Google Chat Stories November 15

Google Chat will let you schedule Do Not Disturb

In addition to custom durations, Google Chat will soon let you schedule a recurring DND (Do Not Disturb), which are useful for lunch breaks and the weekends.

Google Chat Stories October 25

Google Chat now lets you add custom emoji

Google Workspace’s alternative to Slack, Google Chat, is adding support for custom emoji to your organization starting this week.

Google Chat Stories October 20

Google improving Gmail search with labels and related results

Google is rolling out a trio of features to improve the search experience in Gmail with labels and related results. Chat also gets some upgrades with AI-generated summaries and inline threading for Spaces.

Google Chat Stories September 16

Google Chat rolling out the ability to send multiple photos and videos at once

The last Hangouts client (web) will stop working in November, and Google will be all-in with Chat at that point. The latest updates to Google Chat include the ability to send multiple photos and videos simultaneously.

Google Chat Stories August 24

Gmail web search will now surface Spaces from your Google Workspace

Google’s push to make Spaces a better Slack or Microsoft Teams competitor continues by making them discoverable in Gmail search on the web.

Google Chat Stories July 4

As announced a week ago, Google is now in the process of shutting down classic Hangouts for free consumers. Many users are finding that they can no longer access Hangouts for Android and iOS today.

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Google Chat Stories June 29

How to download your Google Hangouts data before it shuts down for good

Google Hangouts has a ticking clock hanging over its head and is set to shut down for good. Fortunately, you can move your Google Hangouts data by downloading it and keeping it safe locally. This guide will take you through exactly how to do that.

Google Chat Stories June 27

All Workspace customers were migrated to Google Chat earlier this year. Google announced today that classic Hangouts is going away for free users in October and laid out the migration plans to Chat.

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Google Chat Stories June 13

Google Talk, from 2005, will shut down for good later this week

Google Talk, the instant messaging service from 2005 that’s been in limbo for years, is being shut down permanently this week.

Google Chat Stories May 23

Google Chat messages getting convenient ‘Add to Tasks’ shortcut

Google already lets you create and assign tasks in Google Chat Spaces, and the integration is now going deeper with the ability to create a personal task from any message.

Google Chat Stories May 19

Google is bringing its bright red warning banners to Chat in order to guard against invites that contain potential phishing and malware links.

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Google Chat Stories May 13

Google Chat brings back Gchat-era orange idle status

A small tweak rolling out to Google Chat brings back the idle status (orange bubble) that was originally found in Google Talk, which was colloquially referred to as Gchat.

Google Chat Stories April 18

Here’s the list of Google Chat easter egg slash commands from Hangouts

While Google Chat does a great deal to modernize Hangouts, some similarities do remain. One of the more fun overlaps is easter eggs — appropriately — with all of the classic slash commands continuing to work in Google Chat.

Google Chat Stories April 15

As previewed last month, Google Chat on iOS will let you set which contacts can reach you in Focus mode. This applies to the dedicated Chat app and the integrated experience available in Gmail.

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Google Chat Stories March 31

Alongside a slew of Meet announcements, Google Voice is getting a pair of new capabilities, most notably call recording, for enterprise subscribers. Google also previewed what’s coming to Spaces this year.

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Google Chat Stories March 20

As classic Hangouts is set to go away for Workspace customers, Google continues to update Chat and Spaces with more capabilities. A small tweak sees Gmail for Android introduce new status bar icons that help differentiate notifications from Google Chat and Spaces.

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Google Chat Stories March 10

Following Gmail at the start of this year, Google Drive is the latest iOS app to get new work-focused widgets, while there are also updates for Translate and Chat on iOS in the coming weeks.

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Google Chat Stories February 28

Google is working to make Spaces in Chat more versatile and feature rich. It will eventually replace Currents, and Google is now rolling out features like setting Space Managers and guidelines.

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Google Chat Stories February 22

Google was originally supposed to start the migration away from classic Hangouts to Chat in October 2019 for Workspace (previously G Suite) users. That switch was delayed, and the multi-stage plan did not start until June 2020. The final phase is now set for late March.

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Google Chat Stories February 10

Google+ shut down in April of 2020 as a social network for consumers, but the product was kept around for businesses that wanted an internal tool to communicate with employees in a post/stream-like manner. Citing low usage, Google is shutting down Currents and replacing it with Spaces in the new integrated Gmail/Chat.

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Google Chat Stories January 20

Google Chat, the company’s alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams — not to be confused with the web app for its RCS and SMS messaging app on Android — is rolling out an overdue feature to its web app. Starting today, Google Chat is making it easier to add rich text formatting to your messages on the web.

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Google Chat Stories December 10, 2021

Google is making a text box/compose field tweak to the Chat mobile and web apps that sees the Workspace communication service look more like the consumer Messages client for SMS/RCS. 

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Google Chat Stories December 6, 2021

Back in September, Google previewed how Chat will let you make one-on-one Meet calls without having to use URLs. Similar to classic Hangouts, this feature is now rolling out in the version of Google Chat inside Gmail.

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Google Chat Stories October 18, 2021

Google Chat adding ‘mark as unread’ for DMs and Spaces

Google is rolling out a simple but rather useful ability to “mark as unread” in Chat. This capability is already found on competing team messaging solutions, and doubles as a light reminder system. 

Google Chat Stories October 12, 2021

Cloud Next is Google Cloud’s annual conference for enterprise customers and developers, and this year’s virtual edition is kicking off later today at 9 a.m. PT. Google Workspace announcements at Cloud Next ‘21 are primarily centered on security.

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Google Chat Stories September 8, 2021

Google’s rename of ‘Rooms’ in Chat and Gmail to ‘Spaces’ is now underway

Back in June, with the announcement that Workspace is available “for everyone,” Google revealed that “Rooms” in Chat would soon be renamed to “Spaces” and gain a slew of new features. That rebrand is now underway.

Google Chat Stories September 1, 2021

Google continues to add more features to Chat as it becomes available for more and more people ahead of the classic Hangouts depreciation. The Google Chat web app is now integrating Tenor GIF search.

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Google Chat Stories August 20, 2021

The standalone Google Chat PWA and website are getting a straightforward dark theme to match the Android and iOS clients.

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Google Chat Stories August 19, 2021

The process of shutting down classic Hangouts for Workspace users is almost complete, as Google this week enables the integrated Gmail with Chat and Rooms for even more paid accounts.

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Google Chat Stories August 18, 2021

Workspace admins can now limit external Google Chat to specific teams, domains

Last year, Google Chat added support for talking with users outside their company, thus expanding from being just an internal team communication tool. Google Workspace admins are now getting the ability to limit that external Chat access.

Google Chat Stories August 12, 2021

With Chat serving as a key part of the integrated Gmail experience, Google lets users quickly specify their activity status. In addition to the existing availability options, you’re now able to set a custom status in Gmail and Chat on the web.

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Google Chat Stories August 10, 2021

Google Chat is getting review bombed on the Play Store due to phased Hangouts migration

Disgruntled Hangouts fans and users have taken to review bombing the Google Chat listing on the Play Store as the phased migration to the service is now fully underway.

Google Chat Stories August 6, 2021

In late 2021, classic Hangouts will stop working for enterprise Workspace customers and only Google Chat will be available. Google is now beginning that process of deprecating the Hangouts app and website for free personal accounts with a warning and sign out.

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Google Chat Stories August 2, 2021

Last month, Google announced a revamp of all its emoji — nearly 1,000 characters — coming to Android 12 this fall and Chrome OS 92. These new emoji designs are also set to arrive in Google Chat over the coming weeks.

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Google Chat Stories July 26, 2021

Google Chat conversations let you quickly schedule a Calendar event, add a file from Drive, or start a Meet call. The secondary file and image-sharing options in Google Chat can now be disabled by Workspace admins.

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Google Chat Stories July 23, 2021

As of last month, all personal Google Accounts can enable the new Gmail that supports Chat and Rooms. The latter aspect, which will soon be renamed to “Spaces,” allows for large-scale productivity. Gmail now supports opening a Google Slides presentation directly to allow for multitasking with Chat. 

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Google Chat Stories July 19, 2021

Google has a multi-stage plan to shut down classic Hangouts and move enterprise Workspace customers to Chat. This latest step in advancing Google Chat adoption takes place next month.

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Google Chat Stories July 13, 2021

The writing has been on the wall for Google Hangouts for some time now, but soon Hangouts will begin warning of the app’s upcoming shutdown and migration to Chat.

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Google Chat Stories June 29, 2021

In addition to different applications being accessible all on one page, Google’s vision for the future of productivity involves having those services be tightly integrated together. The latest example of this will see Google suggestions for 1:1s in Chat based on Calendar.

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Google Chat Stories June 25, 2021

Last month, Google started rolling out an online revamp of Chat to free consumer accounts as part of the classic Hangouts migration. That Google Chat web redesign is now coming to paid Workspace users over the coming weeks with a number of enhancements.

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Google Chat Stories June 21, 2021

Following the official launch last week, Google Chat is picking up improved search. Starting on Android, the experience is adding filters to “help you find artifacts like files and links more easily.”

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Google Chat Stories June 16, 2021

Last year, Google announced that the future of Gmail will see Chat messaging and group Rooms join the existing Meet video calling integration. This is already available to enterprise Workspace users, and Google is now letting personal Gmail accounts get this “integrated workspace.”

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Google Chat Stories June 14, 2021

A key part of Google’s integrated vision for productivity is routing everything through the Gmail apps. As part of Workspace becoming available “for everyone,” Gmail is getting streamlined navigation on the web, while Google Chat’s “Rooms” will soon be called “Spaces.”

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Google Chat Stories May 18, 2021

In unveiling “Smart canvas” at I/O 2021, Google called it the “next big step” in the future of work. The goal is to create a more integrated and interactive Workspace experience, especially in Google Docs.

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Google Chat Stories April 29, 2021

Google Meet and Chat will soon be installed on Chrome OS devices by default

Google’s apps for messaging and video calling, Google Meet and Google Chat, will soon be installed by default on Chrome OS devices.

Google Chat Stories March 22, 2021

Google Chat rolling out more granular notification settings

In addition to a web revamp, Google Chat is rolling out more notification settings over the coming weeks. These new options are “based on your level of engagement or involvement in specific conversations.”

Google Chat Stories March 9, 2021

Google Chat’s old Electron desktop app shutting down this month in favor of PWA

Back in May, received a Progressive Web App to replace the previous desktop client. The Google Chat Electron app will stop working at the end of March with users encouraged to upgrade now. 

Last month, Google started rolling out a free version of Google Chat ahead of classic Hangouts going away. The “early preview” of Google’s latest consumer messaging service is now widely appearing for more users.

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