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The Galaxy Note 7 proved to be nothing short of a disaster for Samsung. There really is no way around it: the company lost money, brand value, and likely a few customers too. That, however, doesn’t mean that thousands — or even millions — of people won’t line up to secure the next installment in their Galaxy S series. And if the latest round of leaks is to be believed, we wouldn’t argue ourselves…

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Samsung’s soon-to-be-announced Chromebook Pro leaked out last month through Samsung itself and through multiple retailers, but those product pages were quickly taken down. We did get a good look at the device and what it will bring to the table, but some information was lost with those listings.

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Samsung Stories October 20

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After the mess that Samsung has gotten itself into with the two separate recalls for the Galaxy Note 7 due to overheating and exploding batteries, it looks like the company might be turning to one of their largest competitors, LG, to supply batteries for their next flagship phone.

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Samsung Stories October 19

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Samsung is currently working to repair a reputation that is currently less than stellar following the official recall of all Galaxy Note 7 handsets. As there are more eyes on Samsung right now than normal, the company has issued a gag order to their employees and suppliers when it comes to talking about any confidential information — including the forthcoming Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Stories October 18

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One of the biggest theories we’ve seen surrounding the fallout from Samsung’s Note 7 recall is the potential that the company would ditch the Note branding ─ something I don’t doubt at all ─ however, according to a report out of Korea, that cut may be a bit more drastic.

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Samsung Stories October 15

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