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Ahead of the August 23rd reveal we haven’t learned a ton about the Note 8’s design outside of a couple 3D renders and mockups. Recently, though, we’ve gotten our first real look at the phone thanks to BGR.

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SDS announces new Android 10.3-Inch Retrofit Touch Screen for BMWs

While not Android Auto, BMW drivers are getting a new third-party Android in-dash system by way of Safe Drive System’s new Advanced ANDRO 10.3-inch Retrofit Touch Screen officially announced today.

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The LG V20 was one of my favorites phones toward the end of 2016, but it surely wasn’t without its issues. It lacked popular features like water resistance and simply wasn’t available if you lived anywhere in Europe. Today, LG is fixing that with the debut of the LG Q8.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!


Android Samba Client adds support for SMBv2 and v3

Google released a new app called Android Samba Client on the Play Store earlier this month, allowing you to mount SMB file shares to the Downloads or Files app on your Android device. Now, that app has been updated to support SMBv2 and SMBv3 protocols, crucially expanding the app’s previous limitation of only SMBv1.

Google Duo adds call log integration in version 14

Duo hasn’t quite become the ubiquitous video calling solution Google might have hoped for, but it still has a decent user base thanks to a feature set closely resembling Apple’s FaceTime. Unlike FaceTime, however, there hasn’t been a way to keep record of who you’ve been talking to, until now.

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