YouTube Stories January 16

People can be pretty crazy on the internet, and there’s no place to see that more clearly than viral challenges. Following last year’s Tide Pod fiasco and now the current “Bird Box Challenge,” YouTube has announced that it is banning challenges and pranks which are inherently dangerous or life-threatening.

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YouTube Stories January 15

Last year, YouTube began rolling out its Stories vertical video format to more creators. The Google company is now surfacing YouTube Stories in the Home feed and even recommending accounts that users don’t follow.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

YouTube Stories January 14

As more YouTube viewers hit mobile devices, the platform is testing new features to improve the experience on smartphones and tablets. This week, YouTube is launching a new set of swipe gestures for its mobile app to better navigate video history.

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YouTube Stories January 10

In its latest update, YouTube has just revealed plans to ditch one of its built-in sharing features. Starting later this month, the built-in sharing options for Twitter and other social networks will be removed from YouTube.

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YouTube Stories January 8

[Update: Fixed] YouTube currently down for some users around the world

Online outages happen occasionally, but in the case of massive services owned by Google, the impact is felt by many users around the world. YouTube is having some trouble this afternoon, though it’s not widespread.

YouTube Stories January 5

Search fields in many mobile Google apps feature the ability to lookup queries by voice. On Android, a standard voice input UI is leveraged across most applications, but some choose to customize the interface. YouTube for Android is now rolling out an updated voice search that’s both better themed and more powerful.

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