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June 2011 - September 2019

Announced on April 1, 2004 with an unprecedented 1GB of user storage, many assumed that Gmail was just one of Google’s April Fools’ pranks. For comparison, competing services only had 2 to 4MB for users to store email messages and attachments. Currently, Gmail storage is combined with that of other Google products with 15GB available for free.

Gmail was released in beta with an invite system and was not open to the general public until February 2007. In July of 2009, it finally dropped its beta status. As of February 2016, Gmail is the most widely used web email provider with 1 billion active users worldwide.

Besides email, Gmail has a number of features, including integration with Google Drive for sending large attachments and choosing images from Google Photos. Users can fully search their email with advanced spam filtering and labels to manage messages. Google also scans emails to show context-related advertisements.

Since launch, the email service has gone through a number of redesigns. Apps are available for Android, iOS, and the mobile web.

Gmail Stories September 10

Following Android 10’s public launch last week, many users have been waiting for all of Google’s apps to offer darker looks. After a brief tease on, a dark theme is now rolling out to Gmail for Android today via a sever-side update.

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Gmail Stories September 3

Dark mode is Android 10’s most popular feature, and on Google’s official site for the platform, we’re getting a first look at some big dark mode makeovers. Here’s a peek at the Gmail for Android dark mode update, and the same new paint job for Google Assistant and Google Maps.

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Gmail Stories August 29

With its Material Theme update last year, Gmail for iOS added a very convenient gesture for switching accounts. After appearing on other Android apps over the past month, swipe-to-switch is now available in Gmail for Android.

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At Cloud Next 2019 in April, Google announced a slew of upcoming Gmail and Hangouts Chats features to help boost productivity. “Out of office” Calendar integration will begin rolling out to those two apps in the coming weeks.

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Gmail Stories August 27

Over the past few weeks, spammers have been desperately trying to inform us that our “iPhone X Max is here” by using a trick that adds events to your Google Calendar without your direct permission. Here’s how you can stop events from Gmail spam from appearing in your Google Calendar on Android and the web.

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Gmail Stories August 20

At the moment, Gmail’s built-in spell check functionality has to be enabled manually and brings users into an editing mode. Google is now rolling out real-time spelling detection that can make automatic corrections, as well as grammar suggestions.

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