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Android Stories December 15

BlackBerry Priv is officially dead as monthly security updates cease

BlackBerry got a fair bit of attention earlier this year with the reveal of the BlackBerry Keyone, but its first Android device — the Priv — didn’t garner nearly as much praise or attention. Now, two years after its release, the Priv is officially dead.

Google and Levi’s Jacquard-enabled jacket only just became available for the average consumer at the end of September, but Google is now pushing out its first substantial app update. It adds a couple of interesting, albeit minor, new abilities to the capacitive-fabric-bearing garment.

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Google now lets you control if Assistant gives you directions for cars, public transit, or walking

Google Maps is easily one of the best ways to get directions, and a huge part of that is how flexible of a tool it is. Recently, Google has made it possible to adjust how Assistant gives you directions via Maps, no matter what your mode of transport is.

Google constantly changes up minor UI aspects of its various products, and often those changes aren’t received well by users. Currently, it appears that Google is testing a new change to the Pixel Launcher which adds text to the search bar, and it’s…bad.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Android Stories December 14

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