We reported yesterday that Foursquare 5.0 made its way to the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. Today, the new version of the social check-in app is now available on Google Play for those who prefer Android. The new version of Foursquare features a more streamlined user-interface that gets rid of a lot of clutter that the app once featured. Furthermore, Foursquare on Android now features a revamped Explore tab, which allows you to search several categories like restaurants for new, exciting locations. It will also show you popular locations based on where you are currently located. There is even a new tab to check out what your friends are up to—among other things. Of course, the revamped app also features the traditional Foursquare check-in feature, which something we hope is never lost from the service. With this update, Foursquare could now be a great replacement to Yelp or Google Places.

Check out Foursquare version 2012.06.08 on Google Play.

(via Android Authority)

Thanks for the title correction, CliffWade!

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