Google Nest Hub Max Stories November 8

Google Smart Displays start showing dates on some photo slideshows

One of the best features of the Google Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and Google Smart Displays, in general, is the photo slideshow feature. While the nostalgia factor is great, the addition of dates to your photo slideshows is now a great new Smart Display addition.

Google Nest Hub Max Stories November 6

A key feature of this year’s Nest Mini speakers and Nest Wifi points is their ability to use ultrasound to detect your presence and light up in response. Starting today, the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max will be able to detect when you’re nearby in the same way, with a few extra benefits.

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Google Nest Hub Max Stories October 21

There are more apps for Google Assistant than you’ll ever use, but apparently it’s also not that difficult to slip malicious apps through the cracks. Apparently, a security research lab managed to develop apps for Google Assistant and Alexa designed for phishing for user’s private information.

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Google Nest Hub Max Stories October 12

Following Best Buy Canada last night fully detailing the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, another northern retailer has possibly leaked Nest Wifi pricing. This online store also suggests other Made by Google plans for Canada, including the Nest Mini and Nest Hub Max.

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Google Nest Hub Max Stories September 13

Google’s Nest Hub is easily one of the best smart displays on the market (and with record low prices as of late), but that makes selling a much more expensive version pretty difficult. Google is trying to do that with the Nest Hub Max by combining three different products into one and, for the most part, it actually succeeds.

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Google Nest Hub Max Stories September 11

Nest Hub Max is first ‘Built on Thread’ certified device, works with existing Nest products

The Nest Hub Max went on sale Monday as the largest Made by Google Smart Display and first with a Nest Cam. It’s also the “world’s first” publicly available “Built on Thread” device, with this support allowing for integrations between existing Nest smart home products.

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