Google Nest Hub Stories March 6

Over the course of the past few years, Google’s Fuchsia team has developed support for quite a few devices that seem to line up with known Made by Google hardware. In some cases, those devices appeared in Fuchsia’s code long before they were announced to the public. Looking ahead into 2020, keeping that close relationship in mind, Fuchsia has already laid the groundwork for two more potentially Made by Google devices, codenamed “Nelson” and “Luis.”

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Google Nest Hub Stories January 24

Assistant Smart Displays provide an easy way to control all the connected devices in your home. Google is today improving the entertainment experience with a new Media View for Nest Hubs.

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Google Nest Hub Stories January 16

[Updated: Resolved] Google disables Xiaomi camera integration after Nest Hub shows random homes

Smart security cameras can be an extremely useful tool, but they can also be a cause for concern when it comes to privacy. This week, a potentially serious security issue has appeared with Xiaomi’s smart cameras when viewed through a Google Nest Hub.

Google Nest Hub Stories January 14

Google tweaks Word Clock to be more colorful on Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max

When you’re not using the Nest Hub for household smarts, it’s designed to blend into the background of any setting. This naturally comes with the option for users to choose how they want their idle Hub to present itself, and the device’s ‘Word Clock’ screen tends to be a popular choice. It would seem that Google has pushed an update to the Word Clock that alters its color scheme, bringing a more vibrant appearance to the previously black-and-white layout.

Google Nest Hub Stories January 13

If you ever visit a friend or relative’s house and want to share some tunes, then the Guest Mode for Google Home speakers might be a handy feature. However, it appears that this mode has gone missing.

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Google Nest Hub Stories January 8

American Airlines will use the Google Assistant to translate for lounge guests

American Airlines is set to utilize the interpreter mode on the Google Assistant in select airport lounges as a translator for non-English-speaking travelers.

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