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Android TV Stories July 18

Netflix redesigns its UI for TVs w/ simpler, more intuitive navigation

Netflix has today announced that it is bringing a massive redesign to its app on TVs, and it changes things drastically…

Android TV Stories July 10

GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield TV will soon let you add your own titles, free in beta

One of the biggest perks of owning an Nvidia Shield TV since its debut has been gaming. With GeForce streaming, you can play high-quality PC titles on the streaming box. Now, Nvidia is bringing some big changes to GeForce Now on the Shield.

Android TV Stories July 2

Google Play Movies & TV adds HDR casting to Nvidia Shield, Sony Android TVs

After adding HDR casting support to the Chromecast Ultra about a year ago, Google is this week expanding the functionality to a few select devices, all powered by Android TV.

Android TV Stories June 29

As Android TV grows in popularity, we’re expecting a lot of new hardware to hit the market. Apparently, Xiaomi is planning to launch a refreshed version of its 2016 Mi Box.

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Android TV Stories June 28

Philips may bring Android Oreo to nearly all of its Android TV devices

Philips has quite a few Android TV devices out on the market today, and it seems that the company will be updating nearly all of them to Android Oreo.

Android TV Stories June 27

YouTube for Android TV updated w/ Google Assistant commands, personalized channels, more

Launched last year, version 2.0 of YouTube for Android TV was initially met with a significant amount of controversy due to the lack of features. The design has since been refined and an update today adds personalized channels for Android Oreo’s homescreen and Google Assistant voice commands.

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