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Announced on April 1, 2004 with an unprecedented 1GB of user storage, many assumed that Gmail was just one of Google’s April Fools’ pranks. For comparison, competing services only had 2 to 4MB for users to store email messages and attachments. Currently, Gmail storage is combined with that of other Google products with 15GB available for free.

Gmail was released in beta with an invite system and was not open to the general public until February 2007. In July of 2009, it finally dropped its beta status. As of February 2016, Gmail is the most widely used web email provider with 1 billion active users worldwide.

Besides email, Gmail has a number of features, including integration with Google Drive for sending large attachments and choosing images from Google Photos. Users can fully search their email with advanced spam filtering and labels to manage messages. Google also scans emails to show context-related advertisements.

Since launch, the email service has gone through a number of redesigns. Apps are available for Android, iOS, and the mobile web.

Gmail Stories September 28

Can you unsend an email in the Gmail app? How to stop a mistaken email in its tracks

There’s nothing worse than sending an email too early or without double-checking it. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent that in Gmail with the “undo send” feature. This guide will take you through unsending an email in Gmail on the web and in the app.

Gmail Stories September 19

Google wants to better optimize first-party Android widgets for tablets, but in the meantime an update to the Gmail widget has made everything smaller.

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Gmail Stories September 12

With iOS 16 launching for the iPhone today, Google is detailing upcoming Lock Screen widgets across six major apps set to arrive over the coming weeks.

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Gmail Stories September 7

Soon after Gmail received a Material You redesign on Android last year, the bottom bar was shrunk, and Google is now taking things a step further by removing the descriptive labels.

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Gmail Stories August 24

Gmail web search will now surface Spaces from your Google Workspace

Google’s push to make Spaces a better Slack or Microsoft Teams competitor continues by making them discoverable in Gmail search on the web.

Gmail Stories August 11

Back in June, it emerged that Google wanted to exempt political campaign emails in the United States from Gmail’s spam filter. This spurred a lot of backlash, but the company is proceeding with the pilot program after receiving approval today from the Federal Election Commission (FEC). 

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Gmail Stories August 2

Gmail’s new Material You redesign: How to revert to the original view

Last week, Gmail’s web version started rolling out a brand-new Material You redesign that takes a lot of cues from Android 12 as we know it. Depending on your theme, Gmail will take on a unique look in your browser. But what if you’re not in love with the new look? That’s no problem; there’s an easy way to revert back to the original view in Gmail.

Google is now more widely rolling out Gmail’s Material You redesign – first announced last month – on the web while also teasing that a tablet revamp is coming later this year.

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Gmail Stories July 29

A bug that started overnight (PT) sees “Google For Education iOS users with an under-18 age settings” (i.e., K-12 and equivalent students) unable to access Gmail or Google Drive though the iOS apps.

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Gmail Stories July 28

Google is bringing Gmail’s email template layouts and multi-send capabilities to more Workspace users, just as they did with appointment scheduling in Calendar earlier this year.

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Gmail Stories July 18

Gmail getting better search suggestions due to updated ML models

Recent advancements to finding messages in Gmail have focused on chips, filters, and operators. Gmail search is soon getting “more accurate and circumstantial search suggestions.”

Gmail Stories July 8

In addition to the big Material You redesign, Gmail on the web is rolling out a sizable update to the Compose window that aims to let you send “more efficiently and confidently.”

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Gmail Stories July 7

Google is aware of an issue that sees Gmail frequently ask if you want to “continue receiving messages from this sender.” 

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Gmail Stories July 2

Google announced Material You for Gmail on the web this Thursday and it’s now starting to roll out. One notable addition that the company didn’t announce was the use of Google Sans.

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Gmail Stories June 28

Google announced today that Material You is coming to Gmail on the web in a redesign that also addresses complaints about the integrated view overhaul from earlier this year by introducing a “Gmail-only” view.

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On the web, Gmail has long noted how much storage you’re using at the bottom of the page. A “Storage used” indicator is now on Gmail for Android and iOS to save you from needing to open another app or website for space management.

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Gmail Stories June 27

Today’s election campaigns will use every possible form of communication to reach voters and raise funds. Following complaints about Gmail’s filtering, Google is proposing a plan to keep political “campaign emails from ending up in spam folders.”

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Gmail Stories June 1

How to easily unsubscribe from marketing emails right in Gmail

We’ve all been there. Emails are stacking up, and none of them seem important in the least. Fortunately, there’s a feature in Gmail that allows you to unsubscribe from emails with a couple of taps or clicks. This guide will take you through it.

Gmail Stories May 26

Back in September, Gmail introduced a useful way to further refine search results on Android, and those filters now appear when viewing labels.

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How to disable Nudges in Google apps like Gmail and Google Messages

Apps like Google Messages and Gmail have come a long way in terms of development over the past few years. A side effect of this development results in a plethora of features you might not even want to be enabled. One of those is Nudges on Gmail and Google Messages. So what are Nudges and how do you disable them on your Google apps? This quick guide will take you through it.

Gmail Stories May 19

Gmail alt-text
Adding alt-text to Gmail image attachments

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google is previewing new features across several products covering Android and Workspace, including alt-text in Gmail.

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Gmail Stories April 17

Branding is always remarkably revealing. When you open Gmail, the splash screen shows that it’s part of “Google Workspace.” That brand was introduced in 2020 and compared to G Suite makes very clear that Gmail, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Keep, and Voice help you be productive. People obviously utilize Gmail for work, but many more are using it in their personal lives, and that use case, as of late, has been somewhat ignored by Google. One way to address that lack of new innovation can be found in Gmail’s past: Inbox.

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Gmail Stories April 15

As previewed last month, Google Chat on iOS will let you set which contacts can reach you in Focus mode. This applies to the dedicated Chat app and the integrated experience available in Gmail.

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Gmail Stories April 6

For a lot of Android users, Gmail is the go-to email application. This isn’t only because it almost always comes preinstalled on devices, but it works well. One feature that works particularly well is swipe actions. So what are they and how can you use them? This guide digs into that.

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Gmail Stories March 25

Google is currently in the process of rolling out some major updates to Gmail’s web client on desktop devices, and it seems another feature is coming. We’ve observed Gmail offering an option to pause notifications on your smartphone if you’re actively using the desktop client.

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Gmail Stories March 20

As classic Hangouts is set to go away for Workspace customers, Google continues to update Chat and Spaces with more capabilities. A small tweak sees Gmail for Android introduce new status bar icons that help differentiate notifications from Google Chat and Spaces.

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Gmail Stories March 15

As previewed in February, Google Docs on the web is getting a rather nifty template for drafting emails that features Gmail integration. This is part of Google’s @-menu and Smart Canvas push.

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Gmail Stories March 10

Following Gmail at the start of this year, Google Drive is the latest iOS app to get new work-focused widgets, while there are also updates for Translate and Chat on iOS in the coming weeks.

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Gmail Stories March 2

At the start of last week, Google began rolling out the “new view” redesign of Gmail on the web. It has now hit our accounts, and here’s a look at how it works, as well as other details we’ve found while using it this afternoon.

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Gmail Stories February 14

At the end of last month, Google officially detailed the “new integrated view” for Gmail on the web. This redesign is now rolling out for the first Gmail users, including those with personal Google Accounts.

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Gmail Stories February 10

Google+ shut down in April of 2020 as a social network for consumers, but the product was kept around for businesses that wanted an internal tool to communicate with employees in a post/stream-like manner. Citing low usage, Google is shutting down Currents and replacing it with Spaces in the new integrated Gmail/Chat.

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Gmail Stories February 1

Gmail features you might not know existed

On the surface, Gmail seems like a basic email platform for simple sending and receiving. Under the hood, there are tons of functions you can make use of – schedule send, label organization, theme changes, and even Google’s Gmail chat. Read along to find out how each of these useful features works.

Gmail Stories January 31

After teasing last year, Google today finally detailed how the “new Gmail view” redesign is rolling out on the web over the coming weeks and months. 

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Gmail Stories January 11

Google is rolling out a trio of productivity updates to its iPhone and iPad productivity apps. Notably, Gmail will get a homescreen widget, while iOS Picture-in-Picture is now available for Google Meet.

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Gmail Stories January 10

Gmail for Android has hit a pretty huge milestone after surpassing the 10 billion download milestone on the Google Play Store.

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Gmail Stories December 9, 2021

Android 12 has been riddled with annoying little quirks and bugs, some of which came from the update’s radically different design on Pixel phones. This week, one of those bugs is finally being fixed, as Gmail is rolling out an update to fix the “undo” button on Android 12.

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Gmail Stories December 6, 2021

Back in September, Google previewed how Chat will let you make one-on-one Meet calls without having to use URLs. Similar to classic Hangouts, this feature is now rolling out in the version of Google Chat inside Gmail.

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Gmail Stories December 2, 2021

On Monday, Google made Workspace available “for everyone” with free, personal accounts able to turn on the integrated Gmail experience with Chat and Rooms — soon to be called Spaces. Alongside that, Google Workspace branding now appears on the Gmail web client.

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Gmail Stories November 22, 2021

As teased with the launch of Android 12 last month, Gmail is rolling out a new Material You widget that’s quite powerful. 

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Gmail Stories November 19, 2021

Every app open on Android 12 is accompanied by a launch animation to make “startup a more consistent and delightful experience.” One aspect of this is an animated icon on the splash screen, with Drive being the first Google app to support this on Android 12.

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Gmail Stories November 4, 2021

How to create custom Gmail profile pictures with Google Illustrations

Having a Google Account means customizing it to your heart’s content. That truly becomes the case when choosing a profile picture, since that picture is the face of your account and the thing that everyone sees. Google Illustrations is a tool integrated into Gmail for Android that lets you create custom profile pictures and really spice up your account.

Gmail Stories October 29, 2021

Google bringing back Gmail’s old Compose button on the web

Earlier this year, the unified Gmail web client replaced the Material Theme “Compose” button. Google is now reverting that decision following user feedback. 

Gmail Stories October 20, 2021

The integrated Gmail web experience that combines Chat, Spaces, and Meet is due for a navigation redesign. Until then, Google is rolling out a slew of updates to the compose UI on the web client.

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Gmail Stories October 4, 2021

The Gmail side panel today provides quick access to Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. Google is now bringing Contacts to the sidebar for Workspace and personal customers using Gmail. 

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Gmail Stories September 27, 2021

On Chromebooks, you can access most Google services with either the website or the Android app. Google today updated Gmail for Android on Chrome OS with the latest Material You redesign, but more importantly the latest app icon.

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Besides appearing in the top-right corner of every Google app, your avatar is most prominently used for Gmail. A new “Google Illustrations” tool lets you find and build a custom profile picture.

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Gmail Stories September 20, 2021

Last week, Google’s new design language started widely rolling out to Gmail for Android in some countries. As part of that launch, Google notably shrunk down the Material You bottom bar in Gmail.

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The most full-featured Gmail experience is still found on the web, but the mobile apps continue to pick up more and more capabilities. Gmail for Android is now gaining “improved search” through a set of filters. 

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