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April 2014 - January 2018

Known for its tagline “Never Settle,” OnePlus makes smartphones that rival other flagship handsets with more budget-friendly price tags.

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OnePlus shuts down credit card payments on its store amid fraud concerns

Just the other day it was discovered that OnePlus’ online store could be the source of credit card fraud that many users claim to be affected by. Now, the company has removed the credit card payment option from its store.

OnePlus Stories January 15

Any time your finances are messed with, it can be a shock, especially if you check your account and find a massive balance you weren’t responsible for. Now, it’s been discovered that some OnePlus customers are going through credit card fraud after making purchases from the company’s website.

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OnePlus Stories January 4

Last July, OnePlus was in the news for running a survey on user phones, asking them what they thought of the device. Then, today, Google began doing something very similar but instead of making it a dismissable notification, the company added a pop-up to a Pixel 2 XL’s settings menu.

Do you think companies should be allowed to add notifications or pop-ups to its smartphones asking customers to answer surveys?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

OnePlus Stories January 2

OnePlus kicked off its entrance to the market with the OnePlus One, a unique device that really made an impact on the industry as a whole. One aspect of that phone that made it so unique was the Sandstone texture on the back. That has faded away over the years, but it seems it could be making a comeback…

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OnePlus Stories December 18, 2017

OnePlus looks back on its successes and failures in 4 year anniversary short film [Video]

Small startups rarely make it in the smartphone market, but OnePlus has proven to be an exception to that rule. Over the course of over half a dozen smartphone launches, the company has proved to be fairly successful. Now, it’s looking back at its history so far.

OnePlus Stories December 11, 2017

OnePlus is giving away 10,000 tickets for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ in India

Last week OnePlus unveiled its first special edition phone with the OnePlus 5T “Star Wars” edition. The phone is limited to just a few regions, but the company is sweetening the deal for customers in India by offering up thousands of free movie tickets.

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