Chrome OS Stories Yesterday

New HP Chromebook 15 features touchscreen, premium finish, numeric keypad for $449

HP’s latest Chromebook features a 15-inch touchscreen display with thin side bezels, and a slightly more premium finish compared to entry-level Chrome OS devices with Android apps. At $449, the HP Chromebook 15 is slim, light, and includes a full numeric keypad on the edge-to-edge keyboard.

Chrome OS Stories April 6

Each year, Chromebooks become thinner and more portable, but this unfortunately comes at the cost of once-indispensable ports like HDMI and Ethernet. Some devices, like the Pixelbook, don’t even have so much as a full USB-A port.

These can, of course, each be replaced with a separate dongle, but many Chromebooks have only two USB-C ports, which would make it impossible to use two dongles and charge simultaneously. The Moshi Symbus Q, which plugs in with just one USB-C port, is able to replace all of these dongles, charge your Chromebook, and wirelessly charge your phone simultaneously.

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Chrome OS Stories April 2

With the Google Pixel Slate, Chrome OS took something of a step forward in camera quality, and in fact it was the first Chrome OS device to introduce Portrait mode photos. The feature has since been exclusive to the Pixel Slate, which uses its own custom app. According to a new code change, the stock Chrome OS Camera app will be getting Portrait mode and more very soon.

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Chrome OS Stories March 27

In the build up to last year’s Made by Google hardware event, we shared our three leading guesses for the in-development devices most likely to be Google’s Chrome OS flagship for 2018. Two of those, “Nocturne” and its failed predecessor, “Meowth”, were accounted for by the Pixel Slate, leaving “Atlas” unexplained. Knowing Google’s recent history with hardware leaks, it was only a matter of time before Atlas revealed itself. The time has come, as leaked two videos purported to be of the Atlas Chromebook have come to light, offering our first glimpse of what could be the next Made by Google laptop.

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Chrome OS Stories March 25

After rolling out to Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, version 73 of Chrome OS is now available. Notable features include Linux support on Chromebooks managed by enterprise admins, settings changes, and improved out-of-memory management.

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With the release of the Pixel Slate, Google has firmly cemented, for better or worse, that Chrome OS is their leading option for tablets, not necessarily Android. One thing these tablets haven’t had that most recent Android phones offer is Qi wireless charging, but that’s changing with the upcoming “Flapjack” Chrome OS tablet.

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