Chrome OS Stories March 29

Samsung’s premium $999 Galaxy Chromebook launching next week

One of the biggest hardware hits of CES 2020 was a premium Chrome OS laptop from Samsung. The Galaxy Chromebook is now officially launching and hitting store shelves on Monday, April 6.

Chrome OS Stories March 26

Last week, Google announced that it was pausing browser releases in light of the coronavirus. The company now has a revised update schedule, with the next major version of Chrome and Chrome OS coming in two weeks.

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Chrome OS Stories March 25

With the rise of Android and Linux app support on Chrome OS, the possibilities for a high-end Chromebook have never been greater. Combined with the new tablet form factor, Chrome OS is becoming quite the all-in-one operating system. Let’s take a look at the best Chromebooks on the market today, as of March 2020.

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Without a doubt, Virtual Desks are the best feature to launch for Chrome OS power users over the last year, allowing you to organize your thoughts, apps, and tasks into separate “desks.” However, the classic Alt-Tab shortcut to quickly swap between your most recent windows does not currently respect the separation of your desks, but that’s about to change.

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Chrome OS Stories March 23

Last week, it was announced that Google would be pausing its standard update schedule for Chrome and Chrome OS, instead keeping version 80 running well with bug and security fixes. Now we’re learning that, due to these delays, there won’t even be a version 82 of Chrome or Chrome OS.

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Chrome OS Stories March 20

Chrome 81 for desktops and Android was supposed to start rolling out on Tuesday as part of the normal six-week update cadence. Google announced today that it’s “pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases.”

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