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The Galaxy S9 delivered a fascinating new camera technology with its dual-aperture sensor. According to a reliable tipster, the Galaxy Note 10 is going to one-up the variable aperture design with a third stop.

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Samsung Stories Yesterday

Samsung exec says Galaxy Fold is ‘ready’ for launch with ‘most’ display issues fixed

After its April delay, it’s been unknown when Samsung is going to launch its unique Galaxy Fold. According to one Samsung executive, though, the Galaxy Fold is “ready” now that its issues have been fixed.

Samsung Stories June 18

As the second half of the year approaches, there are quite a few smartphones to look forward to. Tonight, we’re learning that Samsung is reportedly planning for an August 7th launch event for the Galaxy Note 10 in a familiar location.

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Samsung Stories June 17

Galaxy Note 9 update adding dedicated camera Night Mode, June patch

Arguably one of the best value Samsung smartphones at this point in 2019, the Galaxy Note 9 is a beast of a device that has improved even more so since Android Pie arrived. Now the dedicated camera Night Mode is rolling out to Galaxy Note 9 users.

Samsung Stories June 14

Well, that was short-lived. After a report earlier this week seemingly pinned the Galaxy Fold’s launch was going to be sometime in July, the company has apparently confirmed that it won’t be happening, saying that things haven’t moved forward since the April misfire.

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The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will go on sale June 21

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is releasing on Sprint’s fledgling 5G network starting June 21st after being confirmed today.

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