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The new Google Assistant launched on the Pixel 4 with a handful of restrictions. One of those is requiring Android 10 gesture navigation, though the latest Google app beta allows the new Assistant with 3-button nav.

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Google’s collection of smart speakers, formerly Google Home, is usually pretty reliable. However, a faulty software update seems to be killing some Google Home units over the past few days for those enrolled in the Preview Program.

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On Chrome for Android, it’s all too easy to get more information about a word or phrase on a website by simply selecting it, then opening the new Google Search panel that appears on screen. Spotted by Chrome Story, a similar, but more powerful version of this feature, “Quick Answers,” is being developed for Chrome OS, similar to Look Up on macOS.

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Google Assistant Stories January 20

At CES earlier this month, Google laid out what’s coming to Assistant over the course of 2020. The latest Google app beta (10.93) this afternoon details a handful of upcoming capabilities, like hotword sensitivity for “Hey Google.”

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[Update: ‘Not supported’] Android Auto’s support for Google Assistant routines has been broken since 2018

Google Assistant routines are a handy way to automate some tasks, but the feature doesn’t work everywhere. Technically, it’s supposed to work on Android Auto, but Assistant routines have weirdly been broken for over a year on the platform, with no fix in sight.

Google Assistant Stories January 17

[Update: Fixed] Latest Google app beta breaks Assistant on Wear OS

Just before the holidays last month, a Google app beta disabled the new Assistant on Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Another beta bug today breaks Google Assistant on Wear OS.

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