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May 2011 - March 2020

Google Docs originated from web-based word processor Writely. The app would lay the groundwork for such common features as collaborative text editing. Eventually acquired by Google, it was made available to all Google Apps users in February of 2007.

The marquee feature of Docs is the ability to collaborate with a wide number of people online. Controls help determine who can see, comment, and edit documents. In its current form, Docs is an HTML5 app that runs on most modern browsers and even has support for rudimentary viewing on mobile. Its Android and iOS apps are quite powerful and gives users access to the same web functionality.

On Chrome, Docs works offline and allows users to work without an internet connection and have changes synced backed up to the cloud. An Add-ons feature allows third-party developers to add extra functionality like a thesaurus and a bibliography creator.

Google Docs Stories March 12

Google Sheets is now gaining a new feature that allows you to filter and sort cells by text color and fill (background) color.

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Google Docs Stories March 9

Google Docs gets fixed image positioning with new formatting sidebar 

Google Docs on the web is getting the ability to fix an image to a certain position on the page. As part of this, the editor is adding a new image formatting sidebar to provide easier access to capabilities.

Google Docs Stories February 18

Last November, Google Docs started testing autocorrect and Smart Compose as part of leveraging machine learning to improve user productivity. Those two features are now widely rolling out, though availability is tiered.

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Google Docs Stories November 25, 2019

Where is the Google Docs download for Windows?

Google Docs and the rest of the Google cloud suite is super-useful, but what happens when the internet goes out? Where is the Google Docs download for Windows?

Google Docs Stories November 21, 2019

In addition to Docs gaining Smart Compose, Google is significantly improving the grammar correction it introduced earlier this year in the G Suite app. It’s also gaining spelling autocorrect from Gmail.

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Google Docs Stories November 20, 2019

Last year, Google introduced Smart Compose to help you write entire emails while maintaining your voice. The feature is now expanding from Gmail to Google Docs as part of a beta program.

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