Google Nest Mini Stories October 21

After upgrading most of the Nest Hub series, it seems Google’s Fuchsia team is looking to move on to supporting Google Assistant speakers like the Nest Audio and what looks to be a new speaker for 2023.

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Google Nest Mini Stories February 23, 2021

One of the biggest bonuses with the Spotify mobile app has always been the ability to cast audio from a “free” account to your Google Assistant-powered speakers and Smart Displays. A recent, quietly made change means that this privilege is now only reserved for Premium account holders.

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Google Nest Mini Stories November 18, 2020

Google One offers free Nest Mini if you upgrade to 2TB storage tier

If you need extra storage on your Google account, the Google One subscription plan is a reasonably affordable way to give yourself some extra leeway with personal files and more. In a bid to get more people to upgrade to the 2TB Google One storage tier, those who do so can claim a free Nest Mini.

Google Nest Mini Stories October 8, 2020

Over the past four years, Google has expanded its smart speaker lineup quite a bit. This week, the new Nest Audio is hitting doorsteps, but where does it fall in the lineup? Here’s how Nest Audio compares to Home Max, Nest Mini, Google Home, and everything else.

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Google Nest Mini Stories August 27, 2020

Spotify subscribers can redeem a free Google Nest Mini, only in Canada for now

Spotify and Google have been partnering off and on for the past couple of years to give subscribers free Assistant speakers, and that promo is back yet again. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber in Canada, you can get a free Google Nest Mini right now.

Google Nest Mini Stories June 4, 2020

Another Google Nest Aware promo offers free Nest Hub, gives Nest Mini instead [Updated]

Earlier this week, Google sent out emails to some subscribers who had signed on to the company’s new Nest Aware plans offering a free Nest Hub smart display. Now, another email is going out that promises the same, but the end result is a completely different product.

Google Nest Mini Stories May 4, 2020

YouTube Premium promotion for free Nest Mini was actually a glitch

This afternoon, the YouTube mobile apps alerted some Premium subscribers about a free Google Nest Mini promotion. None of those users have been able to redeem the offer, with the notification actually a “glitch.”

Google Nest Mini Stories December 20, 2019

Starting in late November, Google began offering free Nest Minis to users of their Advanced Protection Program, which promises “Google’s strongest security” through physical security keys. This afternoon brings an extension to the previous deadline, which gives users an additional two and a half weeks to refer friends or family.

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Google Nest Mini Stories December 10, 2019

The early days of Google Fi were littered with MVNO subscribers getting great branded swag from the annual holiday gift. That diminished as the cellular service grew, but Fi customers this year are getting a free Nest Mini.

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Google Nest Mini Stories December 2, 2019

Google Nest deals are sure to make an appearance this Cyber Monday from all the top retailers, which means you’ll be able to snag Nest thermostats, Nest Mini smart speakers, and Nest Hub Max smart displays at some of the lowest prices of the year. Specifically, we’re seeing some pretty large price drops for the original Google Home this year. Keep reading for all the current and expected Cyber Monday Nest deals…

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Google Nest Mini Stories November 25, 2019

Google’s Nest Mini is a huge upgrade over its previous Home Mini smart speaker and today, the updated product is launching in India.

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Google Nest Mini Stories November 22, 2019

This week, Google announced that its Advanced Protection Program will soon be available for all G Suite enterprise customers. Offering the “strongest account security,” Google is running a promo where current APP users that get somebody else to join will receive a free Nest Mini.

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Google Nest Mini Stories November 18, 2019

Google’s collection of smart speakers and displays has been slowly evolving over the past few years, but 2017’s Google Home Mini was largely regarded as the best product for most people. Now, we’ve been able to spend a few weeks with its followup, the Nest Mini, and we have no doubt that it’s the best option Google currently has on the market. Here are a few reasons why.

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Google Nest Mini Stories November 7, 2019

The Google Home Mini was an insanely popular smart speaker that basically cemented Google Assistant’s place in the market. However, it now has a successor in the much better Nest Mini, making it a bit ridiculous that the two are still sold together.

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Google Nest Mini Stories October 21, 2019

Google’s Home Mini smart speaker and Google Wifi systems have been some of the most popular products of their category for the past few years, and now they’ve gotten refreshes. Here are a few details about the Nest Wifi and the Nest Mini that you might have missed, including the latter’s improved touch controls.

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There are more apps for Google Assistant than you’ll ever use, but apparently it’s also not that difficult to slip malicious apps through the cracks. Apparently, a security research lab managed to develop apps for Google Assistant and Alexa designed for phishing for user’s private information.

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Google Nest Mini Stories October 15, 2019

Google’s collection of smart home devices are arguably the company’s most successful products, especially in the case of the Google Home Mini. Today at its media event in New York City, Google announced an updated version of that product in the Google Nest Mini and we’ve had a chance to get our hands on it.

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Google Assistant’s current dominance is due in part to Google flooding the market with very affordable and even free Home Minis. Two years later, the smart speaker is seeing a second-generation at Made by Google 2019 with the Nest Mini.

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We’re now less than an hour away from the Made by Google event, and we’re already fairly confident in what devices Google will be announcing. This morning, four of those products, the Google Pixel 4 (and 4 XL), Nest Mini, Nest Wifi Router and Nest Wifi Point, have all hit the Bluetooth SIG.

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Google Nest Mini Stories October 14, 2019

In its fourth year, Google Hardware is launching maturing followups to five major products. Our sources say to expect Google’s latest flagship smartphone, the Pixel 4, as well as a Pixelbook Go laptop, a second generation version of its Nest Mini and Nest Wifi connected home devices, and a followup to the Pixel Buds. We’ve been tracking these products extensively for almost a year, and you’ll find everything we know — and some new tidbits — below…

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The Pixel 4 and Pixelbook Go have been extensively detailed in the lead-up to Made by Google 2019. With less than 24 hours to the event, the Google Nest Mini and its similar design has just leaked.

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Google Nest Mini Stories October 12, 2019

Following Best Buy Canada last night fully detailing the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, another northern retailer has possibly leaked Nest Wifi pricing. This online store also suggests other Made by Google plans for Canada, including the Nest Mini and Nest Hub Max.

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Google Nest Mini Stories September 20, 2019

An Irish retailer called Elara has posted a variety of listings for unannounced Google products and their associated model numbers. The site lists the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL in both 64GB and 128GB models, as well as three colors: Just Black, Clearly White, and Oh So Orange. Early Pixel 4 prices appear, as well as four Pixel 4 cases. The site also lists the forthcoming “Nest Mini” in two colors.

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Google Nest Mini Stories September 11, 2019

One of the new products we’re expecting to see alongside the Pixel 4’s launch next month is the Nest Mini. As we exclusively reported, the Google Nest Mini should bring a handful of improvements, but based on the latest information, it seems like the design won’t change much at all.

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Google Nest Mini Stories August 21, 2019

The Chromecast Audio was a pretty brilliant device. With a simple connection to the speakers you already owned, the small device could stream audio from your favorite services easily. Then, it was brutally murdered. Now, it seems like the “Nest Mini” Assistant speaker could end up being the Chromecast Audio replacement I’ve been waiting for.

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Google plans to launch a followup to 2017’s Google Home Mini with a second-generation ‘Nest Mini,’ a reliable source tells 9to5Google. It’s a departure from the previous model in name, but also a substantial upgrade in features. This year’s Nest Mini will pack a wall mount, better sound, and more.

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