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The release of Google Stadia might not yet be concrete, but it still poses a wider question: how will multi-device streaming affect the growing ‘gaming phone’ market?

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The constant stream of WhatsApp beta updates has new features tried and tested long before they become available to the public. In the latest beta update, we’re seeing brands new animated stickers alongside Doodle UI emoji improvements.

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Google Sheets adds further enhanced tools for spreadsheet formatting

Google Docs continues to encroach upon Microsoft Excel territory with the addition of many stalwart Excel functions and features. Announced today, the update includes new tweaks to Google Sheets and enhanced formatting functions for images, charts, and Pivot tables.

Google’s Project Jacquard is still alive and well, controls entire TED talk presentation

Do you remember Project Jacquard? Well, the smart-jacket that Google made in collaboration with Levi’s has now returned, this time packing in the ability to connect to the cloud and control things from the cuff of your jacket.


Samsung Galaxy Buds update adds Bixby voice, enhanced touch controls

An update for the Samsung Galaxy Buds is adding the ability to control your wireless earbuds completely hands-free with Bixby alongside other gesture controls.

Android Pie now rolling out to US Moto G6 Play users

Motorola has officially announced the Android Pie update for its Moto G6 Play devices is now rolling out to US users.

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you could have received $2 in free Super Chat credit to help support YouTube content creators on their next live stream (via Android Police/@Sk1er_).

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April 17

OnePlus 3/3T gets first open beta for Android Pie, now available for download

The long-awaited Android Pie open community beta for OnePlus 3 and 3T is now available for owners to download and install.

With the Pixel 3a and 3a XL rumors now whipping us up into a frenzy, the upcoming mid-range device is set to offer much of the same experience as the excellent Pixel 3 and 3 XL, but without the associated price-tag.

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Eurostar adds support for Google Pay tickets for all journeys

The Eurostar has become the world’s first international train service to introduce Google Pay tickets, to help reduce the usage of paper alternatives.

The Google Play Store has very quietly rolled out a great new budgeting feature that allows users to set a budget for expenditure and better track your spending (via VentureBeat).

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April 16

The Huawei P30 Pro is a fantastic device that rightly deserves its camera plaudits. It is the gateway to a zoomed-in smartphone camera future that will no doubt force other OEMs to really think about what type of lens setups we see in upcoming devices. expand full story

According to a report by Counterpoint Research, Google is now the #3 premium smartphone OEM in the US as of the end of 2018. This marks the first time that the Pixel has broken the top 5 for premium smartphone sales in the United States. OnePlus also hit a significant landmark breaking into the top 5 globally.

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Latest OxygenOS Open Beta adds parking location feature, April patch for OnePlus 5, 5T, 6, 6T users

The latest OxygenOS Open Beta update for the OnePlus 5/5T, OnePlus 6/6T is now rolling out to those already enrolled on the beta program.

Huawei representative confirms no contact with Apple about 5G modems

In recent weeks there have been a ton of rumors flying around that Huawei could be a potential modem provider for Apple’s first generation of 5G smartphones. That has now officially been addressed at the Huawei Analyst Summit, where Huawei confirmed there has been zero contact with Apple regarding 5G modems.

As Google Fiber is set to pull out of Louisville due to “fundamental network issues”, the cost to Alphabet is set to be somewhere around $4 million.

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If rumors are to be believed, we could see the OnePlus 7 as soon as next month. That means we are in ripe leak territory, where any tidbit of information could be considered valuable. This new set of 5K renders of the supposed standard OnePlus 7 give us an indication of what we may see come the launch date.

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April 15

Ahead of rumors and sketchy supposed leaks of the OnePlus 7, company CEO Pete Lau has spoken about potential foldable OnePlus devices and heavily rumored smart-TVs at the European Design Institute in Milan, as reported by Italian outlet Repubblica.

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Cryptic invite sets Honor 20 global launch date for May 21

Honor, the affordable Huawei offshoot continues to grow in popularity, interest, and general device quality. That trend looks set to continue as the company has announced a May 21 launch date for its upcoming Honor 20 devices.

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser quietly adds Google to search providers, native Translator coming soon

Microsoft’s brand new Chromium-based Edge browser might finally gain some ground in the battle to remain relevant in the web search space. The problem is that Microsoft seems to be cherry-picking features to remove, much to the disappointment of users.

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