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Reports earlier this year detailed how LG ordered a restart of its 2018 flagship plans as the company releases more revisions on existing devices. Today, we have new details and specs on an upcoming LG flagship device codenamed “Judy.”

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While Essential hasn’t sold a ton of units with its first device, the PH-1, it’s still trying to make itself known. The most recent attempt was adding some stunning new colors. Yesterday’s reveal of those new colors brought a higher price tag along with them, but now you can get one of them cheaper through Amazon.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

As much as the technology on our phones has changed over the years, the importance of 911 hasn’t. However, with the new tech, the service has only gotten better, but it still has some problems with smartphones. Specifically, with locations being sent to emergency services by carriers. Now, Google is working on a system that makes this process a bit easier…

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Google’s Pixel 2 smartphones have seen their fair share of issues since launch, however, qualities such as excellent battery life and super fast software updates have made for tons of satisfied users. But with a recent update,  some users are having some concern.

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Android Stories February 15

How to automatically disable autoplaying videos on Google Chrome

Have you ever been scrolling down a website and randomly had a video start playing in the background? On top of being annoying, these typically consume more data and battery. Thankfully, there are ways to automatically stop these videos from playing in Google Chrome. Here’s how…

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