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September 2011 - June 2019

Google Drive was launched in April of 2012 and encompasses Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, among other Google apps. In addition to being an office productivity suite, Drive allows users to upload their files and photos. Users get 15GB of free storage between Gmail, Photos and Drive, with the option to purchase more on a monthly basis.

Like with Docs, Google allows users to create links to share uploaded files. Google Drive supports a variety of image and video formats, as well as Microsoft Office and Adobe file formats. Third-party apps can integrate and store data in Drive, while the official Mac and Windows apps allow automatic syncing of local data from a desktop.

On Chrome, the Drive app can sync files for offline viewing. Android and iOS apps allow users to view all their files on the go and make edits.


Google Drive Stories Yesterday

Google Drive on the web has long let you work on Docs, Sheets, and Slides even when there’s no connection. A new G Suite beta expands offline storage to PDFs, Office documents, and other non-Google files.

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Google Drive Stories June 12

Last month, we uncovered hints in the Google Drive app that the cloud storage service’s dedicated “Google Photos” folder would no longer be synced with your Google Photos. Today, Google is making the change official and explaining why the sync between Drive and Photos needed to simplified.

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Google Drive Stories May 30

Google Drive limiting third-party access to user data as part of Project Strobe

In addition to changes for Chrome extensions, Project Strobe is responsible for upcoming restrictions on third-party access of Drive. Similar to Gmail last October, Google is locking down what apps can access user data and verifying the authenticity of those that do.

Google Drive Stories May 23

The removal of the Google Drive $5 yearly subscription plan giving 20GB of cloud storage has some benefits for users already subscribed to the lowest tier of the service. Google has since told users that subscribers will now have the extended storage grandfathered to their existing accounts completely free of charge.

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Google Drive Stories May 14

Google Drive has long been the all-in-one storage solution for many, storing both traditional office files and Google Docs, along with photos and files of all varieties. In the past, Google Drive has worked in tandem with Google Photos to keep your photos safely stowed and accessible in both apps. This Google Photos sync integration seems to be ending in the near future, however, according to the latest version of the Google Drive app.

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Google Drive Stories April 29

For enterprise G Suite customers, one frequently used Google Drive feature is “Team Drives.” The company today announced an upcoming rename to “shared drives” that better reflects how many folks are using the functionality.

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