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Android TV Stories January 15

[Update: January 2019] The best Android TV set-top boxes you can buy today

Android TV is built into dozens of different TV models, but if you’ve already got a panel you’re happy with, there’s no reason to upgrade just for software. With a simple HDMI port, you can refresh your TV with Android TV powering the experience. Here are the best Android TV set-top boxes you can do that with.

Android TV Stories January 11

Ahead of CES 2019, TiVo was one of the latest big names to be in talks for work with Android TV. At the show, I was able to stop by TiVo’s suite and take a look at what the company is doing with Google’s increasingly popular platform. Here’s how Android TV looks with the new TiVo platform.

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Android TV Stories January 9

CES is a big show for televisions as particularly crystalized this year by Apple’s move to bring iTunes and AirPlay 2 to third-party sets. On the Google front, there were a handful of new Android TV products with the OS in recent months picking up adoption. Google is now planning to improve the experience by enforcing minimum hardware requirements.

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Android TV Stories January 7

[Update: Turns out it was accidental] Some Sony Android-powered TVs are now blocking Kodi

If you’re a Sony Android TV owner or are looking to get one in the very near future, then the apparent blocking of Kodi on newer Sony models might not be a welcome feature (via Android Police).

One of the most interesting hardware announcements at I/O 2018 was the JBL Link Bar. At CES 2019, JBL revealed that its hybrid Google Assistant smart speaker and Android TV set-top box is shipping this spring.

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Android TV Stories January 4

When the Nvidia Shield was announced and subsequently released in 2015, it probably didn’t quite justify the initial high price-tag for a base Android TV streaming box — at least in my opinion. Despite that, the updated 2017 model proved to be a very different story thanks to a combination of exceptional hardware and updated Android TV software.

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