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May 2011 - September 2021

YouTube is a major video platform owned by Google — and it has grown to be one of the most famous social media destinations on the web.

YouTube Stories September 15

YouTube for Android and iOS is now testing instant comment translations for comments, provided you have a Premium subscription plan.

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YouTube Stories September 13

YouTube nukes popular ‘Groovy,’ ‘Rythm’ Discord music bots for breaking platform’s ToS [U]

YouTube is first and foremost a place to share videos, but the platform has long been a great place to stream music essentially for free. Sometimes, that functionality gets abused, and YouTube has to step in, which is what happened recently with the popular Discord service “Groovy Bot” and, after that, “Rythm.”

YouTube Stories September 10

YouTube is set to slash the subscriber count requirement needed to access and make Community posts on creators’ channels to just 500 from October 12.

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YouTube Stories September 7

A new report suggests that TikTok has surpassed YouTube average watch time in the US and UK on Android versions of both apps respectively.

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YouTube Stories September 1

YouTube Gaming signs exclusive streaming deals w/ Twitch stars TimTheTatMan and DrLupo

Twitch is the go-to place for streamers, but YouTube isn’t taking its hat out of the ring. Just this week, YouTube Gaming has poached TimTheTatMan and DrLupo, two huge Twitch stars, in exclusive deals.

YouTube Stories August 26

Introduced last year to the Android and iOS apps, YouTube’s updated outline-style icons are now available in the main player view on the Android TV version of the streaming platform.

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YouTube Stories August 24

Back in June, Google started rolling out Picture-in-Picture support in YouTube for iPhone. It’s not widely available yet, but YouTube Premium subscribers can experimentally enable PiP in the mobile app today.

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Google takes account security fairly seriously and, over the past few years, has been pushing 2-step authentication/verification for users, sometimes requiring it for specific account actions. This week, Google has announced that YouTube creators will be required to use 2-step verification to access key functions starting later this year.

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YouTube Stories August 23

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) launched over 14 years ago to allow video monetization, and the Google company is now celebrating 2 million creators.

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YouTube Stories August 20

After being introduced on the Android and iOS apps last year, YouTube’s new outline-style icons are now available on the web homepage. 

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YouTube Stories August 16

YouTube offers Discord Nitro free to some Premium subscribers, and vice versa too

YouTube Premium delivers an ad-free experience, background play, and several other features, but one of its more underrated perks might be the freebies that subscribers are sometimes offered. Right now, some YouTube Premium subscribers are getting an offer for a free extended trial of Discord Nitro.

YouTube Stories August 10

As of last month, YouTube Shorts is available in over 100 countries as Google’s TikTok and short-form viral video competitor. The company now wants to ramp up Shorts awareness with a global ad campaign “introducing the shorter side of YouTube.” 

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Our favorite video streaming service recently gained a neat new ability to scrub to a particular video point with a new drag gesture, but YouTube for Android now lets you skip video chapters with a two-finger double-tap.

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YouTube Stories August 6

Skipping to the most interesting portion of your favorite YouTube content could end up being a lot easier in the future with the Android version of the video-sharing app gaining a new drag and hold gesture for quickly scrubbing through a video.

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YouTube Stories August 2

Many complaints about the cost of a YouTube Premium subscription could soon be addressed with a new “YouTube Premium Lite” subscription tier that will provide ad-free video viewing at a new lower price.

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YouTube Stories July 23

When Stadia was first announced, Google (and many others) talked about the potential crossover with its video service. One of those YouTube integrations is now opening up more widely with the ability to sign-up for a beta of Stadia Crowd Play.

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YouTube Stories July 21

For most, the YouTube “Home” feed/page is very good at recommending videos that you’d enjoy watching. It can, however, get repetitive and YouTube wants to tackle that with “New to you.”

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Since March of this year, we’ve been tracking a brand new Cast experience for YouTube on regular, non-Google TV-powered Chromecast dongles. It looks like the YouTube app on Android TV with better remote control options and is now rolling out to more users.

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YouTube is adding another way to tip your favorite creators and channels with a feature called “Super Thanks.”

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YouTube Stories July 19

At the start of this year, Google said it was partnering with institutions to use YouTube’s scale to widely surface trusted health videos. This is now manifesting as an “accredited hospitals” label on authoritative YouTube videos.

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YouTube Stories July 15

YouTube looks to be taking game-streaming platform Twitch head-on with the addition of subscriber-only chat, viewer polls for all channels, while the Clips feature is arriving for channels with over 1,000 subscribers.

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YouTube Stories July 13

Short-form videos have exploded in popularity lately, thanks to the rise of TikTok, and many other platforms are trying to get in on the trend. After testing the feature in select countries, Google is now launching YouTube Shorts globally.

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YouTube Stories July 7

YouTube, which calls itself a “Google company,” has its own branding and design direction that’s independent from the broader organization. YouTube Studio is now getting a new icon that shares some similarity to YouTube Music.

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YouTube Stories July 1

The YouTube video layout on the web has remained relatively the same in recent years, but Google is now testing a web redesign of the description section that is more compact and puts greater emphasis on comments.

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YouTube Stories June 30

YouTube for Android gains ability to directly share video chapters

Sharing content on the YouTube app for Android is set to improve with the abilty to direct share video chapters.

YouTube Stories June 29

After announcing a handful of new education features just last week, Google is updating the privacy and security defaults for students using Chrome, as well as accounts and other apps, managed by schools. 

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YouTube Stories June 28

YouTube has partnered with Hollywood Park in a multiyear agreement that will see a purpose-built 6,000 seat venue named YouTube Theater.

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YouTube Stories June 23

Breaking the YouTube terms of service or violating any of the site’s policies can be a frustrating experience. However, a new test will provide time stamps in YouTube policy violation emails where any violation is believed to exist.

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Similar to a Google Drive change for file-sharing links, YouTube is making it so that Unlisted videos uploaded before 2017 will be made Private next month.

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YouTube Stories June 21

The Google-created International Small Business Week is now in its second year, and various teams from across the company are launching new features to celebrate. This includes a Pixel-specific Google Pay promo when shopping at small businesses, faster YouTube ad campaign creation, and three free months of Pointy from Google.

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YouTube Stories June 18

With iOS 14 last year, Apple introduced Picture-in-Picture to let you watch video in a floating window while using other tasks. The YouTube app is finally adding support for PiP on iPhone and iPad. 

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YouTube Stories June 10

Google’s efforts with Android TV OS seem to finally be in gear with new hardware, Google TV, and more. As the platform expands, the YouTube app for Android TV has just passed 100 million installs.

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YouTube Stories June 7

YouTube for Android TV adds playback speed controls in latest update

YouTube for TVs generally lags behind a bit when it comes to new features, but progress is always being made. In the latest quiet update, Google appears to have widely rolled out support for playback speed controls on YouTube for Android TV.

YouTube Stories June 4

YouTube tests video appeals for creators who have had ads banned, Partner Program rejected [U]

In an effort to make it easy for creators to tell their side of the story, YouTube is making it possible for a video to be submitted with an appeal on ad bans, at least for some creators.

YouTube Stories June 2

Last month, YouTube TV became available in the main YouTube app as a workaround for the Roku dispute. That integrated YouTube TV experience is now coming to newer Vizio SmartCast televisions.

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In an update today, YouTube revealed that it paid $4 billion to the music industry over the last 12 months, while Premium and Music Premium subscriptions saw notable growth at the start of this year. 

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YouTube Stories May 28

YouTube on Android and iOS is now more widely rolling out the expanded video description UI that includes more prominent Likes and View counters alongside accurate upload date information within video overflow menus.

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YouTube Stories May 24

The experience of Casting YouTube to a Chromecast-connected TV has remained mostly unchanged for the past several years. Google now looks to be making a pseudo-YouTube app for Chromecast that takes after the Android TV version.

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YouTube Stories May 21

Google appears to be rolling out an A/B test to some Android TV users that updates the YouTube app with a new video player that can access the video description, adds new channel shortcuts, and more.

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YouTube Stories May 18

On the night of Google I/O 2021, a playback error is affecting many on YouTube with videos ceasing to play at random.

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YouTube Stories May 17

Microsoft Edge update addresses crashing issues when streaming videos from YouTube

While it’s far from taking the crown from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge has exploded in popularity since switching to a Chromium base. This week, an update for Microsoft Edge is addressing an issue with one of the world’s most popular websites, YouTube.

YouTube Stories May 11

YouTube Shorts are aggressively being pushed to compete with TikTok. To drive content creation, Google is setting up a YouTube Shorts Fund to pay those that create the best short-form videos every month.

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YouTube Stories May 10

This week, a feud between Google and Roku boiled over to the point where the YouTube TV app was removed from the Roku platform. This story is still developing, but as it stands today, we’ve heard stories from both sides, so let’s try to summarize everything that’s happened so far.

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YouTube Stories May 8

YouTube to internationally livestream Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is kicking off the final three episodes of this season with Elon Musk hosting and Miley Cyrus performing. For the first time, SNL will be available as a livestream on YouTube for international audiences wanting to see Elon Musk.

YouTube Stories May 7

A week after Roku removed the YouTube TV app for new users, Google is countering by bringing the cord-cutting service to the main YouTube client. 

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YouTube Stories May 6

When listening to songs in the YouTube mobile client, Google will occasionally prompt users to open the YouTube Music app for a better experience. The main YouTube app is now testing a dedicated “Listening controls” experience for music.

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YouTube Stories May 4

YouTube this morning hosted its 2021 Brandcast Delivered for advertisers. It’s an annual opportunity for the Google company to share its upcoming Originals content lineup and new ad offerings in a star-studded manner.

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YouTube Stories April 30

The latest YouTube experiment looks to be trialling time-linked comments that will appear at the exact time you’re watching a video.

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