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how-to Stories November 22

How to take an ECG reading with your Pixel Watch

An ECG – electrocardiogram — reading can be a vital piece of data to have on hand. With it, you get a better look into your heart health, which is invaluable. This guide will take you through using your Pixel Watch to take an ECG reading.

how-to Stories November 21

How to switch back to taskbar widgets on the Android Auto redesign

Android Auto’s new beta comes with some new tricks up its sleeve, including a new taskbar redesign. Well, what if you don’t really want the new look? This guide will take you through switching back to having media control and Maps taskbar widgets on your Android Auto device.

how-to Stories November 9

Safety Check on Google Pixel can share your location in dangerous situations; here’s how to use it

Google’s safety suite on the Pixel series can legitimately be a lifesaver. One Pixel feature, “Safety Check,” keeps your friends and family updated on your whereabouts when you most need it. Here’s how it works.

How to obtain your Stadia refund and see how much you’ll get

Stadia is shutting down coming this January, and the cloud-gaming service is refunding almost every purchase you ever made. Here’s how to make sure you get your Stadia refund and see how much will be sent.

With all three cameras on the Pixel 7 Pro and two main sensors on the Pixel 7, you’re bound to get some stunning shots. What makes them even better is a healthy amount of editing, based on your style. This guide will take you through exporting your RAW photos from your Pixel and importing them to Adobe Lightroom, whether on PC, Mac, or mobile.

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how-to Stories November 8

How to take RAW pictures on your Google Pixel

It’s no secret that Pixel phones – especially the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro – take downright fantastic photos. Of course, it’s always nice to have RAW images so you have a little more freedom in your editing process. This guide will take you through enabling RAW file picture capture on your Google Pixel.

How to take a screenshot on your Fossil Wear OS 3 watch

Even on Wear OS, every watch out there has a different method of taking screenshots. With the Fossil Wear OS lineup, you need to use a proprietary app. This guide will take you through grabbing a screenshot on Fossil Wear OS devices.

how-to Stories November 7

Here’s how to check your ‘Active Zone Minutes’ on your Pixel Watch

As far as fitness trackers go, the Pixel Watch performs relatively well. With Fitbit’s integrated tracking, one way to keep up with activity is by recording “Active Zone Minutes.” This guide will take you through what those are and how you can keep an eye on them throughout your day.

how-to Stories November 4

Google Photos automatic Shared Albums: How to create and manage them for others

Sharing photos with others goes beyond sending them in messaging apps like Telegram. Google Photos Shared Albums do a great job of housing your favorite photos with friends and family – Google Photos can even add pictures of people automatically. Here’s how it works.

How to play your favorite Android games on PC with Google Play Games

It seems a little limiting to only play your favorite Android games on your phone or tablet. Recently, Google opened the way for users to play those Android games on their PC. This guide will take you through getting started so you can start downloading Android games on to your computer.

how-to Stories November 3

‘Quick phrases’ on your Pixel: How to turn them on and use them

Google’s Pixel lineup has the goal of making your life just a little bit easier. This is evident with the dozens of smart features that have made their way to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series. One favorite Pixel feature is called “quick phrases.” This guide will take you through exactly what they do.

how-to Stories November 2

Google Home is starting to undergo a big overhaul. One major change is the addition of “household” routines. So what are they, and how do they differ? This guide will take you through Google Home’s household routines and how you can start using them.

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Need to reset your Pixel Watch? Here’s how

No wearable is immune to bugs or issues, and while we haven’t come across any major ones on the Pixel Watch, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. This guide will take you through resetting your Pixel Watch in a quick and painless process.

how-to Stories November 1

How to take a screenshot on your Pixel Watch

Believe it or not, there are countless reasons to take a screenshot on your smartwatch. This guide will take you through the process of taking a screenshot on your Pixel Watch using your phone.

How to setup Google Home’s new device-triggered routines

Over the next few months, Google Home is getting a full makeover, complete with new tools, functions, and more. One of these new tools is device triggers for routines. Here’s how they work.

how-to Stories October 31

How to use Google Arts & Culture app’s new Halloween-themed Art Filters

Google’s Arts & Culture app has added a little something new to the Art Filter feature – a set of new paintings to disguise yourself as in the AR selfie mode.

How to turn on cough and snore detection on your Pixel 7

Cough and snore detection on Android is relatively new, brought to users with the launch of the Pixel 7 series. With that, you can easily see if you’re having breathing troubles during the night. Here’s how it works.

how-to Stories October 26

Here’s how you can save battery life on your Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch has proven that it can make it a full day just as long as you stretch the battery pretty thin. This guide will take you through ways to save battery on your Pixel Watch so you can get as much use out of it as possible.

how-to Stories October 25

Yes, you can use your Stadia Controller wired; here’s how

Stadia is soon to go for good, leaving thousands of controllers out there without proper use. Fortunately, there is a way to keep using your Stadia Controller wired, as it’s highly regarded as one of the best controllers out there.

Samsung rolls out One UI 5 ‘Maintenance Mode’ to keep your data safe during repair

Handing your phone off to be repaired can be a little anxiety-inducing, given that it contains your valuable info. Samsung has a new “Maintenance Mode” that keeps your data locked away so technicians can do their job without compromising your data.

how-to Stories October 19

How to use Bedtime mode on your Pixel Watch properly, and how it works

The Pixel Watch follows the same recipe as many smartwatches and fitness trackers before it. One of its main features is sleep tracking powered by Fitbit. With that, there’s a setting called Bedtime mode. Here’s what you need to know about Bedtime mode on the Pixel Watch.

how-to Stories October 18

Pixel 7 Pro’s Macro Focus works automatically – here’s how to get the most out of it

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant improvements on the Pixel 7 series is the camera, both in software and hardware. With that, a new Macro Focus mode has made its way to the Pixel 7 Pro, and it works rather flawlessly. Here’s how to get started.

how-to Stories October 17

Pixel Buds Pro EQ settings: Here’s how it works

We’ve been waiting for the Pixel Buds Pro to get an update allowing them to make use of custom equalizer presets, and now, that update is finally here. This guide will take you through the EQ settings on the Pixel Buds Pro as well as how to get the update to your earbuds.

how-to Stories October 14

How to install and use Google Home on your Pixel Watch or Galaxy Watch

Google’s Pixel Watch is meant to be one of the missing pieces to a complete ecosystem. Part of that ecosystem is Google Home, and the two work together quite nicely. Here’s how to access Google Home from your Pixel Watch or on any Wear OS 3 device, like the Galaxy Watch 5.

Emergency SOS on the Pixel Watch: How to enable and use it

Just about every smartwatch has some sort of SOS feature now, though that’s far from a bad thing. The Pixel Watch’s Emergency SOS mode is easy to set up and use in a pinch. Here’s how it works.

how-to Stories October 13

How to disable Fitbit step count reminders on the Pixel Watch

By default, the Fitbit app on the Pixel Watch will remind (see: nag) you to get up and walk around every hour, but thankfully, you can easily disable these step count reminders — here’s how!

how-to Stories October 6

This year, Google is slated to launch several new devices, including the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, and several new Nest products. Here’s where you can watch the 2022 Made by Google event live and catch every release.

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how-to Stories October 5

Pixel Buds Pro lost mode: How to find them when they go missing

We get it – Pixel Buds and earbuds in general are small and easy to lose. Fortunately, Google’s Pixel Buds Pro have a lost mode feature, allowing you to find them easier. Here’s how it works.

how-to Stories October 3

‘Extreme Battery Saver’ on the Pixel: How to turn it on when you really need it

Most devices have some sort of battery saver mode, while Google’s Pixel lineup comes with an “Extreme Battery Saver.” So what is it, and what makes it extreme? This guide will take you through it.

how-to Stories September 30

Google Messages: How to use emoji reactions with any recipient

In Google Messages, you can send reactions to received messages with a selection of emoji, no matter who texted you. This guide will quickly show you how to react to messages.

How to export & download your game saves from Google Stadia

With Google Stadia now set to come to a close next year, many gamers are left wondering what will happen to their years of progress across Stadia’s library of games. Thankfully, your saves are perfectly safe and can be easily moved to a PC! Here’s how you can export and download your game saves from your Stadia account to use on Steam or Epic Games on PC/Mac.

how-to Stories September 29

YouTube Music’s audio-only mode: How to stop music videos from playing

YouTube Music is a good combination of audio and video, with music straight from YouTube’s huge backlog of content. Sometimes, you might want to dive in with audio-only mode, which can dramatically reduce your data usage when listening. This guide will take you through the process.

how-to Stories September 28

Swipe volume controls on the Pixel Buds Pro: Your guide to using them

Just about every set of wireless earbuds has touch controls to change volume and playback. The Google Pixel Buds Pro are no different, with some of the better volume and playback controls on the market. This is a quick guide on using them properly.

Can you unsend an email in the Gmail app? How to stop a mistaken email in its tracks

There’s nothing worse than sending an email too early or without double-checking it. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent that in Gmail with the “undo send” feature. This guide will take you through unsending an email in Gmail on the web and in the app.

how-to Stories September 27

‘TalkBack’ on your Pixel: What it is and how to turn it on or off

As part of several accessibility features to make it easier for you to use your Google Pixel, Talkback is a way for you to get spoken descriptions of what’s going on with your screen. It’s pretty easy to turn on, if even by accident.

how-to Stories September 26

How to set custom ringtones on your Google Pixel

Stock Android makes it pretty easy to jump in and make your phone your own. One way is to set up a custom ringtone or song for your Google Pixel. This guide will take you through the simple yet fast process.

how-to Stories September 22

Google Messages ‘Swipe Actions’: What they are, and how to change them

Swipe actions have been around for almost as long as we can remember. In Gmail, they let you easily sort incoming mail with a quick swipe. In Google Messages, swipe actions act in pretty much the same way.

How to make Chrome’s Incognito even more secure with your fingerprint

To make your browsing even more secure, Chrome on Android has added a feature that lets you secure the mode behind a fingerprint. This guide will show you how to turn it on and off for Incognito mode in Google Chrome.

How to customize your news feed in Google News and Google Discover

On Android, there are a couple of ways of accessing Google News, and there are a few ways to customize your Google News and Google Discover feed. This guide will take you through how to block certain sources, tell Google what you’re interested in, and save the stories you really like.

how-to Stories September 19

Labels in Google Maps: How to save and organize your favorite places

Google Maps is one of the most useful tools for finding new places to visit, the best restaurants in town, or even some areas to avoid during high traffic. One way to make it easier for yourself is to create lists and place labels on your favorite spots in Google Maps. Here’s how.

how-to Stories September 16

Google Docs: How to adjust and change your margins or use Pageless mode

Google Docs is great for all different types of uses, though the default setup isn’t for everyone. This guide will quickly take you through changing the margins so you can adjust the Google Doc to your liking.

how-to Stories September 15

How to get Google Maps alerts when friends or family leave or arrive somewhere

Google Maps has a well-designed location tracking feature for friends and family to use to keep up with each other’s whereabouts. Now, Google has added a new fully customizable Maps tool to send alerts whenever a friend or family member leaves or arrives somewhere.

Android ‘Adaptive Battery’: What it is and how to turn it on

Batteries used to be cut and dry in our phones, doing all of the heavy lifting to power our devices. Now, our phone’s SoC plays a huge role in regulating power so that we can stretch battery life out to the max. This guide will dive a little deeper into how Android’s Adaptive Battery feature works as well as how you can make sure it’s turned on for your device.

how-to Stories September 14

How to reset your Galaxy Watch 5 or 5 Pro and why you might want to

No smartwatch is perfect, and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line has a track record of random bugs and issues. While fixable on the Galaxy Watch 5, most of these bugs require you to perform a factory reset on the watch, which is straightforward and not as inconvenient as it would be on a phone.

how-to Stories September 13

Waze’s new ‘Biz Jargon’ voice pokes fun at your commute to the office

Waze is back again with a new theme that includes new icons, phrases, and more. This week, “Biz Jargon” will be making its way to Waze users to bring office life to the road.

Galaxy Watch 5 SOS Mode: How to set it up, and why it doesn’t support 911

Most Android devices with an SOS feature call 911 or emergency services when activated, so does the Galaxy Watch 5 do the same thing? This guide will take you through how it works.

how-to Stories September 2

Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4 notifications: How to access them even easier

The Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4 – while surprisingly easy to handle – are not always the epitome of one-handed devices; both have tall screens that force some careful movement when trying to pull the Galaxy Fold or Flip’s notification shade down. This guide will take you through a feature that allows you to use a quick trick to pull down those notifications.

how-to Stories August 31

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s secret weapon: How to use the Route tracking feature

We’ve detailed the main differences between the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Watch 5 Pro before, though there is one feature we haven’t given much attention to. That feature is the Route tile, which allows you to set and follow specific routes for hiking, walking, and cycling. Honestly, Routes might even be the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s secret workout weapon. This guide will take you through creating a custom route and how to follow it on your trip.

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