YouTube TV Stories September 14

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YouTube TV now available in eight more cities, nears 50 markets across the U.S.

Late last month, YouTube TV launched in 12 more markets around the United States. That brought the $35 per month cord cutting service to 41 cites, a fast ramp up since its late February launch. Today, the cable competitor is launching in eight more cities.

YouTube TV Stories August 31

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Exactly two weeks ago, YouTube TV was expanded to 14 additional areas throughout the United States. This made the service available in 29 different markets throughout the US, and today, YouTube TV is being added to 12 more popular locations.

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YouTube TV Stories August 17

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In the age of the internet, the number of cable subscribers is at an all time low, while there’s a growing number of people choosing to watch content online using services like Netflix. Services that offer people live TV over the internet are also starting to grow in popularity as an alternative to huge cable bills.

How do you consume video on the web?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Last month saw YouTube TV expand to 10 more markets around the U.S. Today the $35 per month cord cutting service is launching in 14 more locations, with Google’s cable competitor now available for residents of 29 areas around the country.

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YouTube TV Stories July 25

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Nielsen’s TV ratings now include YouTube TV and Hulu’s live service

Most of us watch TV in one form or another, but many people have been cutting the cord and diving headfirst into streaming services. Recently, YouTube and Hulu have debuted their own plans for streaming live TV channels, and starting today, one of the biggest names in television is starting to track those services.

YouTube TV Stories July 20

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As announced last month, YouTube TV is now available in 10 more cities around the United States. For $35 per month, users can watch the Big Four networks, sports, and other premium channels on Android and iOS clients that feature an unlimited DVR for saving movies and TV shows.

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