Video May 12

Ahead of I/O we caught wind that there was a revamp of Google News incoming, and on stage at the event, the company officially revealed one of the biggest redesigns of the service we’ve seen in its 15-year history. Not only does it deliver a ton of new functionality, but it’s also an excellent example of the company’s new “Material Theme.” Let’s take a closer look…

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Video May 10

After a developer preview earlier this year gave us a peek, Google officially gave us the first look at what it has planned for Android’s next release at I/O 2018. We’ve spent the past day digging through the release to find out what’s new, and we’ve discovered quite a few new things. So, let’s take a closer look.

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Ready to try the Pixelbook?

Video March 20

Samsung’s yearly “S” flagship is the biggest phone of the year in the Android world. Last year, the company completely overhauled basically everything with the debut of the Galaxy S8. For 2018, however, we’re getting a very iterative update, to the point where it feels like the same phone all over again.

The easiest way to sum up the Galaxy S9 is that it takes the years of refinement we saw in the Galaxy S8, and fixes all of its problems. That said, is it worth paying the price for a flagship that isn’t all that different from the one before? Let’s take a closer look.

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Video March 9

Android P is full of lots and lots of small tweaks and redesigns that we’ve covered in-depth this week, but as the week closes out, let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest changes…

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Video March 2

Google Home and various Assistant speakers are incredibly handy devices, and they offer a lot of incredibly cool features. Everyone has a favorite, so this week, I sat down with the rest of the team at 9to5Google to find out what their favorite features are…

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Video February 20

We all get a ton of notifications every day, and a vast majority of them come from messaging apps. In the past year or so, Google has made strides in making it easier to reply to emails with “Smart Replies,” and made that same tech available to the likes of Android Messages. Now, after being announced a couple of weeks ago, “Reply” is bringing that same functionality to your notifications.

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