nest cam Stories August 25

Google Home app gets unified page to show all of your Nest Cam feeds

In addition to a dark theme and bringing along the rest of your Nest media devices to Android 11’s power menu, Google Home 2.27 this morning can show all your Nest camera feeds on a unified page.

nest cam Stories May 11

COVID-19 is driving extreme change in society and healthcare, with the pandemic forcing hospitals to innovate. One of those ways involves a Google partnership where Nest Cams are installed in areas where those with coronavirus reside to help “more efficiently care for patients and preserve PPE.”

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nest cam Stories April 14

From YouTube to Stadia, services around the world are adjusting streaming quality to minimize network strain due to the surge in remote work and distance learning. In response to COVID-19, Google today announced that Nest Cams will switch to default quality to help conserve bandwidth.

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nest cam Stories March 23

Last year, the Google Home app was redesigned to only feature two main sections, including a centralized “Feed” that highlights important changes. Google is now rolling out Nest Cam events to the Home app and an improved Lights quick action.

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nest cam Stories September 21, 2019

Instead of introducing new boxes right away, the Google Nest rebrand has been rolling out to retail packaging via stickers. After the Nest Hub and Hello, these markers are now appearing on Nest Cams and Thermostats.

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nest cam Stories August 19, 2019

Last week, Google removed the ability to disable the status light on Nest Cams to ensure end-user privacy. With that announcement, another change was made that will require you to reenable the security camera’s integration with Nest Protect and Secure.

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