YouTube TV Stories January 20

Google’s YouTube TV service added support for 4K streaming last year on some channels and some content, with sports being one of the first places to enjoy the increased quality. Now, NBA games are starting to become available on YouTube TV in 4K.

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YouTube TV Stories January 19

Although limited in availability and with a number of ongoing channel removal sagas, YouTube TV remains a great option for cord-cutters out there. To help you find your favorite content, a new toggle allows you to sort your YouTube TV channels by “Most Watched.”

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YouTube TV Stories January 18

In a partnership with Allen Media Group, Google’s YouTube TV streaming service is adding The Weather Channel later this year.

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YouTube TV Stories January 17

How to contact Google support and give product feedback

No Google app on Android or iOS is without bugs and issues. Fortunately, there’s a way you can contact support and leave feedback for Google app developers. Follow this guide to learn how.

YouTube TV Stories January 11

Roku adds ‘Live TV Zone’ on homescreen w/ YouTube TV integration

Seemingly sweeping the past year of feuding with Google under the rug, Roku is today adding a new “Live TV Zone” feature on the homescreen that includes integration with YouTube TV.

YouTube TV Stories December 31, 2021

YouTube TV losing a handful of sports and regional channels today

Earlier this month, Google’s cord-cutting service and Disney resolved their dispute. YouTube TV is now set to lose a handful of minor channels before the new year begins. 

YouTube TV Stories December 19, 2021

Disney channels are returning to YouTube TV after being unavailable for most of the weekend, following a new deal. 

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YouTube TV Stories December 17, 2021

YouTube TV has failed to reach a new contract with Disney and has lost ABC, ESPN, and several other channels. As a result, Google’s cord-cutting service temporarily costs $49.99 until the dispute is resolved.

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YouTube TV Stories December 13, 2021

YouTube TV just announced that Disney-owned channels, including ESPN and local ABC stations, might be dropped this week if a new contract is not signed.

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YouTube TV Stories December 8, 2021

Drama has been ongoing between Roku and Google nearly all of this year over the use of YouTube and YouTube TV on the biggest streaming platform in the United States. Today, Roku and Google have finally settled on a deal to keep the app available to Roku owners.

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YouTube TV Stories December 7, 2021

Some ‘loyal’ YouTube TV subscribers are getting a small discount on their next bill

Over the years, various YouTube TV promos have given out free hardware to subscribers. Google is now giving some customers a $10 credit/discount for being a “loyal friend of YouTube TV.” 

YouTube TV Stories November 23, 2021

YouTube TV offers $.99 per month/channel intro pricing on Showtime, Starz, & other add-ons

While not explicitly a Black Friday deal on the level of the Google Store or Fi, YouTube TV is offering a slew of add-on discounts at $.99 per month for the first two billing periods. 

YouTube TV has been in a weird spot on Roku for the past few months, with the app being removed from the store and only functional for current users. Now, we might be seeing some side effects of that as the latest Roku update seems to have broken YouTube TV, causing the service to freeze.

This article has been updated to reflect Roku’s response and more information.

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YouTube TV Stories November 12, 2021

YouTube TV adds three new channels from Hallmark w/ no add-on fees

Living up to its recent promise of not raising prices, YouTube TV is keeping its price steady while adding a few new channels. Live now, a few Hallmark channels have joined YouTube TV.

YouTube TV Stories November 8, 2021

Officially, watching Google’s cord-cutting service on the web requires Chrome or Firefox, while Chromium-based browsers — like Microsoft Edge — also work. In recent days, YouTube TV has rolled out support for Safari on macOS.

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YouTube TV Stories October 23, 2021

Roku vs. Google: Who’s to blame in a battle that only stands to hurt YouTube users? [U]

This week, a feud between Google and Roku boiled over to the point where the YouTube TV app was removed from the Roku platform. Months later, the situation continues to escalate to where Google and Roku still haven’t solved their differences and the standard YouTube app may leave the platform by the end of this year.

YouTube TV Stories October 18, 2021

Over the years, Google has aggressively sponsored the NBA, and that’s increasing for the league’s “75th anniversary season” kicking off tomorrow. The company is specifically using the NBA and basketball as an opportunity to raise Pixel 6 awareness. 

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YouTube TV Stories October 2, 2021

Google and NBCUniversal have signed a new contract and YouTube TV will retain all NBC channels with no change to the monthly subscription price.

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YouTube TV Stories September 30, 2021

YouTube TV and NBC agree to short extension, channels will remain past midnight

YouTube TV’s previous contract for NBC channels was set to expire at midnight Eastern time, but the two companies have agreed to a “short extension.”

YouTube TV Stories September 29, 2021

These channels are set to leave YouTube TV amid battle with NBC

NBC and YouTube TV are up in arms over their contract which is set to expire this September and, soon, it may see quite a few channels leave the popular service. Here’s a list of exactly which NBC channels will be removed from YouTube TV if the battle rages on.

YouTube TV Stories September 28, 2021

YouTube TV customers are once again feeling the effects of a contract dispute between the platform and its content partners. This time around, NBC may remove all of its channels from YouTube TV, but it seems one part of the dispute may have been that NBC tried to force Google to bundle Peacock in with YouTube TV subscriptions.

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YouTube TV Stories September 26, 2021

NBC today threatened to pull its channels from YouTube TV if a new contract is not signed. Google this evening issued its response, and said YouTube TV will see a $10 price drop if the NBCU channels disappear.

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NBC Universal tonight started warning subscribers that its channels may soon be removed from YouTube TV in the midst of a contract dispute with Google.

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YouTube TV Stories September 22, 2021

YouTube TV subscribers can get free access to HBO and Cinemax content this weekend

For a limited time, YouTube TV is offering up a free weekend where customers can get access to shows and movies from HBO and Cinemax for no additional charge.

YouTube TV Stories September 15, 2021

In its latest lineup update, YouTube TV is adding three new Spanish language channels in a partnership with Univision for no added cost.

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YouTube TV Stories September 9, 2021

YouTube TV adds over a half dozen channels to its ‘Sports Plus’ package

While YouTube TV’s sports offering has unfortunately shrunk in recent years, Google is working to improve it in other ways. Earlier this year, YouTube TV introduced a “Sports Plus” add-on, and now it’s adding several more channels to that lineup.

YouTube TV Stories August 6, 2021

Earlier this year, a public spat broke out between streaming giant Roku and Google, with the popular YouTube TV service hanging in the balance. YouTube TV has now become harder to access on Roku as a result, and according to an executive at the company, that’s not changing anytime soon.

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YouTube TV Stories August 3, 2021

The biggest product change to YouTube TV in recent months was the launch of a 4K Plus add-on. In a wide-ranging interview today, YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan talked about YouTube TV and how no price hike is coming soon.

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YouTube TV Stories July 15, 2021

YouTube TV details Tokyo 2020 watch experience, using Olympics to promote 4K add-on

As seen during the NBA Finals, Google aggressively uses sporting events to advertise its cord-cutting service. YouTube TV today detailed its Tokyo 2020 Olympics coverage and is using it as an opportunity to highlight the new 4K add-on.

YouTube TV Stories July 13, 2021

YouTube TV 5.1 audio is coming to Chromecast with Google TV later than other devices

At the end of last month, Google announced a 4K Plus add-on for its cord-cutting service. YouTube TV is also planning to add 5.1 Dolby surround sound for all members free of charge, but it won’t be coming to the Chromecast with Google TV until “later this year.”

YouTube TV Stories July 8, 2021

YouTube TV gets another trio of add-on channels that each add $4.99/month to your bill

In the latest way to increase your monthly bill, YouTube TV is adding just yet another collection of add-on channels to its ever-increasing library. Starting this week, you can add Docurama, Dove Channel, and CONtv to your YouTube TV account.

YouTube TV Stories July 1, 2021

Google is offering some YouTube TV subscribers a free TiVo Stream 4K or Chromecast with Google TV. It’s not clear how widespread this promotion is or if it’s related to the Roku dispute where the streaming service said it was looking for replacement devices to give to current members.

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YouTube TV Stories June 30, 2021

YouTube TV abruptly loses Newsy channel today, adds ‘Law & Crime’ channel

After announcing the rollout of surround sound and a new 4K streaming tier, YouTube TV is both losing and adding a new channel. Today, Newsy will leave YouTube TV pretty abruptly while subscribers will get access to a new “Law & Crime” channel.

YouTube TV Stories June 28, 2021

YouTube TV is adding 5.1 Dolby surround sound for all subscribers, free of charge

Alongside a new streaming tier added today, YouTube TV is debuting a new feature for its subscribers. Soon, YouTube TV will offer 5.1 Dolby surround sound on supported content.

As previewed earlier in February, Google today fully detailed the YouTube TV 4K Plus package. There are three big tentpoles for an additional $20 every month on top of the $65 base package.

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YouTube TV Stories June 25, 2021

TiVo Stream 4K Android TV update fixes YouTube TV freezing issues in time for Google freebie

Just a week after Google announced it would give the hardware away to some of its subscribers, the TiVo Stream 4K is picking up fixes for a rough YouTube TV issue that caused the app to crash at random.

YouTube TV Stories June 17, 2021

[Update: Back until Monday] YouTube TV gives subscribers free HBO Max and Cinemax preview

Ahead of Thanksgiving and the long weekend, YouTube TV is giving all subscribers a free preview of HBO Max and Cinemax. These are otherwise paid add-on channels over your monthly membership.

YouTube TV Stories June 7, 2021

For live TV streaming customers, one of the best parts of Google TV is its homescreen guide. However, that “Live” tab has, to date, only worked with YouTube TV. Now, Google TV is adding homescreen integration for Sling TV.

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YouTube TV Stories June 2, 2021

Last month, YouTube TV became available in the main YouTube app as a workaround for the Roku dispute. That integrated YouTube TV experience is now coming to newer Vizio SmartCast televisions.

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YouTube TV Stories May 21, 2021

YouTube TV loses LAFC soccer channel as jersey, streaming sponsorship ends

Back in 2018, YouTube TV became the official live television and video partner of LAFC in a deal that saw Google’s cord-cutting service becoming how you watch the Los Angeles soccer team. That initial three-year deal is over, and the channel is now going away. 

YouTube TV Stories May 18, 2021

On the night of Google I/O 2021, a playback error is affecting many on YouTube with videos ceasing to play at random.

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YouTube TV Stories May 13, 2021

YouTube TV reaches 10 million Play Store downloads

Despite some issues with Roku and the streaming platform, YouTube TV appears to be on the up as the standalone application has now hit 10 million Google Play Store downloads.

YouTube TV Stories May 7, 2021

A week after Roku removed the YouTube TV app for new users, Google is countering by bringing the cord-cutting service to the main YouTube client. 

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YouTube TV Stories May 5, 2021

[Update: Fixed] Some YouTube TV subscribers can’t sign in on Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV and YouTube TV benefits from particularly tight integration stateside, though subscribers of the cord-cutting service are seeing an issue today where they can’t sign in on the streaming dongle. 

YouTube TV Stories April 30, 2021

An ongoing feud between Google and Roku hit a new level this morning as YouTube TV left the platform, but now Google is speaking on its side of the story, and, well, it’s clear Roku isn’t as innocent as many thought.

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As heated negotiations continue, the inevitable has happened. Google’s YouTube TV app has just disappeared from the Roku platform amid the ongoing dispute.

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YouTube TV Stories April 26, 2021

YouTube TV is an excellent, though not cheap, option for cutting cable and instead streaming live TV, but it seems Roku users may soon lose access to the app as a negotiations battle goes on.

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YouTube TV Stories April 15, 2021

YouTube TV on the web now lets you control playback speed

In addition to now showing movie purchases from the Google Play Store, the YouTube TV website now offers playback speed controls. A staple of the main YouTube service, this small addition is not yet available on the Android or iOS apps.

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