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Building on the company’s work to get on the big screen in every living room, Google TV delivers a new experience that’s remote-centric and built around keeping all of your content in one place.

What is Google TV?

Not to be confused with the 2010 release of the same name, Google TV is a platform built for smart TVs, set-top boxes, and streaming dongles. It runs native applications and also supports the Google Cast standard.

Google TV isn’t as simple as the well-known Chromecast that’s been on the market for years. Rather, it’s an Android-based platform built on top of the foundation laid out by Android TV. That means it arrives with support for thousands of apps and some really useful features, as well as being a super flexible platform that allows you to do things that the likes of Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV just don’t.

The platform’s core focus is streaming, and Google’s killer feature is the ability to put all of your favorite content in one central location. Google will ask what streaming services you currently use and pull the directory from each one that it supports, a list that includes over 30 total services.

First, searching for content on Google TV shows you everywhere it’s available. That might include in Google’s own store — formerly known as Play Movies — but it can also include Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and many other services. Through my time using the Chromecast so far, I’ve actually found this extremely useful. There are movies on my list that I had no clue were available on HBO Max. Get On Up starring the late Chadwick Boseman is just one example.

The second way that Google TV helps you find your way through all of these content sources is by putting your watchlist in a single location. Let’s say a new movie or show catches your attention. You can add it to your watchlist directly from the Chromecast or from Google Search via the web. In both cases, that means you’ll see that piece of content added to your list 

Google TV also integrates features such as Google Assistant heavily into the platform. Its homescreen can even pull the live channel guide from YouTube TV too.

What apps are available on Google TV?

You’ll download apps to Google TV devices from the Play Store. The Android apps are optimized for use with a remote control and include a range of different options from streaming to workouts to music to games. Major services are all available, too, including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount+, and more. As of 2020, Google had over 6,500 apps available for its platform.

How is it different from Android TV?

At face value, Google TV and Android TV are fairly similar platforms, and behind the scenes, that’s a message that’s only enforced. The newer platform is built on top of “Android TV OS,” which is essentially the Android TV we see on older devices such as the Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box, and others.

Google TV isn’t just a new launcher on top of Android TV, though. There are modifications to the operating system to provide a cohesive design and enable some new features even though, overall, the platforms are very similar.

Where can I use Google TV?

Google TV was first made available on the latest generation of the popular Chromecast dongle. The 2020 release cost $50 and runs the Android-based OS out of the box. In early 2021, it remains the only way to use this platform, but it won’t stay that way for long.

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Starting in 2021, TV manufacturers and other set-top-box makers will be able to use Google TV on their devices. Already, Sony has announced that its 2021 Bravia TVs will use the new platform, and TCL has also announced plans to use it starting in the United States later this year.

By 2022, Google will phase out Android TV as a consumer platform, pushing more devices to debut with the updated interface. Android TV will still exist, but only in limited places such as Pay TV devices.

You can read the latest coverage on Google’s platform below.

Google TV Stories Today

During its “Spring Loaded” event this afternoon, Apple revealed an updated version of its Apple TV set-top box with features new and old, but most notably with a remote that’s finally an actual remote. During the event, though, Apple listed off a bunch of features that it claims “smart TVs just don’t do” or, rather, that they don’t have the power to do because they’re not running on a powerful Apple Silicon chip. But they conveniently left out that smart TVs running on top of Google TV or even Android TV actually do just about everything mentioned.

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Google TV Stories April 3

The best part of the Chromecast refresh is the Google TV interface that comes along with it, but as with any Google product, that UI is subject to change over time. In early February, Google TV rolled out a revised homescreen with much smaller app icons, but in early April, things have gone back to normal.

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Google TV Stories March 30

[Update: Back] Chromecast w/ Google TV loses locations on Google Photos ambient screensaver

Like the original Chromecasts that came before it, the latest model with its Google TV operating system has the ability to display your pictures from Google Photos. However, the Google Photos ambient screensaver on Chromecast has oddly just lost the dates and locations that showed along with the pictures.

After launching on the new Chromecast last year, Google TV is seeing its first expansion. Sony Bravia TVs are now available in the United States with Google TV on board.

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After being announced earlier this year, Google TV is getting its first inking of multi-user support. Kids Profiles are now rolling out to Google TV and, specifically, to the new Chromecast.

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Google TV Stories March 29

Google TV integrates with over 30 streaming services, here’s the full list [U]

Perhaps the most useful thing about the new Google TV platform is the ability to aggregate and organize content from a variety of different sources. Which ones, though? Here’s a full list of streaming services that Google TV supports at launch.

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