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For the first time ever, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S line this year included a third variant of the device. The Galaxy S10e is a smaller, cheaper, and slightly less powerful version of the flagship device. However, I think it’s the star of the trio. Here’s why.

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Review April 11

The Huawei P30 Pro feels like Huawei making a bold statement to the rest of the smartphone industry: “try and catch us”. In short, the handset is one of the best on the market and has arguably the most versatile camera systems out there.

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Review April 9

Make no mistake, we’re most definitely a partisan group at 9to5Google when it comes to the Google Pixel 3. Being able to pick up a device that’s been created as Google intended is the core reason that the Pixel line is so revered — and that industry-leading camera is most definitely a reason too.

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Review April 8

The Honor Watch Magic smartwatch is essentially a rebrand of the Huawei Watch GT and at a slightly lower price point. That means it includes a somewhat stripped down experience to help increase battery life, but does stripping it back to basics make for a solid experience?

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Review April 6

Each year, Chromebooks become thinner and more portable, but this unfortunately comes at the cost of once-indispensable ports like HDMI and Ethernet. Some devices, like the Pixelbook, don’t even have so much as a full USB-A port.

These can, of course, each be replaced with a separate dongle, but many Chromebooks have only two USB-C ports, which would make it impossible to use two dongles and charge simultaneously. The Moshi Symbus Q, which plugs in with just one USB-C port, is able to replace all of these dongles, charge your Chromebook, and wirelessly charge your phone simultaneously.

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Review April 5

Samsung has been the king of the Android for years now, and it’s not slowing down by any means. In response to underwhelming sales of last year’s Galaxy S9, the company has launched the Galaxy S10, a family of powerhouse flagships that get a whole lot right.

Over the past week, I’ve been using the Galaxy S10 as my daily driver for this review. The $899 device is the middle of the company’s 2019 lineup, and it delivers a lot. Long story short, it’s an amazing, near perfect Android smartphone. However, its positioning makes it slightly tough to recommend.

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