YouTube Music Stories January 8

Google’s primary streaming service in 2019 introduced personalized mixes, smart downloads, and other tweaks. The cloud locker that everyone is waiting for did not arrive, but YouTube Music 3.47 today suggests that the interface is being readied on Android.

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YouTube Music Stories December 17, 2019

Since launch, one focus of YouTube Music has been playlists — both editorial and algorithmic. Google’s primary streaming service today is now releasing three new personalized mixes.

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YouTube Music Stories December 13, 2019

Over the past 18 months, YouTube Premium and Music Premium has expanded around the world. Rolled out to India in March, the Google video site is particularly popular and competitive.

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YouTube Music Stories December 10, 2019

YouTube Music now lets you share artist profiles on Android, iOS

Recent weeks have seen a trickle of small features for Google’s primary streaming service. The latest minor usability improvement for YouTube Music is the ability to share artist profiles on Android and iOS.

YouTube Music Stories December 5, 2019

Over the past several weeks, gapless playback rolled out to some YouTube Music subscribers. The capability is now officially available for all Premium users on the Android app and web client.

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YouTube Music Stories November 25, 2019

YouTube Music for Android gained adaptive icons this May, but an update in recent weeks broke the implementation. Version 3.43 addresses that issues and adds a dark theme for settings.

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