Bloomberg has some more tidbits on the Galaxy S4 which will be released at the Radio City Music Hall tomorrow:

The phone will sport a 5-inch screen, slightly larger than the one on last year’s S3, according to two people familiar with the product. The U.S. version will use Qualcomm Inc.’s quad-core chip, giving the phone more processing power to handle multiple tasks at the same time, they said. In other markets, it will rely on Samsung’s “octacore” eight-core chip, the people said.

The use of the Qualcomm chip in US versions of Samsung phones in the past over its own chips is usually because of the built-in LTE features of Qualcomm’s chips. But sure “more processing power” works as well.

Galaxy S4, which runs Google Inc.’s Android software, also will have a higher-density, 13-megapixel camera, up from 8 megapixels in the S3, according to the people. The upgrade would put the new Samsung phone well ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5. That device has a dual-core processor, a 4-inch screen and an 8- megapixel camera.

Interestingly, the Eye scrolling stuff we’ve heard about might not be ready for launch and might be enabled down the road.

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