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Android is Google’s mobile operating system, launched in September 2008, although its history technically began with the release of the Android alpha in November 2007.

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Android Stories Yesterday

A recent report suggests that less than 10% of Americans are actually going out and spending over $1000 on a smartphone — be that Apple or any Android phone.

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It can always be a little unnerving to see a text message you don’t remember sending on your smartphone. Lately, some Android users have noticed that Google is sending a text message from their number without notification and wondering exactly what is going on.

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According to a new report, less than 10% of Americans are actually spending $1000 or more on a smartphone.

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Android Stories December 11

As Android has developed, its update process has become more and more of a hands-off experience, but there’s still one snag that prevents updates from being able to happen without your input. According to a new code change, this may soon be changing with a new Android feature called “Resume on Reboot.”

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At the core of every flagship Android phone, underneath the layers of brand-specific and device-specific extras, lies the same open-source foundation of Android, the Android Open Source Project. To help us all better understand that foundation, Google has made it possible to browse and search through Android Open Source Project code in a way that makes sense.

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Android Stories December 10

Google’s Pixel smartphones usually feel faster and smoother than a lot of other Android phones, but they’re not all that great at memory management. Whether that’s a hardware or software flaw, Google plans to improve memory management on Pixel with a coming update, and apparently, it will come to other Android phones in the future.

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