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March 2013 - July 2022

Google Keep is an app from the Mountain View, California company that lets you quickly and easily jot down shopping lists, reminders, and more. The app keeps all of your notes synced across the cloud and you can access them from the iPhone, an Android phone, or the web.

Google Keep Stories July 25

At I/O 2022, Google announced that over 20 first-party apps would be optimized for tablets. We’ve already seen a handful of launches since May, and Google Drive, Docs/Sheets/Slides, and Keep are now set to receive updates that improve multitasking on Android tablets. 

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Google Keep Stories July 1

At I/O 2022, Google announced it was updating over 20 of its first-party apps for Android tablets and other large screen form factors. Besides visual redesigns, this includes multitasking optimizations like the ability to drag images across apps, which Google Keep for Android now supports.

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Google Keep Stories June 14

Google launched its Android, iOS, and web note-taking app in March of 2013. Now, over nine years later, Google Keep is about to add text formatting that will let you bold, italicize, and underline text. 

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Google Keep Stories March 18

There’s nothing less productive than staring at lists upon lists that are all the same shade of gray. Fortunately, Google Keep now lets you change how your notes look to help you keep things organized and visually pleasing with colors and backgrounds. Here’s how.

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Google Keep Stories January 17

Some Google Keep users notice issues with numbered lists; Google is working on it

Google Keep is a simple but delightful note-taking app that Google offers across Android, iOS, and the web. However, it seems some recent updates have spurred up an issue with some Google Keep owners who are seeing numbered lists repeat numbers unexpectedly.

Google Keep Stories December 25, 2021

Just got a new Android smartphone for the holidays? If it’s your first one it could be a little intimidating so, to get you started, here are 5 apps you should immediately install or set up on a new Android device. Alternatively, if you’re not already using these apps, it might be time to give them a shot!

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Google Keep Stories September 16, 2021

In announcing that Keep is getting a Material You redesign, Google yesterday failed to mention that new widgets were also inbound. We’ve since enabled them, and they’re absolutely fantastic. 

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Google Keep Stories September 15, 2021

After debuting Material You revamps for other Workspace apps earlier this month, Google is today announcing that Google Keep is next in line for the update.

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Google Keep Stories August 2, 2021

New Google Keep widget w/ Material You design teased on Pixel 6

In teasing the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google has shown off what looks to be a new homescreen widget for Google Keep, complete with a Material You design.

Google Keep Stories July 28, 2021

Google Keep has not seen a major update in quite some time — outside of a new icon, though it is already a mature Workspace application. Google is working on a small feature that will let you customize the background of Keep notes.

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Google Keep Stories July 26, 2021

Announced earlier this month, Google Keep is now rolling out a visual refresh to your notes. If you’re lucky, this Google Keep may have delivered a handful of new backgrounds to use.

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Google Keep Stories December 8, 2020

Google Keep reaches 1 billion downloads on the Play Store

Google Keep has now reached the impressive 1 billion download milestone over on the Google Play Store, making it far and away the #1 checklist and note-taking app on Android.

Google Keep Stories November 2, 2020

Earlier this year, Google set a final deprecation timeline for Chrome Apps. Ahead of that, the Google Keep Chrome app will stop working in February.

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Google Keep Stories April 1, 2020

Google Keep gets always-visible docked sidebar on the web

The last major addition to Keep’s online client was a dark mode last July. A tweak sees a new docked sidebar for Google Keep that’s always visible on the web and works like Gmail’s.

Google Keep Stories December 12, 2019

How to set up a shopping list on Google Assistant using Keep Notes

Smart speakers make a lot of tasks super easy, but Google made shopping lists difficult for a long time. Now, the company is rolling out integration with its Keep Notes app, which allows users to finally manage a shopping list from Google Home. Here’s how to set it up.

Google Keep Stories December 11, 2019

How to use Google Keep Notes with Google Assistant

It’s felt like we’ve waited for years, but Google Assistant users can finally make notes using Google Keep from their phones, a speaker, or other devices. However, the functionality isn’t enabled by default. Here’s how to connect Google Keep Notes to Google Assistant.

Google Keep Stories December 6, 2019

Google Assistant support for third-party note and list taking providers has been a long time coming. It’s finally here with integration for Google Keep and three other services rolling out today, while Assistant is picking up two voice capabilities for photos and podcasts.

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Google Keep Stories November 23, 2019

Google Keep rarely gets updated these days, but it’s mostly feature-complete following dark themes earlier this year for Android and the web. The mobile client today is rolling out a Material Theme bottom app bar with inset FAB.

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Google Keep Stories November 4, 2019

The ability to receive a notification for a reminder can be a lifesaver. And one thing that makes those alerts even better is when they’re based on your location. If you need to ask your boss about that raise when you get to the office or print those concert tickets when you get to the library, location-based reminders come to the rescue. Google Keep offers handy location reminders, and here’s how to set them up.

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Google Keep Stories November 1, 2019

Google Keep is getting ready for integration with the Google Assistant on all platforms, as well as the ability to upload audio from web. We’ve managed to enable a few features on  Keep which show us how they work.

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Google Keep Stories October 16, 2019

Google Keep on the web gets convenient ‘’ shortcut

G Suite productivity apps on the desktop web have a very convenient .new shortcut that lets you quickly open a blank Doc, Sheet, Slide, and much more. Google Keep now supports this time saver for creating a new note.

Google Keep Stories July 24, 2019

After coming to Android in May, Google Keep on the web now has a dark mode. This highly requested look, especially on large desktop screens, begins rolling out today.

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Google Keep Stories May 20, 2019

Ahead of Android Q’s official launch later this year, dark modes are coming to all of Google’s applications. Dark themes are now rolling out to Google Keep and Google Calendar, which we’ve been tracking for the past several weeks.

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Google Keep Stories May 17, 2019

On Wednesday, our APK Insight of Google Keep suggested that a dark theme for the note taking app was imminent. This dark mode is now beginning to roll out via a server-side update with version 5.19.19. expand full story

Google Keep Stories May 15, 2019

Last March, we spotted Google Keep readying a dark theme on Android. This dark overhaul is nearing a launch as of the latest update, while Incognito Mode appears to also be in development.

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Google Keep Stories March 20, 2019

Google Keep Notes for Android readying dark mode [APK Insight]

The Material Theme revamp of Google Keep Notes last October was followed by complaints of the stark white background being too bright. A Googler at the time recognized the need for a dark mode, with version today confirming development.

Google Keep Stories February 19, 2019

Back in 2017, Google and many initial launch partners for the Apple Watch pulled their wearable applications. The company is now back with a full-featured Google Keep experience for watchOS.

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Google Keep Stories December 12, 2018

Google Keep is a great tool for keeping track of notes of all sorts, and this week it’s adding a handy new option for those who like to write by hand. Google Keep now supports a larger drawing canvas which scrolls. expand full story

Google Keep Stories November 9, 2018

Google Keep Notes adds more Material Theme tweaks, including color-matching nav bar

Last month, the Google Material Theme came to Google Keep Notes on Android as part of a sizable redesign. The web application followed shortly, with Google continuing to update the mobile client today with more Material Theme tweaks.

Google Keep Stories October 24, 2018

Google Keep Notes for web gets cleaner with Google Material Theme

Google is thoroughly determined to update all of their apps, both for Android and web, to their new Google Material Theme. The latest refresh comes to Google Keep Notes for web, following in the footsteps of its Android counterpart.

Google Keep Stories October 23, 2018

At I/O 2018, Google announced that Assistant would allow users to set a default lists and notes service. With the latest Google app beta, it’s finally beginning to roll out, and it includes a built-in Assistant provider for users that don’t want to use a third-party solution.

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Google Keep Stories October 19, 2018

Google Keep is a popular way to store miscellaneous notes, and soon, Google is bringing back a much-requested feature. Google Keep will once again be the home of the Google Assistant shopping list.

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Google Keep Stories October 17, 2018

Last month, Google Keep was quietly renamed to “Keep Notes” on Android. That change is still not reflected on the Play Store or the web app, but the service is now rolling out the Google Material Theme.

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Google Keep Stories September 19, 2018

Google Keep quietly renamed to ‘Keep Notes’ on Android

Over the past several months, the most notable updates to Google Keep involved an option to add grid lines when drawing and support for subtasks. The app is likely due for a Google Material Theme, but in the meantime Google has quietly renamed the Android client to “Keep Notes.”

Google Keep Stories August 22, 2018

Besides the Google Material Theme, Gmail added a number of productivity features with its revamped web version in April. Today, the “quick-access side panel” that provides convenient access to Keep, Tasks, and more is making its way to other G Suite web apps like Docs and Calendar.

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Google Keep Stories July 3, 2018

Google Keep for Android adds grid and ruled lines for drawings

Google Keep doesn’t get updated all that often, but the company has done a good job of adding in features that users want. This week, Keep for Android has been updated with new tools for drawing.

Google Keep Stories May 29, 2018

Google Keep updated w/ new grid lines on Chrome OS for stylus users

Google Keep is one of the company’s most handy, yet underrated tools. Recently, the company quietly updated the Chrome OS version of Google Keep to better support stylus users.

Google Keep Stories March 13, 2018

Google Keep gets a redesign on Android Wear and ditches ‘open on phone’ shortcut

Google Keep is a powerful tool, and one that I love using since I can access it basically anywhere. Whether it’s on Android, iOS, or the web, accessing notes and lists is a breeze. Android Wear, however, might be one of its most convenient locations, and now it’s getting a fresh redesign…

Google Keep Stories November 28, 2017

In recent months, Google Keep has been more closely aligned with Google Drive thanks to numerous integrations. The latest one sees Keep on Android adding a similar Explore feature that scans notes and offers useful productivity suggestions.

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Google Keep Stories September 25, 2017

Note taking apps are coming to the Chrome OS lockscreen, starting with Google Keep

With Chromebooks quickly taking the place of Android tablets, it only makes sense that they become more and more flexible in their capabilities. Now, with the “PixelBook” coming, Google is continuing to make improvements, and one of those is the debut of note taking on the lockscreen.

Google Keep Stories September 21, 2017

Google Keep is my favorite note-taking app. While there are a lot of neat and helpful features available to further enhance your note-taking skills, one of the best parts is arguably the different colors you can use to spruce up the look of your to-do lists and memos. In a little surprise update, Google Keep is gaining 4 new hues to make your notes look even better than before.

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Google Keep Stories July 13, 2017

The latest version of Google Keep for Android is rolling out with a minor, but sorely needed functionality. Version 3.4.803.02 of the note-taking app finally features undo and redo controls in text and editing fields.

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Google Keep Stories February 28, 2017


Launched in 2013, Google Keep has added a number of major features that make it a powerful note taking app. With new Docs integration, Google is making Keep a serious part of its productive tools for both free and paying G Suite customers.

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Google Keep Stories December 17, 2016


Starting out as a fairly basic note taking app, Google Keep has since been updated with more advanced search, bookmarking, OCR for images, and drawing tools. Added to Android over a year ago, the latter feature is now making its way to the Chrome web app.

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Google Keep Stories October 19, 2016

Google Keep for Android updated with support for pinning notes

Google Keep today was updated with a feature that will bring it closer in feature capability to the more powerful note taking applications on the market. Today’s update adds long-awaited support for pinned notes (via Android Police).

Google Keep Stories June 29, 2016

Google Keep update adds searchable auto-created topics to mobile and web apps

Google is rolling out an update to its Keep note-taking app that brings new auto-created topics that group notes together for automatic organization and easy searching. 

Google Keep Stories June 1, 2016


The last major update to Google Keep in April added a Chrome extension to easily save and add notes to links. An update today adds link previews, duplication prevention, and autocomplete when adding list items. The Keep site is also getting a significant refresh that matches Google’s other web apps.

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Google Keep Stories April 20, 2016

Google Keep gets a Chrome extension to easily save & add notes to links and images

Update: The Android app is receiving a similar update that allows users to add notes right from the Share menu. Additionally, hashtags in notes now act as labels.

Google Keep started out as a basic, cross platform note taking app with reminders and has slowly gained more features like image uploading, advanced search, and drawing. An update today adds a new Chrome extension that allows users to easily save and markup web pages and images.

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