Chrome OS Stories August 12

Google launches as a hub for Chrome OS developers of all kinds

Google is launching as a single hub both for developers of apps for Chrome OS and for developers who use Chromebooks.

Chrome OS Stories August 11

This year has seen premium Chrome OS devices from Samsung, HP, and Acer. Dell is now joining the fray with the Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise. Featuring both a laptop and 2-in-1, this line touts a high-end design and specifications, as well as Project Athena certification.

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Chrome OS Stories August 6

Last month, Google announced a partnership with Parallels to bring Windows apps to Chrome OS. An interview today provided a high-level overview of how this works and what will be required.

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Chrome OS Stories July 31

Google gives Chromebook owners 3-month Stadia Pro trial, current subscribers can also redeem

Cloud streaming particularly excels on devices that would otherwise never get access to AAA titles. To emphasize that today, Google announced that it’s giving most Chromebook owners a three-month Stadia Pro trial.

Chrome OS Stories July 29

You can now use Dropbox right from the Chrome OS Files app

Earlier this month, Google and Dropbox partnered to offer owners of newly purchased Chromebooks access to 100GB of free storage for a year, as a “Perk.” Now all Chromebook owners can access their Dropbox files directly from the Chrome OS Files app.

Chrome OS Stories July 28

On Chrome OS today, you can easily connect your Android phone to your Chromebook for things like text/RCS messages, automatic Wi-Fi hotspot, and Smart Lock, all part of Google’s “Better Together” initiative. Now Chrome OS is getting ready to expand with a new Android “Phone Hub” that promises notifications and “task continuation.”

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