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YouTube is a major video platform owned by Google — and it has grown to be one of the most famous social media destinations on the web.

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When listening to songs in the YouTube mobile client, Google will occasionally prompt users to open the YouTube Music app for a better experience. The main YouTube app is now testing a dedicated “Listening controls” experience for music.

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YouTube Stories May 4

YouTube this morning hosted its 2021 Brandcast Delivered for advertisers. It’s an annual opportunity for the Google company to share its upcoming Originals content lineup and new ad offerings in a star-studded manner.

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YouTube Stories May 1

This week, a feud between Google and Roku boiled over to the point where the YouTube TV app was removed from the Roku platform. This story is still developing, but as it stands today, we’ve heard stories from both sides, so let’s try to summarize everything that’s happened so far.

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YouTube Stories April 30

The latest YouTube experiment looks to be trialling time-linked comments that will appear at the exact time you’re watching a video.

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YouTube Stories April 26

Google products have a large reach, and YouTube wants to use its platform to “encourage people to get informed about the vaccine.” YouTube’s COVID-19 vaccine info PSA is starting in the US and will expand to other countries.

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YouTube TV is an excellent, though not cheap, option for cutting cable and instead streaming live TV, but it seems Roku users may soon lose access to the app as a negotiations battle goes on.

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