YouTube Stories July 21

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As anyone who has ever spent much time on the internet knows, comment sections are usually filled with people leaving nasty messages that can be both hurtful and offensive. This is particularly the case of YouTube’s comment sections. What’s even worse are the spam comments that try and get people to click links to malicious websites. Thankfully, YouTube has now made it easier for creators to automatically block those types of comments…

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YouTube Stories July 20

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YouTube, being one of the largest platforms for viewing online video content, is all about helping users upload their own content to share with others. Unfortunately, two of the tools that the service provided for those who wanted to create “polished” videos without the use of expensive software are going away on September 20th. Those are YouTube’s video editor and photo slideshow tools…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

After advertisers noticed that their ads were being placed alongside hateful and extremist videos on YouTube, Google promised that it would remove ads from the videos as well as protect viewers from potentially harmful messaging. Today, YouTube has announced that it will be using the “Redirect Method” created by Jigsaw to not only stop people from watching extremist recruiting material, but to also direct them to videos that debunk these groups…

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As announced last month, YouTube TV is now available in 10 more cities around the United States. For $35 per month, users can watch the Big Four networks, sports, and other premium channels on Android and iOS clients that feature an unlimited DVR for saving movies and TV shows.

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YouTube Stories July 18

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YouTube’s big redesign for Android TV is now available on ARM devices like the Nvidia Shield

Google has neglected the YouTube app for Android TV for quite some time, but late last month it got a huge redesign that brought it up to speed with the rest of Google’s YouTube applications. Today, that update is finally available for the rest of the Android TV ecosystem.

YouTube Stories July 14

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Over the past few months, YouTube has redesigned its apps across multiple platforms and shared a preview for a broader revamp of the web experience. YouTube is now beginning to widely A/B test a video preview feature when you hover over a thumbnail.

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