Google Nest Hub Stories August 12

Google Nest Hub tipped to arrive in India next week for Rs 8,999

Google’s first smart display, the Nest Hub, is looking to expand to India. According to a known tipster, the Nest Hub may be heading to the country as soon as next week.

Google Nest Hub Stories August 6

Over the past few years, Google has been churning out a lot of new hardware products and, generally speaking, it is pretty great at product design. Now, Google has offered a peek inside of the top-secret design lab that is the birthplace of the Pixel, Nest Hub, and other hardware products.

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Google Nest Hub Stories August 1

Compared to speakers, Smart Displays open up a world of possibility for selecting and controlling what’s currently playing. Google is now testing a “Move to” ability on the Nest Hub to transfer what’s currently Casting to other Assistant devices in your home.

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Google Nest Hub Stories July 15

In the world of voice assistants, we all know the real big players. It’s the Google Assistant and Alexa. Siri and Bixby can try and muscle in but they are just not as ubiquitous as the two big guns from Google and Amazon. Personal opinion aside, the brand new Amazon Echo Show 5 is genuinely an enticing smart display option but how does it stack up against the Google Nest Hub?

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Google Nest Hub Stories July 4

Did you know that you can add your favorite podcasts to your Google Home routines? Amazing, isn’t it? What is more amazing is that you might not have known this little tidbit.

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Google Nest Hub Stories June 26

YouTube TV starts offering $49 Google Nest Hubs to subscribers

While YouTube TV is now available in every U.S. market, it’s now $49.99 per month for all. A promo earlier this month gave “longtime” customers free Showtime for the summer, and the latest is now a Nest Hub for only $49.

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