Google Calendar Stories October 17

Earlier this year, a product roadmap revealed that a web redesign of Google Calendar was in the works. Today, that Material refresh of the web app is launching with a number of enterprise-grade features.

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Google Calendar Stories August 14

Google Calendar on Android has received a lot of love and updates over the past few years, but the same unfortunately can’t be said for its desktop companion. Google Calendar’s desktop site looks horribly archaic compared to most of Google’s other services, but this looks to be changing very soon..

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Google Calendar Stories August 8

Google Calendar is an awesome tool for organizing your various meetings, appointments, etc., but up until now, it hasn’t been the best for managing large events. Today, Google is updating its Calendar service to be more functional than ever when trying to organize and handle events that are considerably big and demanding.

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Google Calendar Stories July 19

The latest version of Google Calendar for Android is widely rolling out today with a minor, but intuitive new feature. From certain views in the app, calendar events can now be dragged around to quickly change the start time.

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Google Calendar Stories May 17

Todoist is one of the most powerful task management apps out there, and part of the reason for that is its strong integration with third-party services. To date, though, it has lacked decent integration with Google Calendar, relying on half-baked tie-ins that barely worked. Today, that changes, as Todoist is announcing official integration with Google Calendar.

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Google Calendar Stories May 4

Google Calendar for mobile has changed a lot in the past couple of years, but the desktop version hasn’t kept up. Instead, it’s been left in the dark ages of Google design, lacking any traces of Material Design or any of Google’s other recent design trends. Now, we’re finding out that Google has plans to change this sometime this year.

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