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YouTube streaming ‘The Lego Movie’ for free on Black Friday to promote the sequel

Last month, YouTube started streaming 99 “Free with Ads” Hollywood movies reflecting how the service wants to garner an even larger, conventional audience. The Google video site on Black Friday will be streaming “The Lego Movie” for free as part of a promotion with Warner Bros. Picture for the sequel.

YouTube Stories November 18

While YouTube has recently been pushing users to music and video subscriptions, as well as supporting favorite channels, the Google company is still introducing new ad-supported options. The video site in October started streaming movies like the “Terminator” and “Rocky” for free, but with occasional advertising.

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YouTube Stories November 16

You can now scroll down on fullscreen YouTube videos to read descriptions, comments, more

While many people today watch videos on mobile phones and tablets, the web is still an exceedingly important screen. YouTube is improving the fullscreen web player with the ability to scroll down to see recommendations, descriptions, and more.

YouTube Stories November 13

The EU’s copyright directive, Article 13 has come under scrutiny yet again from national and international media. Now an official response from YouTube was recently published on the official YouTube Creator Blog. In the post, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki pushed back against these proposed European copyright legislation changes.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

YouTube Stories November 8

The Nintendo Switch has been a smashing success, but where games are landing left and right, video apps are a rarity. After Hulu’s debut last year, an official YouTube Nintendo Switch app has just been unveiled and it’s already available for download.

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YouTube Stories November 6

Voting in the 2018 Midterm elections for the House and Senate are well underway, while on the state and local level there are a slew of gubernatorial races and various ballots. Google encourages voting around the world and its products from Search to YouTube are in full force today to help with that civic duty and provide results later tonight.

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