Android TV Stories July 18

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YouTube’s big redesign for Android TV is now available on ARM devices like the Nvidia Shield

Google has neglected the YouTube app for Android TV for quite some time, but late last month it got a huge redesign that brought it up to speed with the rest of Google’s YouTube applications. Today, that update is finally available for the rest of the Android TV ecosystem.

Android TV Stories July 13

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One of Google Home’s best features is the ability to throw content from Netflix and YouTube to Google Cast devices, and Amazon is finally catching up in this department. After introducing Alexa control for the Fire TV last week, Sony has revealed that users will be able to use their Amazon Alexa devices to control the company’s Android TVs, something Google Home cannot yet do.

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Android TV Stories July 5

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In terms of look and functionality, Android TV is by far my favorite media platform. However, it lacks a lot of the developer support seen on other platforms such as Roku and Fire TV. Recently a very clever developer created a solution to this, a mod for any Fire TV that essentially turns it into an Android TV.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!


Android TV Stories June 30

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Android TV is neglected in a lot of ways, but Google is finally giving it some attention as we approach the debut of Android O. Today the company has updated the YouTube app for Android TV out of nowhere, and it brings a massive redesign and more.

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Android TV Stories June 28

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When you finally get to your hotel after a long flight or drive, the only thing you probably want to do is lay back on the bed, flip on the TV, and watch one of your favorite shows. Traditionally you’d have to learn the new channel layout or fork over cash for on-demand services, but Dish wants to change that with a brand new Android TV-powered box designed for hotels.

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Android TV Stories June 6

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Without actually announcing anything, the Facebook application on the Google Play Store has been updated to also work on Android TV. Don’t get too excited just yet as the application on your big screen won’t actually resemble the news feed found on the web or on your phone. What Facebook does bring to Android TV are all of the different videos that you see plastered around the social network…

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