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Samsung Stories October 22

Some UK banks blacklist the Galaxy S10 over fingerprint scanner concerns

After reports that the Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner can be fooled by cheap third-party screens protectors, some UK banks are now blacklisting the phone in a bid to protect their customers.

Samsung Stories October 21

Samsung Galaxy S7 now receiving October 2019 security patch

Despite being over three years old at this point, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is now receiving the October 2019 security patch.

Samsung Stories October 18

Late last year, Samsung and Canonical partnered on an app that allowed select Galaxy phones to run a full Linux desktop on top of Android. Less than a year later, Samsung has announced that they’re discontinuing the Linux on DeX program, coinciding with the update to Android 10.

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Samsung improves its face unlock on Android 10 so it won’t fooled by a picture

Whether you like it or not, facial recognition is the next big thing in security for smartphones. Some companies are going all-in on sensors to ensure a secure experience, but Samsung is using just a camera. That’s resulted in a laughably insecure face unlock, but with Android 10, Samsung is working to improve security.

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are fantastic smartphones with a truly gorgeous design that you might want to protect with a case or multiple cases.

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Samsung Stories October 17

Samsung has acknowledged a flaw that means any fingerprint can unlock Galaxy S10 devices when a cheap screen protector is fitted.

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