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April 2014 - May 2021

Known for its tagline “Never Settle,” OnePlus makes smartphones that rival other flagship handsets with more budget-friendly price tags.

OnePlus Stories May 6

The OnePlus Watch launched to scathing reviews thanks to its incredibly unfinished software, but the good news is that a lot of its flaws can be fixed in updates. The bad news? OnePlus is taking its time and priorities are… questionable. Instead of fixing the countless issues that just about every user so far has encountered, the latest OnePlus Watch update is instead adding features such as an always-on-display.

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OnePlus has updated these phones to Android 11

OnePlus might have promised the Android 11 update to a number of the firm’s former flagship devices, but just how many have received the latest OS build or when can you expect it to come to your phone?

OnePlus Stories April 29

If you’re still rocking the 2018-released OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T, hopefully you aren’t too excited about the Android 11 release. OnePlus has just confirmed we won’t see its release anytime soon.

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OnePlus has rolled out the April security patch to these phones

Security updates are designed to keep Android devices as secure as possible, but you’re only as safe as your latest update. OnePlus does promise regular updates for its smartphones for at least two years, so let’s see how they’re handling the April 2021 security update.

LineageOS 18.1 support brings Android 11 to OnePlus 6/6T ahead of OxygenOS 11 release

LineageOS 18.1 with Android 11 now fully supports the OnePlus 6 and 6T, beating the highly anticipated OxygenOS 11 update for the former flagship duo.

OxygenOS Open Beta 5 for OnePlus Nord rolls out w/ numerous camera fixes

OxygenOS Open Beta 5 has now dropped for the OnePlus Nord with last year’s affordable 5G-capable device gaining a number of camera-related tweaks and bug fixes.

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