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March 2013 - March 2018

Google Keep is an app from the Mountain View, California company that lets you quickly and easily jot down shopping lists, reminders, and more. The app keeps all of your notes synced across the cloud and you can access them from the iPhone, an Android phone, or the web.

Google Keep Stories March 13

Google Keep gets a redesign on Android Wear and ditches ‘open on phone’ shortcut

Google Keep is a powerful tool, and one that I love using since I can access it basically anywhere. Whether it’s on Android, iOS, or the web, accessing notes and lists is a breeze. Android Wear, however, might be one of its most convenient locations, and now it’s getting a fresh redesign…

Google Keep Stories November 28, 2017

In recent months, Google Keep has been more closely aligned with Google Drive thanks to numerous integrations. The latest one sees Keep on Android adding a similar Explore feature that scans notes and offers useful productivity suggestions.

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Google Keep Stories September 25, 2017

Note taking apps are coming to the Chrome OS lockscreen, starting with Google Keep

With Chromebooks quickly taking the place of Android tablets, it only makes sense that they become more and more flexible in their capabilities. Now, with the “PixelBook” coming, Google is continuing to make improvements, and one of those is the debut of note taking on the lockscreen.

Google Keep Stories September 21, 2017

Google Keep is my favorite note-taking app. While there are a lot of neat and helpful features available to further enhance your note-taking skills, one of the best parts is arguably the different colors you can use to spruce up the look of your to-do lists and memos. In a little surprise update, Google Keep is gaining 4 new hues to make your notes look even better than before.

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Ready to try the Pixelbook?

Google Keep Stories July 13, 2017

The latest version of Google Keep for Android is rolling out with a minor, but sorely needed functionality. Version 3.4.803.02 of the note-taking app finally features undo and redo controls in text and editing fields.

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Google Keep Stories February 28, 2017

Launched in 2013, Google Keep has added a number of major features that make it a powerful note taking app. With new Docs integration, Google is making Keep a serious part of its productive tools for both free and paying G Suite customers.

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