You are probably familiar with Beats by Dre headphones that HTC now packages with many of its smartphones after inking a $300 million deal with the company last year. Those devices are  apparently supposed to pack the Beats Audio unique sound profile—an audio equalizer that is arguably the secret sauce to the Beats Audio and Beats by Dre success. Thankfully, all Gingerbread Android users can soon take advantage with XDA forum member fuss132 porting the sound profile to work with all Gingerbread Roms. So how do you do it? The original forum post (via TechCrunch) contains everything you need. Moreover, fuss132 explained no application is needed, simply “download the attached .zip file, flash it through CWM.” The image above compares the same song before the Beats sound profile (left) and then after (right) on a Galaxy SLc. 

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