YouTube TV Stories April 18

YouTube TV adds first digital-only networks to lineup w/ Cheddar’s news and finance channels

YouTube TV has seen a lot of expansion in the past few months, and today, it’s picking up something new – its first digital-only networks.

YouTube TV Stories April 5

You can now watch YouTube TV using Firefox

YouTube TV has been a pretty awesome product so far, but its expansion to new platforms has been relatively slow. Recently, Google finally loosened its browser restriction on the service, allowing Firefox users to get in on the fun.

YouTube TV Stories March 26

With frequent updates, market expansions, and channel additions, YouTube TV is on a roll since its launch last year. YouTube is heavily advertising the cord-cutting service with the latest coming in May through a sponsorship of this year’s NBA Finals.

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YouTube TV Stories March 8

YouTube TV adds MLB Network and NBA TV

YouTube TV recently expanded in a big way with lots of new channels, and a slightly higher price point. Now, the deal is being sweetened a little bit with the addition of two more channels — the MLB Network and NBA TV.

YouTube TV Stories February 13

Following the rollout of Apple TV, Roku, and other streaming device apps, YouTube TV this month is set to add a number of major channels and more markets. However, as a result, there will be an upcoming price increase for new subscribers next month.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

YouTube TV Stories February 1

YouTube TV finally available for latest Apple TV devices

Back in October, YouTube TV announced dedicated clients for smart televisions, gaming consoles, and other streaming devices. The Roku app was delayed until just this morning, with the Apple TV version now also available.

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