YouTube Music Stories Yesterday

Depending on your usage habits, the close integration between YouTube and YouTube Music is either a blessing or a curse. Google is now working on a YouTube Music setting to separate liked videos.

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As we careen toward the inevitable death of Google Play Music proper, features are crashing toward YouTube Music in an attempt to make it a viable alternative. The latest is the ability to sort playlists, songs, and albums alphabetically on the desktop or browser version of YouTube Music.

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YouTube Music Stories October 27

YouTube Music’s flagship ‘Your Mix’ playlist is now called ‘My Supermix’

For the past several weeks, Google’s primary streaming service has been A/B testing a number of changes to its personalized playlists. YouTube Music is now going ahead with another that renames “Your Mix” to “My Supermix.”

YouTube Music Stories October 22

YouTube Music picks up iOS 14 home screen widgets

Since the release of iOS 14 earlier this year, Google has been impressing us all with gorgeous new home screen widgets for its apps. YouTube Music is now the latest Google app to get iOS 14 widgets, showing your recently played music in a gorgeous design.

YouTube Music Stories October 20

Ahead of the Play Music shutdown, Google has been working to add key functionality to the YouTube-based alternative, especially for free users. The YouTube Music app for Android Auto now works to play uploaded tracks.

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YouTube Music Stories October 18

With streaming music being the norm now, just about every major service offers a family plan so everyone can enjoy it at a discounted rate. With YouTube Music, though, family plans get complicated for younger kids, and there’s no fix in sight either.

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