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Samsung Stories October 18

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At its Developer Conference today, Samsung revealed a partnership with Google to bring ARCore to its lineup of Galaxy devices. The SDK launched with support on the Galaxy S8 in August, but today marks a formal announcement and commitment to Google’s augmented reality platform.

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Samsung Stories October 13

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Samsung hit a three-year high in UK smartphone market share in August, according to the latest Kantar data, but its very minor growth in the U.S. was out-paced by Apple.

The market intelligence firm said that Samsung’s UK growth was driven by price promotions on the Galaxy S8 …

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Samsung Stories October 12

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Kwon Oh-hyun announced in a statement today that he is stepping down as the CEO of Samsung Electronics and as head of the company’s components business. In his statement, Kwon explained that his decision comes as Samsung faces an “unprecedented crisis.”

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Samsung Stories October 10

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Best budget cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best phones of 2017, but at just under $1,000, it is quite an investment. To make sure that you don’t break the bank while finding a way to protect it from minimal damage, here are some of the top budget (under $30) cases you can buy right now…

Samsung Stories October 8

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Best screen protectors

With devices like the Galaxy Note 8 becoming more display and less bezel, it’s essential to find the correct screen protector to defend the device from scratches and cracks. Here are four of the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Stories October 6

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Best rugged cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most beautiful and fantastic looking smartphones currently on the market. Unfortunately, its elegance comes at a price as its almost entirely made out of glass, something that easily scratches and cracks when dropped. Thankfully, there are plenty of rugged cases out there to protect your $1,000 investment. Here are the best…

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