OnePlus introduces new ‘On-Guard’ extended warranty program

In a blog post this morning, OnePlus announced what many concerned customers have been waiting to hear for some time: The company is making a renewed effort to provide better customer service and offering a new extended warranty. Customers will be able to purchase the new On-Guard extended warranty when they buy a OnePlus 2 and gain added coverage against accidental damage or liquid damage.

Initially, the On-Guard cover will be available in Europe and India only, but the company is working with a partner in the US and Canada and will announce a similar extended warranty program in North America soon. In Europe, customers can buy either 12 months or 24 months cover for €39.99 ($44 USD approx) or €64.99 ($72 USD approx) respectively.

We are proud to introduce a new warranty program in collaboration with multiple insurance leaders worldwide for the OnePlus 2: On-Guard by simplesurance for Europe and B2X OnePlus Service2 and Protect2 for India. We believe these ventures will help to create a more positive user experience for our fans. We’re not offering this to make money – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. This is an investment we are making to focus on improving our customer support until it is closer to perfect. These services will be available on November 2 , 2015, in the European Union and in other markets in the near future. Read on for more information.

On-Guard covers breakage, accidental damage, damage due to dropping, liquid damage and vandalism among other causes of damage. To buy, customers can either select it at checkout when buying a OnePlus smartphone or contact SimpleSurance (the cover provider) within 15 days of purchasing the phone. Sadly, if you already have a OnePlus One or OnePlus 2, you can’t buy it. Only new customers from today will be able to take advantage of OnePlus’ new extended warranty.