Google Nest Audio Stories October 13

For a few years now, Google has maintained three sizes of smart speakers: small, large, and just right. With the new Nest Audio speaker, Google has taken “just right” to a whole new level.

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Google Nest Audio Stories October 8

Over the past four years, Google has expanded its smart speaker lineup quite a bit. This week, the new Nest Audio is hitting doorsteps, but where does it fall in the lineup? Here’s how Nest Audio compares to Home Max, Nest Mini, Google Home, and everything else.

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Google Nest Audio Stories October 5

Where to buy Google Nest Audio

Several years after the original Google Home debuted, its replacement has hit the market with the Nest Audio. Reviews are raving on this $99 speaker, so here’s where to buy Google Nest Audio.

Google has been putting out smart home speakers for a few years now, but up until earlier this year the original Google Home was still the most well-rounded option out there. That changes today, as Google Nest Audio goes on sale — here’s what the reviews are saying.

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Google Nest Audio Stories October 1

Unlike previous years’ Made by Google launch events, the Mountain View tech giant treated us to the very first “Launch Night In” — a livestream announcement of all of their latest and greatest hardware. There was a lot to talk about so we’ve decided to recap all of the Launch Night In additions to help streamline your thought process.

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Google Nest Audio Stories September 30

During Launch Night In, Google unveiled Nest Audio, a major revamp of the original Google Home speaker, and it’s available on October 5 for $99.

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