Google recently participated in an informational meeting for companies interested in bringing free WiFi access to New York City. Other companies interested in such a venture include IBM, Samsung and Cisco, however it’s well-documented that the search giant wants to make internet access less challenging for people who are struggling to get online.

Google currently offers free WiFi access around its headquarters in Mountain View, California and in New York’s Chelsea area near the company’s east coast offices. This new project would blanket NYC pay phones with WiFi access across all five of New York’s boroughs. The program stipulates that companies will be able to charge for phone services (except 911 and 311 calls), but internet access would be free. If accepted, this service will utilize over 7,300 of the city’s pay phones.

Keeping in mind that a bulk of Google’s revenue streams need customers to be online, the company definitely has a lot to gain by keeping a major market like New York City constantly connected to the web.

(via Bloomberg)

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