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Wear OS Stories April 20

I’ve never been shy about my distaste for what has become of “Android Wear,” and despite a recent rebrand, there’s still one very true thing about Google’s wearable OS – it gets the best hardware but the worst software. The Fossil Q Control is an incredible example of that.

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Wear OS Stories April 17

Casio has long been on the Android Wear (and lately, Wear OS) train, and now the company is doubling down with the release of yet another Pro Trek smartwatch. This one, called the WSD-F20A (good luck remembering that name), brings the slew of unique Pro Trek features at a lower price point. expand full story

Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Wear OS Stories March 28

Following the rebrand of the wearable platform earlier this month, Google is today launching a developer preview for Wear OS. Android P for smartwatches introduces features announced for phones and tablets, a dark UI system theme, and smart battery saving features.

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Wear OS Stories March 21

The first Wear OS watch is Hublot’s luxury Big Bang Referee for the 2018 World Cup

Following Google’s rebrand of Android Wear last week, the first Wear OS devices are getting announced at the Baselworld convention. This first honor goes to luxury maker Hublot with the limited edition Big Bang Referee aimed at the 2018 World Cup. With a limited production run, this watch will also be used by soccer referees during matches.

Wear OS Stories March 15

Today, Google officially announced that it would be renaming Android Wear to Wear OS by Google, “a wearables operating system for everyone.” With this change, we see Google seemingly separating the product from the Android name and making it appear more universal.

Do you think Google will be renaming any other products to remove the Android namesake?

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As part of this morning’s rebrand of Android Wear to Wear OS, existing smartwatches will get updated with the new name over the coming weeks. Google has published a list of devices that will receive Wear OS, with the update already rolling out for some today.

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