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Details about HTC’s plans for the smartphone game in 2018 have slowly been making their way out this month, and today we’re getting another report that gives us even more potential details…

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Samsung is investigating Galaxy S9 and S9+ touchscreen issues

The other day, reports starting hitting the web that Samsung’s latest Android flagships, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, are having some display issues. Now, Samsung has officially acknowledged the problem and is looking into it…

Crashing apps happen on all platforms, but on Android, they can be more common because of the numbers of variables developers have to work around. To get data on why an app is crashing, developers often collect crash reports once the user reopens an app. However, some developers are getting a warning from Google to change the way those reports are being collected…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Chrome OS adds support for Android’s inline notification replies

With the arrival of Android apps on more and more Chrome OS devices, Google has slowly been revamping the OS to improve its functionality with those apps. Now, Google has just massively improved notifications on Chrome OS with the arrival of inline replies.

TIDAL music is now available on Android Auto

Android Auto is a great way to control multimedia while in the car, but one downside is that not all services support it. This week, TIDAL is picking up compatibility with Google’s car platform.


Google’s Nexus Player Android TV has finally died with confirmation it won’t get Android P

It’s been almost two years since Google’s Nexus Player was discontinued, but the device has been kept alive as a trusty Android TV with the latest the platform has to offer. Today, however, the original Android TV set-top box officially dies…

Last year we saw a trend that absolutely no one was in favor of, higher smartphone prices than ever before. Right as mid-range devices started getting good enough to turn some people away from flagships, everyone decided reaching nearly a thousand dollars for a smartphone was completely acceptable.

However, there are still phones that can blow you away for far less money. That’s where the OnePlus 5T comes in. It packs nearly everything you’d expect from a flagship, but for half the price.t

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There are a lot of important elements to smartphones, but arguably one of the most crucial to day-to-day use is the screen. A poor screen can really take away from the experience, and that’s especially true when it’s the fault of the touchscreen. According to user reports, quite a few Samsung Galaxy S9 devices are having problems in this area, and it’s no fun…

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to pick up ARCore support ‘in the coming weeks’

ARCore saw a massive expansion this week with lots of new apps, but the list of supported devices is still fairly limited. In the not too distant future, though, it will be growing with the addition of Samsung’s latest flagship phones…

After debuting a lot of new features in its apps last year, it seems that YouTube is working on the next round. Just last week we discovered a new picture-in-picture mode coming to the platform, and now it seems YouTube is also working on a new “miniplayer.”

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March 21

‘YouTube Director onsite’ helps local businesses create professional video ads in 170 cities for free

It can be incredibly difficult for local businesses to create effective, professional video ads. Now, YouTube has a new service which aims to help those small businesses, and it’s just expanded to 170 cities.

Google My Business rolling out updated dashboard w/ new UI and improved navigation

Google’s My Business dashboard is a powerful tool for local business owners, as it gives them all the various tools they need to manage their online presence. Now, after announcing the change a while back, an updated version of that dashboard is rolling out.

We’re probably just a couple of months away from the debut of OnePlus’ next flagship, the OnePlus 6. There’s a lot to be excited about with the company’s next flagship, but the price might not be one of them. With incremental price increases on each flagship to date, OnePlus might be pushing further with a massive price tag on the OnePlus 6…

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Android Oreo now available for Galaxy S8 users on AT&T

Samsung kicked off its Android Oreo rollout for the Galaxy S8 earlier this year, but until last week it was available in the States. Now, AT&T users are getting in on the fun…

March 20

YouTube testing new full-width search bar UI on Android

Google is constantly working on changes to its YouTube app for Android, and ahead of a coming dark theme, the company seems to be working on a new search bar for the YouTube app.

Samsung’s yearly “S” flagship is the biggest phone of the year in the Android world. Last year, the company completely overhauled basically everything with the debut of the Galaxy S8. For 2018, however, we’re getting a very iterative update, to the point where it feels like the same phone all over again.

The easiest way to sum up the Galaxy S9 is that it takes the years of refinement we saw in the Galaxy S8, and fixes all of its problems. That said, is it worth paying the price for a flagship that isn’t all that different from the one before? Let’s take a closer look.

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Whenever it has new tech, Google generally comes up with some crazy experiments to go along with it. This week we’ve seen a ton of new development in ARCore, and that includes a fun new app directly from Google itself…

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eBay uses ARCore to help better package products you sell

Augmented reality has been used in a lot of unique ways, and now eBay is jumping on board with a brand new feature. Using Google’s ARCore on Android, the company is making it easier for users to better package the items they sell.

Augmented reality has a ton of uses, but one of the most common we’ve seen in the past has been testing out what furniture looks like in a home before actually throwing your money at it. This week, IKEA and Overstock have partnered with Google to use ARCore for this exact purpose on Android devices.

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HTC has been pretty quiet for the past several months in the smartphone space, but as we approach the debut of the upcoming HTC U12+, the company is launching two new mid-range options in the Desire family…

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