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One of the key selling points of Pixel 4 is the fact that it has the much faster “new” Google Assistant on board. However, there are a couple of details that might ruin that for some users. The new Google Assistant requires that you use gesture navigation, and that you don’t have any G Suite accounts on your device.

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Google Assistant Stories October 17

[Update: Available] Verizon’s HumX brings Google Assistant to your car w/ handy voice actions

Google Assistant is landing pretty much everywhere nowadays, and this week at CES 2019 it’s expanding further and further. Now, Verizon’s Hum car accessory is adding Google Assistant integration.

Nest has been one of the most popular brands for smart home products over the past few years, and Google is starting to take control of the various products now. However, that might have a negative effect on sales as residential builders are reportedly no longer using Nest products as a result.

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[Update: ‘Showtime’ isn’t a preset] Android TV adds support for Google Assistant routines

Routines are a useful way to automate things with Google Assistant, and now, there’s a new preset being added. To prepare you for movie night, Google Assistant is getting a “showtime” preset.

If you primarily use a Google Voice number, there are a few little roadblocks you’ve got to put up with. However, one of those is going away, as the latest Google Voice update for iOS adds better support for Siri. expand full story

Google Assistant Stories October 16

With the launch of Android 10 last week, Google teased night-friendly looks for Gmail and Maps. A dark theme for Google Assistant and Search is now beginning to roll out for some users.

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