Review August 7

Review: This Nest Hub Max stand makes the smart display a usable security camera

Google’s Nest Hub Max is an excellent smart display and speaker, but it also has a full security camera built into it. However, the design of the Nest Hub Max makes that camera somewhat useless at times, but I managed to fix that with this handy stand.

Review July 28

Looking at the smartphone market, there aren’t many stories as unfortunate as LG’s. Well, aside from HTC. Anyway, LG once pushed the Android market forward in more ways than one, but just a few years later it felt like the company just couldn’t keep up or come up with anything on its own. The LG Velvet is a soft reset of the company’s mainstream smartphone, and it gets a lot right.

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Review July 15

Samsung’s flagship phone often gets the most attention, but the company’s most successful smartphones are the ones that cost less than half that price. Lately, I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy A51 in my pocket, the successor to the company’s most popular smartphone in 2019. Is it worth picking up? Let’s talk.

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Review June 30

There are very few smartphones under $100 that we would actually recommend, but the Nokia 1.3 is one of our selected few.

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Review June 24

When it comes to looks, performance, and just overall quality, budget smartphones have come a long way. LG’s Stylo lineup has proved very popular in the affordable market, but is the new LG Stylo 6 still worthwhile? Well, it hits two of the three checkboxes mentioned above. Let’s talk.

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Review June 19

Streaming has taken over entertainment for millions of people, but when it comes to the live TV experience, that transition has changed a lot. With the TiVo Stream 4K, the company tries to deliver a product that appeases the typical streamer, but also the cord cutter. Here’s what you need to know if you’re in the market.

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