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The Chromecast is a media streaming device from Google, allowing you to play your favorite content from Netflix, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and countless other services on your television. The device is a small HDMI dongle, and retails for $35.

Chromecast Stories September 25

Apple Music for Android gets Chromecast support, dark mode, more in latest update

Apple Music has slowly – and surprisingly – added quite a few features to its Android app including Android Auto support and more. Now, in its latest stable update, the app is adding Chromecast support and more.

Chromecast Stories September 18

The definitive guide to watching NFL games on Android TV or Chromecast

The NFL season is almost here and if you are a cord cutter like me you may be wondering how to watch NFL games with Android TV or Chromecast. The good news is there are more ways than ever to catch football streaming live, but it can get a little confusing. Let’s take a look at the best streaming options for not missing any of the games that matter to you this year.

Last month, our APK Insight team uncovered that Files by Google would soon be picking up the ability to use Chromecast to display your files on a television. As of this week’s beta update, Files by Google is rolling out Chromecast support for some people.

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Chromecast Stories August 26

Google introduced us all to the Chromecast back in 2013, allowing us to easily and affordably play movies and more on our TV, using our phones. Since then, the company has released the 4K Chromecast Ultra, the audio-only Chromecast Audio, and two hardware refreshes in 2015 and 2018. It seems that, after six years of service, Google is beginning to wind down its support for the original, first-generation Chromecast by discontinuing major updates.

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If you are wondering how to watch the 2019 MTV VMAs on your Android TV or Chromecast tonight, here are the best streaming options on our favorite streaming platforms. The show kicks off at 8 p.m. EDT tonight, so let’s get to it. expand full story

Chromecast Stories August 23

We’re at that time of year when you might be looking for a solid back to school tech starter kit that mixes the right gear into one easy-to-follow an affordable package.

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