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Unveiled at CES earlier this year along with a host of other new Android TV devices, the HiSense H9E Plus is a no-nonsense Android TV featuring 4K resolution with HDR support and stunning audio at a solid price. I got the chance to try one out and was surprisingly impressed.

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Android TV Stories October 26

As Android TV continues to grow in popularity, we’re seeing it show up in a lot of new places. Heck, it even showed up in a robot back at CES this year alongside a boatload of other products. Now, Anker is launching the Nebula Capsule II projector, and it comes with Android TV packed inside.

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Android TV Stories October 24

Android TV has been growing at a surprisingly high rate over the past couple of years, and a big part of that has been the adoption from companies. Today, we’re getting new details on an AT&T Android TV box in development which may launch next year.

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Android TV Stories October 18

The Nvidia Shield TV is easily the best Android TV box you can buy today, and it just seems to be getting better with updates. Following a promotion which teased the functionality earlier this month, Nvidia is detailing all of the new controls you can use with a Google Home and the Shield TV.

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Android TV Stories October 15

Google Assistant can now play Netflix on Android TV devices

Android TV is a pretty stellar platform if you ask me, but its Chromecast functionality has felt broken for a while. Now, though, Google is fixing one major gripe by allowing Google Assistant to play content on Netflix through Android TV devices.

Android TV Stories October 9

Android TV hasn’t seen a ton of new hardware in recent months, but now Xiaomi is coming back with an affordable option that looks incredibly promising. The new Xiaomi Mi Box S brings the latest in Android TV for an even more affordable price than the original – here’s what you need to know.

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