After announcing yesterday that Google Glass hardware would be revised later this year and offered to current Glass Explorers interested in swapping to a newer unit, Google today gives us a look at the second generation Glass in the images above posted to Google+.

On top of introducing a new mono earbud instead of only the bone-vibrating speaker included in the first generation Glass, Google said the hardware revision will also make Glass compatible with new lines of sunglasses and prescription frames and Explorers will have their choice of colors when they swap sometime later this year.

Google hinted it will begin the first steps of the exchange program in November and will give users 60 days to make the swap. Explorers are still the only ones that can get their hands on the $1500 Google Glass, but Google recently started letting users invite up to three friends to join the program and will now ship Glass to those that join.

Those who purchased Glass before October 28, 2013 will be eligible for the upgrade. Google didn’t mention if there would be any fee associated with swapping to a newer unit, but it will notify those eligible automatically next month. 

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3 Responses to “Google shows off second gen Google Glass w/ mono earbud coming later this year”

  1. hmmm that earbud kills any futuristic look Glass might have