YouTube TV Stories July 8

Amazon Fire TV brings YouTube TV, Sling into its live TV discovery features

Millions of people are cutting off traditional cable in favor of streaming, and live TV offerings are an important piece of that puzzle. To bolster its live TV discovery features on Fire TV, Amazon has just announced new integrations with Google’s YouTube TV and Sling.

YouTube TV Stories July 1

Following YouTube TV price hike, Sling TV commits to ‘1-Year Price Guarantee’

Yesterday, Google announced that it would be increasing the price of YouTube TV from $50/month to $65/month. The increase didn’t sit well with most users, and now Sling TV is taking advantage by offering subscribers a “1-Year Price Guarantee.”

How to cancel your YouTube TV subscription

Does the latest YouTube TV price hike have you considering ditching the service? Follow along for how to cancel your YouTube TV subscription as well as pause it if you’d like to think things over.

YouTube TV Stories June 30

When YouTube TV first launched a few years ago, it felt like the answer I’d been waiting for. Most of the channels I need, unlimited DVR, and a decent interface? All for $35? What a steal! Now, three years later, YouTube TV has seen numerous price hikes that have nearly doubled that cost, all for the sake of some added channels. I’m done with it.

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Back in April of last year, YouTube TV raised its monthly fee to $49. The cord-cutting subscription will soon cost $64.99 for all, but Google is working on “new flexible models.”

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YouTube TV Stories June 24

Google sends Nest Hub discount codes to some YouTube TV subscribers

In recent weeks, Google has been sending out discount codes and even freebies to subscribers of its various services. This week, yet another promo is going out, this time delivering a hefty discount on a Nest Hub smart display to YouTube TV subscribers.

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