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September 2011 - February 2018

Google Drive was launched in April of 2012 and encompasses Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, among other Google apps. In addition to being an office productivity suite, Drive allows users to upload their files and photos. Users get 15GB of free storage between Gmail, Photos and Drive, with the option to purchase more on a monthly basis.

Like with Docs, Google allows users to create links to share uploaded files. Google Drive supports a variety of image and video formats, as well as Microsoft Office and Adobe file formats. Third-party apps can integrate and store data in Drive, while the official Mac and Windows apps allow automatic syncing of local data from a desktop.

On Chrome, the Drive app can sync files for offline viewing. Android and iOS apps allow users to view all their files on the go and make edits.


Google Drive Stories February 7

Google Drive now allows comments on PDF, Office files without needing to convert

In a new update, Google Drive is letting users leave feedback on uploaded Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and images without needing to convert them into a Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. This change is aimed at increasing Drive’s interoperability with the multitude of file types in use.

Google Drive Stories January 31

New Slack integration shows share activity, comments in Google Drive, expands language support

Back in 2016, Slack added G Suite integration that allowed for fast file creation and import. Today, Google is gaining the ability to see Slack-related activity from right within the Drive app.

Google Drive Stories January 9

Google Drive adds ability to only search within specific folders

Search in Google Drive is about to get a convenient boost with the ability to search within specific folders. At the moment, lookup capabilities are quite general and broad.

Google Drive Stories December 4, 2017

Google Drive removing ‘Google Photos’ tab from the nav drawer next month

Google Drive has long featured a tab for Google Photos in its navigation drawer that provides users with another method to view their uploaded images and videos. Starting next month, this integration will get de-prioritized, but ultimately remain accessible.

Google Drive Stories November 8, 2017

Copied Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides can soon include comments, suggestions

Following a very useful tweak to the image picker earlier this week, Google Drive is getting another small, but noticeable feature. Copying a document will soon include the option to bring over the original file’s comments and suggestions.

Google Drive Stories November 6, 2017

Google simplifies image insertion in Docs, Slides, & Drawings, adds Google Photos drawer

In a small, but impactful update, Google today announced that the Drive apps are receiving “improvements to the image insertion process.” Applicable to Docs, Slides, and Drawings on the web, there is now a redesigned menu and dedicated drawer for adding images to files.

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