Android TV Stories November 16

VUDU for Android TV now supports 4K HDR on the Nvidia Shield, adds Google Assistant

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the best 4K HDR streaming boxes you can buy today, but few streaming apps properly support it outside of Amazon Video, Netflix, and YouTube. Now, VUDU is adding official support for HDR content on the Shield.

Android TV Stories November 15

The 3-year-old Nexus Player is being upgraded with Google Assistant

Google Assistant’s arrival on Android TV definitely has fans of the platform excited, but its rollout has definitely been a little slower than we had hoped. So far, it’s been limited to just a handful of devices, but now it’s expanding to the original Android TV device — Google’s Nexus Player.

Android TV Stories November 14

Plex picks up Google Assistant integration on Android TV

Google Assistant finally made its way to Android TV in the past few weeks, and as it expands, developers are making updates to add integration. Now, Plex is playing nicely with Assistant.

Android TV Stories November 7

Google Assistant is now available on Sony’s collection of Android TVs

Google Assistant finally made its debut on Android TV a few weeks back on the Nvidia Shield TV, but its expansion hasn’t continued much in the time since. Today, however, Sony has finally announced that Google Assistant is starting to roll out to its various Android TVs.

Android TV Stories October 30

Update 11/2: YouTube TV for Android TV has arrived on the Play Store. It’s also available on Xbox consoles today.

After adding Google Home and Assistant integration, YouTube TV is now rolling out a dedicated and optimized television experience. Apps for Android TV and Xbox One are launching in the next few days, with Apple TV, LG, Samsung, and Sony following soon.

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Android TV Stories October 18

You can now buy the Nvidia Shield TV for $179 without the game controller

One of our favorite Android gadgets this year has been the Nvidia Shield TV, and with features like Assistant on board, it’s just getting better. Today, the company has launched a new Shield TV bundle that’s just a bit more affordable.

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