Google Calendar Stories September 24

Google Calendar 6.0 is now the latest Android app to sport a Google Material Theme. Like with recent redesigns, the underlying functionality and organization is unchanged, but there are a slew of updated elements and iconography that makes for a starker than expected appearance.

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Google Calendar Stories September 17

Google Calendar add-ons bring native support for Citrix and other conferencing tools

Add-ons in are essentially mini applications that brings useful third-party functionality into Gmail, Google Docs, and other G Suite services. The first add-ons for Google Calendar are conferencing tools from Cisco, Citrix, and other enterprise services.

Google Calendar Stories August 22

Besides the Google Material Theme, Gmail added a number of productivity features with its revamped web version in April. Today, the “quick-access side panel” that provides convenient access to Keep, Tasks, and more is making its way to other G Suite web apps like Docs and Calendar.

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Google Calendar Stories July 30

You can now manually propose a new meeting time in Google Calendar

In recent updates, Google has worked to simplify organizing meetings in large companies and enterprises. From automatically finding a time that that fits everyone’s schedule to booking conference rooms, the latest Google Calendar feature lets users manually suggest a meeting time.

Google Calendar Stories June 27

At I/O 2018, Google announced that moving forward its products would reduce technology’s distractions in day-to-day life. Digital Wellbeing features are now coming to Google Calendar to help users better manage work and personal time.

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Google Calendar Stories May 31

Google Calendar now lets users send a note when changing event details

After giving Google Calendar a huge makeover last year, the company is updating the product with a handy new tool. Starting this week, Calendar users can send a note to others when changing the details of an event.

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