Chrome OS Stories February 18

Chrome OS 72 Stable has been available for almost two weeks now, bringing Android Pie to a few devices, but in the past few days, some users have noticed a serious slowdown issue. Thankfully, there’s a few ways to avoid it entirely.

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Chrome OS Stories February 13

The ability to have more than one “virtual desktop” is a hallmark of many desktop operating systems including Linux, Mac OS, and even recent versions of Windows. It allows you to separate your (too many) open apps and windows into cleanly divided work spaces. One major OS that’s been missing out though is Chrome OS, but Google is finally starting to change it with the new “Virtual Desks” feature.

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Chrome OS Stories February 11

With the rise of Android and Linux app support on Chrome OS, the possibilities for a high-end Chromebook have never been greater. Combined with the new tablet form factor, Chrome OS is becoming quite the all-in-one operating system. Let’s take a look at the best Chromebooks on the market today.

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Chrome OS Stories February 8

Following last year’s Google Material Theme and complete launcher redesign aimed at tablets and other touchscreen devices, Chrome OS 72 is rolling out today. This big release brings Android 9 Pie to more Chromebooks and features a handful of other notable changes to Assistant, Cast, and PiP.

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Chrome OS Stories February 6

Thanks to improvements Google has launched over the years, Chrome OS is now capable of running four different kinds of apps — Chrome apps and extensions, Web apps (including PWAs), Android apps, and Linux apps — each of which is managed differently. This has made app management on Chrome OS into something of a mess, but Google is looking to unify the platform with a project called the “App Service.”

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Chrome OS Stories February 4

Google introduced Instant Tethering in 2017 to let Chrome OS devices automatically share an Android phone’s cellular connection. Initially limited to Google devices, it’s now available on 15 additional Chromebooks and 31 Android phones.

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