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May 2011 - May 2019

Google Docs originated from web-based word processor Writely. The app would lay the groundwork for such common features as collaborative text editing. Eventually acquired by Google, it was made available to all Google Apps users in February of 2007.

The marquee feature of Docs is the ability to collaborate with a wide number of people online. Controls help determine who can see, comment, and edit documents. In its current form, Docs is an HTML5 app that runs on most modern browsers and even has support for rudimentary viewing on mobile. Its Android and iOS apps are quite powerful and gives users access to the same web functionality.

On Chrome, Docs works offline and allows users to work without an internet connection and have changes synced backed up to the cloud. An Add-ons feature allows third-party developers to add extra functionality like a thesaurus and a bibliography creator.

Google Docs Stories May 24

Google Docs, Slides adds ‘Linked objects’ tool to update embedded charts, graphs

The apps in Google’s office suite are linked together to improve workflows and productivity. Google has now added a new “Linked objects” sidebar in Docs and Slides to “access all linked content” and quickly update them.

Google Docs Stories May 17

Google Docs adds 13 new animal avatars for Endangered Species Day

No app features a better example of Google’s whimsical touches than Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The company’s editing suite has long identified non-logged in collaborators through anonymous animal avatars. As part of Endangered Species Day, Google is adding 13 new animals to raise awareness.

Google Docs Stories April 19

Google Sheets adds further enhanced tools for spreadsheet formatting

Google Docs continues to encroach upon Microsoft Excel territory with the addition of many stalwart Excel functions and features. Announced today, the update includes new tweaks to Google Sheets and enhanced formatting functions for images, charts, and Pivot tables.

Google Docs Stories April 11

Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides adds sharing history, comment stats

Last year, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides introduced an Activity dashboard to provide stats and easily see who has viewed a document. The three G Suite apps are now adding sharing history and comment analytics.

Google Docs Stories April 9

While it’s easy to look at Dropbox and G Suite as competitors, many have wanted to see the two services align. At Google Cloud Next ’19, Dropbox has announced that this is happening, with business customers gaining access to deep integration with Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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Google Docs Stories March 14

Report: Teens are repurposing Google Docs from productivity tool to ‘hot’ chat app

As evident by Allo’s death earlier this week and the upcoming consumer deprecation of Plus, Google has tried and failed to be relevant in social. However, it now appears that the company might have accidentally stumbled into a presence with Google Docs.

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