screen and the ability to detect when a Chrome OS stylus’ button has been pressed…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Since its inception, Google’s homepage has not changed much. On it, you will see the company’s logo and the search bar. Besides some links around the borders, is pretty sparse. Then, after Google unveiled a revamp of Feed, rumors started floating around that it would one day be added to the search giant’s homepage.

Do you think Google should place a news feed or something else on its homepage?

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Motion Stills has been on the iOS App Store for over a year now, but today the popular GIF/video generator finally made its way to Android. On iOS, its primary function was to make Apple’s Live Photos easier to share across the web, but since Android phones don’t take Live Photos, this version is a little different.

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Update: In a statement, Google tells us that they hope to rollout “some version of the feed experience” to the mobile web. However, there are no plans to bring the Feed to the desktop. Their full comment is below.

Google yesterday announced a revamp of the Feed, formerly Google Now, that focuses on delivering smarter, more contextual information that is better personalized. Limited to mobile for the moment, one report today notes that Google is bringing the Feed to the web.

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Samsung has just announced that it will be hosting Galaxy Unpacked 2017 in New York City on August 23rd to announce a “highly anticipated addition to the Galaxy Roster.” Based off of this and the Gif that the company just tweeted out featuring an S-Pen, it is safe to assume that this will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8…

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