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In an email to employees today, Sundar Pichai condemned the extremism in Charlottesville and spoke out against the terrorism that took place in Barcelona only a few hours ago. In response to the more recent event, Google activated its SOS Alert feature, while Pichai made note that Googlers in Spain are safe today.

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Motorola has patented a smartphone display that can heal itself of cracks

Smartphones are pretty expensive, but they’re also fragile. A simple drop can sometimes result in a shattered, unusable phone. Motorola has pushed forward in fixing this problem fir consumers by introducing a technology it calls ShatterShield on phones like the Moto Z2 Force, but it seems like that isn’t the only idea the company has had to fix this problem…

Google first announced Android Instant Apps — the service that allows you to use partial apps via Chrome — back at I/O 2016. The rollout has been a slow one to say the least, and following Android Instant Apps first going live as “limited tests” back in January, Google has announced that more than 500 million devices now have access to it…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Hulu for Android TV updated with improved watchlist and performance improvements

As much as I love Android TV, I’ll also be the first to admit that its apps don’t get the attention they deserve. One major culprit of that is Hulu, but today the streaming provider is taking a step in the right direction by updating its UI at little bit.

Last month saw YouTube TV expand to 10 more markets around the U.S. Today the $35 per month cord cutting service is launching in 14 more locations, with Google’s cable competitor now available for residents of 29 areas around the country.

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BlackBerry Keyone: Sprint is working on a fix for unremovable bloatware

At the beginning of the week, we reported that BlackBerry Keyone users on Sprint were experiencing an issue with not being able to completely delete pre-installed apps from the phone. Our assumption at the time was that this had to do with a bug with the SprintID system app, and thanks to a confirmation from the carrier, that does in fact appear to be the case…

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