YouTube Stories September 18

One of YouTube’s first standalone services was YouTube Gaming to capitalize on streaming games to a live audience. With the explosive rise of an Amazon-owned Twitch, Google is now integrating gaming into the main YouTube site and mobile apps.

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YouTube Stories September 14

AV1 is an open, industry-backed codec that will allow for more efficient and better quality video streaming. YouTube is beginning to test AV1 through an initial beta with Chrome 70 and Firefox Nightly on desktops now supporting it.

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YouTube will soon start showing vertical video ads alongside video recommendations

This week at Dmexco, Google has revealed a couple of notable changes to how ads on YouTube work, and it includes the arrival of vertical video ads on the platform…

YouTube Stories September 13

In light of YouTube’s algorithmic approach to finding appropriate videos for kids failing, the Google division turned to human curation in April. YouTube Kids is now launching the ability for parents to pre-approve every video and channel available their child, while adding a new experience geared towards older kids.

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YouTube Stories September 12

Europe’s controversial Copyright Directive has been approved after a previous version was rejected back in July.

Although intended to protect the rights of copyright owners, it’s likely to prove a headache for both Google’s search engine and its YouTube video platform …

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YouTube Stories September 6

How to enable dark mode on YouTube for Android

After months of anticipation, Google recently launched an official dark mode for the YouTube app on Android. Now that it’s rolling out to everyone, you’ll no doubt want to give it a shot. So, here’s how to enable dark mode on YouTube for Android.

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