[Update: Galaxy S9] Samsung Galaxy Note 8 now receiving the April 2020 security patch

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners might not be getting the far more wanted Android 10 update but at least you can get the April 2020 security patch.


Since February, we’ve been tracking a redesign of Google Assistant settings on Android that greatly simplifies how to manage the sprawling, cross-device service. It’s now in testing for some users on the latest Google app beta.

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After dozens of leaks, pricing for the OnePlus 8 series leaked today through a European retailer and, well, it’s a lot higher. For a brand that’s always rested on competitive prices, raising prices considerably is a big deal. So, what price would you pay for a OnePlus 8 Pro?

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After much confusion over the last three days, Google sister company Verily has launched its COVID-19 screener and testing website. It does not have the nationwide capability — currently only covering the Bay Area — originally alluded to by US officials.

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Google bans employees from installing Zoom on work computers

With the rise of video conferencing over the past several weeks, Zoom has seen an explosion in both usage and cultural awareness. That surge has coincided with rising security concerns, and Google is now the latest organization to ban its employees from installing Zoom.

The branding around Hangouts — in 2020, that means Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet — is a mess. Those two brands are derivatives of a pre-existing brand that never made much sense in the first place. In today’s suddenly-video-conferencing-centric world, Google needs to simplify things, and a new support page update suggests that change is finally coming.

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