YouTube TV Stories August 14

Verizon’s upcoming 5G broadband service will bundle YouTube TV

Next-generation 5G wireless technology will be notable for providing both mobile connectivity and residential broadband. Verizon is slated to deploy the latter service in 2018 and is partnering with YouTube TV to provide the first subscribers with content.

YouTube TV now available in 100 markets across the U.S.

Launched in early 2017, YouTube TV in the past year has added more channels and premium add-ons, while dealing with notable outages. Google today announced that its cord-cutting solution is now available in 100 cities across the country.

YouTube TV Stories July 23

They’re still a drop in the bucket compared to the still-dominating traditional satellite and cable TV players, but so-called “skinny bundle” TV services like YouTube TV are gaining in popularity. Despite its growth in terms of sheer subscriber numbers, however, The Information reports today that Google is still trying to figure out how to make money on the service.

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YouTube TV adds two new networks w/ CuriosityStream and AMC Premiere add-ons

Since its debut, YouTube TV has added a handful of new networks to its catalog. Today, the service is adding two new premium channels for subscribers.

YouTube TV Stories July 12

Following yesterday’s YouTube TV outage, subscribers will receive a week of free service

Yesterday, in the midst of one of the most anticipated World Cup games, YouTube TV went down for almost an hour. As an apology, YouTube TV is giving subscribers a free week of service.

YouTube TV Stories July 11

PSA: It’s not just you, YouTube TV is having some issues [Updated]

No, it’s not just deja vu, and it’s not just you. This is indeed the second time in the last month that YouTube TV has been down. If you’re trying to stream something, you’re not alone in your frustration.

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