YouTube Stories July 31

In a support post this week, YouTube has confirmed some unfortunate news. In September, YouTube’s community caption/translation features are being removed from the platform.

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There was nearly a Google-branded Flip Video camera before YouTube deal in 2006

Back in the mid-2000s before we all had smartphones in our pocket capable of recording videos, there was the iconic Flip Video camcorder which was often used for recording videos on the fly. Ahead of its YouTube acquisition, Google was apparently in talks to have its own Flip Video camera produced.

YouTube is testing a new upload icon and icon positioning on the mobile app to help improve and streamline uploads from your smartphone.

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YouTube Stories July 30

One of the coolest promises of Google Stadia back at GDC 2019 was the ability to easily livestream your gameplay to YouTube Gaming and bring lucky watchers directly into your game. Now eight months after launch, Google is finally testing YouTube live streaming for Stadia alongside exclusive “Crowd Play” features.

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YouTube Stories July 24

Android TV’s YouTube app is getting a couple of welcome updates. Thanks to a server-side change, YouTube Music has arrived on Android TV through the bigger YouTube app — Yep, it’s super weird.

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YouTube Stories July 23

While you’re primarily on YouTube for videos, some creators put a lot of additional information in the Description. YouTube is now testing a new fullscreen Descriptions interface on Android.

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