Google Nest Hub Stories August 6

Finally, after a couple of years, we have some Nest Hub and Smart Display games that take advantage of both your Google Assistant and the color displays.

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Google Nest Hub Stories July 28

Google quietly refreshes Nest Hub retail box

After the unified “Google Nest” brand was announced at I/O 2019, the company quickly refreshed product names and its website. It has taken quite a bit longer to update retail packaging, with the Nest Hub only recently changing for most new buyers.  

Google Nest Hub Stories July 21

One immensely popular streaming service has long been absent from Assistant Smart Displays. In a real “finally,” Google today announced that Netflix is now available on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

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Google Nest Hub Stories June 24

Google sends Nest Hub discount codes to some YouTube TV subscribers

In recent weeks, Google has been sending out discount codes and even freebies to subscribers of its various services. This week, yet another promo is going out, this time delivering a hefty discount on a Nest Hub smart display to YouTube TV subscribers.

Google Nest Hub Stories June 4

Another Google Nest Aware promo offers free Nest Hub, gives Nest Mini instead [Updated]

Earlier this week, Google sent out emails to some subscribers who had signed on to the company’s new Nest Aware plans offering a free Nest Hub smart display. Now, another email is going out that promises the same, but the end result is a completely different product.

Google Nest Hub Stories June 2

Just a week after giving free Nest Mini speakers to YouTube Premium subscribers, Google has another promo going on. Today, some Nest Aware subscribers are getting emails offering a free Google Nest Hub, but the codes, unfortunately, aren’t working.

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