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Android TV is Google’s television interface that runs applications built for the big screen. While it does have native apps, Android TV is also Chromecast enabled for the casting of media. The platform is growing in huge ways in 2019, with Google reporting 5,000 apps available and huge numbers of users with PayTV providers and consumer devices alike.

Stay tuned below for the latest news on the platform, and check out some of the biggest stories below.

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Android TV Stories June 16

Nvidia Shield TV w/ Android 9 Pie and revised chipset seems to be in the works

While Android TV as a platform is seeing tremendous growth, most of that isn’t thanks to consumer set-top boxes. The best Android TV box by far is that of the Nvidia Shield TV, and it seems that an update to that hardware is in the works.

Android TV Stories May 22

Before devices like the Nvidia Shield made their debut, non-console gaming on the TV was a bit of a mess. Razer made an attempt with its Forge TV and the acquisition of OUYA, but now those devices are officially being shut down.

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Android TV Stories May 20

As Android TV continues to expand, new hardware is going to become more and more important. Today, DISH has quietly revealed a new product called the AirTV Mini – an affordable streaming dongle that uses Android TV.

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Last year Anker showed off the Nebula Capsule II, a portable pico projector running on top of Google’s Android TV. Now, several months later, that product is finally available and ready to ship to your door.

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Android TV Stories May 13

Android TV is my favorite platform for the living room TV. Currently, the best place to run it is the Nvidia Shield, but my biggest complaint with that hardware is its remote. Luckily, there are some affordable replacement removes that make a big difference for any Nvidia Shield owner.

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Android TV Stories May 9

Hisense debuts 2019 Android TV lineup w/ 4K HDR models starting at $399, available now

Android TV is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the TV market, and today Hisense has announced its latest collection of 4K HDR models powered by Google’s platform. The Hisense H8F and H9F series pack Android TV, Google Assistant, 4K HDR, and start at just $399.

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