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It’s 2020 and the headphone jack has basically died every death it could. After Apple quite literally pulled the plug from its iPhone 7, holdouts in the Android market have also been dropping support. Now, the only major “flagship” phone left with a headphone jack is the LG V60 ThinQ. Would you buy from LG to keep your headphone jack?

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For years now, one of Google Chrome’s most-loved Easter eggs has been the offline Dino game, something that’s even spawned real-life figures. As Microsoft builds out its Chromium-based Edge browser as a Chrome competitor, it’s also showing off a Surf game that looks like a lot more fun.

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iQOO 3 delivers Snapdragon 865 w/ disabled 5G, 55W charging, slick orange color

Ever heard of iQOO? The Vivo sub-brand doesn’t have much of a presence in the States, but it’s growing in India and today the brand is announcing its latest device with a notable “feature.” The iQOO 3 packs a Snapdragon 865 processor and it’s one of the first devices to disable the 5G modem.

Google Translate may not always give a perfect translation between different tongues, but it’s still a tool millions of people rely on daily. Today, Google is announcing that Translate is adding five new languages, it’s first expansion in the past few years.

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Gmail gets better at detecting malicious documents, over 50% come from Office docs

Lots of emails are sent with malicious intent, putting a heavy burden on Google’s Gmail to protect users. As it turns out, a lot of malicious attachments come from documents, but Gmail is getting better at detecting them.

Microsoft rolling out its new Chromium-based Edge via Windows 10 Insider update

Microsoft’s new Edge is based on Chromium and gives Google Chrome a run for its money in a few ways. Now Microsoft is starting to replace the old Edge with the new via Windows 10’s update system.

Despite its lack of an ultrawide lens, Google’s Pixel 4 has one of the best cameras on a smartphone today. It takes crisp shots thanks to help from Google’s machine learning. Recently, an amateur photographer put the Pixel 4 to the test by shooting some excellent engagement photos for a couple.

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Whether you work online or not, we all get a ton of emails daily. If you’re trying to achieve “Inbox Zero,” though, there’s currently a slight hurdle on Gmail’s Android app. A bug on Gmail for Android is removing the ability to empty the trash or spam folders.

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February 25

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 was announced last year, and so far, it’s only shown up in a few different smartphones including Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series. In the next month or two, though, a lot more Snapdragon 865 phones are on the way, and now, Qualcomm is teasing just how many.

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Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the Galaxy S20 Ultra is its huge 5,000 mAh battery. That number on its own should mean killer battery life, but it seems the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 120Hz display is going to put a pretty huge drain on that.

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[Update: 3-month Pro trial] Google Stadia will come pre-loaded on the next ASUS ROG Phone

Google Stadia started as a Pixel-exclusive on smartphones, but just this week it’s expanded to a bunch of other smartphones. After launching support for Stadia on the ROG Phone and ROG Phone II, ASUS has partnered with Google to pre-install Stadia on the next ROG Phone.

For a long time, Samsung was stuck on Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 for speedy charging, but that’s finally starting to change. With the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has been certified by USB-IF for fast charging over USB Power Delivery 3.0 up to 45W.

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In an effort to offer an alternative to traditional cable TV, Verizon has today launched its own set-top box. The Verizon Stream TV is launching today with Google’s Android TV and some free add-ons too.

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February 24

YouTube TV has become one of the top services for streaming traditional TV over the internet, and some ISPs have partnered with Google to push the service on their customers. Today, Windstream has announced a partnership with YouTube TV.

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While MWC was canceled this year, that’s not stopping Android manufacturers from announcing the latest and greatest. Today, Realme has launched its new Realme X50 Pro 5G and it packs quite a lot at an affordable price.

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Over the past few years, the smartphone industry has changed dramatically and lost some players. HTC is a shell of what it once was, but the company isn’t completely done with smartphones. In a recent interview, HTC confirmed it has plans to launch a 5G smartphone this year.

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Last week, millions of Samsung users around the globe received a strange “1” notification on their device that stemmed from the Find my Mobile app. Apparently there’s more to that story. A Samsung spokesperson has now confirmed that “Find my Mobile 1” notification was actually the result of a minor data breach.

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Android 11 is breaking apps that modify navigation bar, unclear if intentional

Android 11 is still months from its final version, but the first Developer Preview has shown us a lot of what Google has in store. One potential casualty of Android 11, though, might be the apps that let you tweak or customize the navigation bar.

Google and Microsoft have a bit of a complicated relationship. Sometimes, the two companies collaborate for the better. Other times, they use questionable tactics to try and steal users of each other’s products. In the latest example of the latter, Google is pushing users of Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser over to Chrome by using most of its online services.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ aren’t a huge change from the version they succeed, but one feature many were excited for was the ability to use them with multiple devices. Now, a bit after they’ve gone on sale, Samsung is clarifying how the multi-device feature works on Galaxy Buds+, and there’s a huge catch.

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