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September 2011 - June 2018

Google Drive was launched in April of 2012 and encompasses Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, among other Google apps. In addition to being an office productivity suite, Drive allows users to upload their files and photos. Users get 15GB of free storage between Gmail, Photos and Drive, with the option to purchase more on a monthly basis.

Like with Docs, Google allows users to create links to share uploaded files. Google Drive supports a variety of image and video formats, as well as Microsoft Office and Adobe file formats. Third-party apps can integrate and store data in Drive, while the official Mac and Windows apps allow automatic syncing of local data from a desktop.

On Chrome, the Drive app can sync files for offline viewing. Android and iOS apps allow users to view all their files on the go and make edits.


Google Drive Stories June 1

How to celebrate Pride with Google Sheets’ hidden Easter egg

A while back, Google added an Easter egg to Sheets that adds a rainbow theme to the entire spreadsheet. Here’s how to use the Pride-themed Easter egg in Google Sheets.

Google Drive Stories May 31

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides adding file stats, charts & in-line emailing to collaborators

In March, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides added an Activity dashboard that allows users to see a file’s history and read status. The feature is now gaining more viewing statistics and the ability to quickly email collaborators.

Google Drive Stories May 14

Google is revamping its cloud storage offerings to better reflect the rise in high-res images and 4K video, especially due to Photos, while also integrating family plans. “Google One” features simplified plans that are cheaper and also give subscribers other benefits, like deals and better customer support.

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Google Drive Stories May 9

Last month’s Gmail revamp introduced a refreshed Material Design on the web. This Material Theme is now coming to the Google Drive web client to match its fellow G Suite products and Google’s new look.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Google Drive Stories April 18

Google Slides adds support for inserting slides into Google Docs, new guides and rulers, more

To better compete with Microsoft Office, Google is continually adding new features to its suite of apps within Google Drive. This time around, Google Slides is getting an update that adds new guides and rulers to make it easier to format a slide, the ability to add a single slide and place it into a Google Doc, and more.

Google Drive Stories April 2

Google Drive’s ‘Access checker’ will now directly suggest who to share files with

Google apps like Gmail and Calendar have long had a useful “Access checker” tool that determines whether the recipient of a shared Google Drive file has access permission. New updates today make the functionality smarter and more convenient.

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