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May 2011 - June 2021

YouTube is a major video platform owned by Google — and it has grown to be one of the most famous social media destinations on the web.

YouTube Stories June 10

Google’s efforts with Android TV OS seem to finally be in gear with new hardware, Google TV, and more. As the platform expands, the YouTube app for Android TV has just passed 100 million installs.

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YouTube Stories June 7

YouTube for Android TV adds playback speed controls in latest update

YouTube for TVs generally lags behind a bit when it comes to new features, but progress is always being made. In the latest quiet update, Google appears to have widely rolled out support for playback speed controls on YouTube for Android TV.

YouTube Stories June 4

YouTube tests video appeals for creators who have had ads banned, Partner Program rejected [U]

In an effort to make it easy for creators to tell their side of the story, YouTube is making it possible for a video to be submitted with an appeal on ad bans, at least for some creators.

YouTube Stories June 2

Last month, YouTube TV became available in the main YouTube app as a workaround for the Roku dispute. That integrated YouTube TV experience is now coming to newer Vizio SmartCast televisions.

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In an update today, YouTube revealed that it paid $4 billion to the music industry over the last 12 months, while Premium and Music Premium subscriptions saw notable growth at the start of this year. 

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YouTube Stories May 28

YouTube on Android and iOS is now more widely rolling out the expanded video description UI that includes more prominent Likes and View counters alongside accurate upload date information within video overflow menus.

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