YouTube TV Stories April 15

YouTube TV on the web now lets you control playback speed

In addition to now showing movie purchases from the Google Play Store, the YouTube TV website now offers playback speed controls. A staple of the main YouTube service, this small addition is not yet available on the Android or iOS apps.

YouTube TV Stories April 12

While it remains the best live TV streaming option today, YouTube TV’s price has been a point of controversy for the service. Now, though, Google is giving some new YouTube TV customers a temporary price cut, bringing the cost to $45.

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YouTube TV Stories April 1

YouTube TV will now surface and let you watch the movies you’ve purchased across all Google services in its interface. Besides access, you can also search and buy/rent from one entertainment app.

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YouTube TV Stories March 29

Google and T-Mobile today announced a big partnership that sees the carrier promote key services like RCS, Google One, and YouTube TV, as well as the Pixel line.

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YouTube TV Stories March 26

Every year since launch, YouTube TV has bumped up its monthly cost, with Google using the ever-expanding channel list as justification for the cost. But how many channels are we all actually watching?

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YouTube TV Stories March 25

Last week, we asked you what channels you actually watch on YouTube TV, as the service has ramped up in both cost and number of channels. Let’s take a look at what you told us.

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