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Android TV is a version of the Android platform which has been modified by Google to run on televisions with native applications. The platform was first launched at Google I/O 2014 and has since been updated several times, receiving a complete redesign in 2017.

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Google has also built its Chromecast platform into Android TV, helping to bring more apps to the platform. As of 2019, though, over 5,000 apps have been brought to the platform with more arriving on a regular basis. Big names such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and many others all have native applications. Most recently, Amazon Prime Video joined the ranks with wider availability of its app.

android tv link bar

The Android TV homescreen running on a JBL Link Bar

Google Assistant is also integrated into Android TV with visual responses, tie-ins with certain apps, and control over playback. Some devices such as the JBL Link Bar even support Assistant as a traditional speaker or with always listening options on devices such as the Nvidia Shield TV.

On the consumer level, this platform can often be found in set-top boxes and built into full-size TVs. Popular set-top boxes include the Nvidia Shield TV and Xiaomi Mi Box S, while major TV makers such as Sony and Hisense often release models using it. These devices differ wildly in price and quality, but the software experience is largely the same on all of them.

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google assistant on android tv

Google Assistant integration on Android TV

Another major source of growth for Android TV is the platform’s Operator Tier. While this won’t be found on the majority of consumer devices, Pay TV operators such as TiVo, AT&T, and others have used this option to create customized experiences for their customers, further extending the reach of the platform.

Google is expected to debut its own Android TV device in 2020 with a refreshed version of the Chromecast Ultra. 9to5Google exclusively first reported on the device which has yet to debut. Further reporting on the subject also revealed that the platform might be due for another redesign alongside the new hardware.

You can learn about the latest from Google’s platform in our continued coverage below.

Android TV Stories Today

Way ahead of what anyone expected, Google debuted the first preview for Android TV 12 last week right alongside builds for smartphones and tablets. Frustratingly, though, a glitch is preventing developers from flashing Android 12 preview builds on ADT-3.

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Android TV Stories February 18

Google’s Android TV is taking on new levels of importance thanks to a redesigned UI coming to some devices, and in turn, it looks like major updates might get a bit faster too. Right alongside smartphones and tablets today, Google has just debuted the first preview of Android TV 12.

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Android TV Stories February 11

Over its lifespan, Google’s Android TV has seen two core designs that the company has built on top of. Google TV is set to replace what Android TV established over the next year, but now Google is bringing a lot of that experience over to current hardware. The Android TV homescreen is being updated with new personalized recommendations, a “Discover” tab, and more.

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If you are looking to improve your home media setup and want a streaming stick or dongle, then you’ll no doubt be aware of the Chromecast series of devices, but which is right for you? Let’s simplify with our easy-to-follow Chromecast Buyer’s Guide for 2021.

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Last week, Google confirmed that Android TV’s home screen would be getting a redesign to bring it in line with the recently launched Google TV experience. This week, the Android TV Home app is receiving an update from version 2.3 to version 3.0, and while simply installing the update doesn’t bring the redesign, it’s clear that the preparations have been made.

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Android TV Stories February 7

One of our favorite streaming devices available today is the $49 Chromecast with Google TV. However, since the device launched in September, quite a few users have run into a problem with the Chromecast with Google TV crashing and showing a “can’t load Android system, your data may be corrupt” screen. Here’s how to fix that if it happens to you.

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