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[Update: Target] Here’s where Google Pixel Buds are in stock today

Google’s Pixel Buds were announced all the way back in October of 2019, but they just hit the market earlier this month. Quickly, the wireless earbuds disappeared from virtual store shelves at many retailers, but if you time it right you can still get your hands on a pair. Here’s where Google Pixel Buds are still in stock.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup is often regarded as the best smartwatch for Android users, and now it appears an updated model is coming. Rumors have been going around for a few months at this point, but now a new Samsung Galaxy Watch has passed through the FCC, even offering the first look at the hardware.

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May 29

Google’s Pixel Buds launched to overall glowing reviews, but in the time since an issue has cropped up. A growing number of Pixel Buds 2 users are reporting random audio cutouts, especially when they’re outdoors.

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Android TV’s YouTube app hits 50 million downloads, hinting at the platform’s popularity

One app you’ll find pre-installed on pretty much every Android TV device is YouTube. Now, that app has crossed the milestone of being downloaded 50 million times, giving us a rough idea of how popular the platform is.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the most popular Chromium-based browsers, and being based on the same foundation, they see development often shared between the two companies. This week, both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are picking up support for better spellcheck, thanks to a joint effort.

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Slack for Android has an annoying bug that ‘freezes’ channels, but a fix is coming

Slack just gave its mobile apps a huge redesign, but with the Android version of the app, there’s an annoying quirk. With its latest update for Slack on Android, the channels can often “freeze.” It’s pretty frustrating, but at least Slack is both aware of the issue and working on a fix.

The rollout of RCS has been slow, but as Sundar Pichai mentioned recently, it’s starting to gain momentum. This week, user reports reveal that Google is apparently rolling out RCS support to Google Messages users in India.

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Chrome’s recent v83 release delivers quite a few new features and tweaks, especially in the way of security. One small, handy tweak though is the arrival of a much easier way to delete URL suggestions.

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[Update: Available today] Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has an S Pen, Android 10 for $349

There have been rumors for several weeks now that Samsung has been preparing to introduce a new Android tablet with a lower cost of entry than its flagship Galaxy Tab S6. Today, those rumors have been made official as Samsung quietly posted the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite on its store in Indonesia.

OnePlus is no longer partnered w/ McLaren, won’t produce more phones [Updated]

OnePlus has been producing “McLaren Edition” smartphones for the past couple of years, but 2020 might see the end of that partnership. Spotted by some eagle-eyed Redditors, OnePlus has disappeared from the McLaren partner page.

May 28

Social distancing is an effective way to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, and now Google is offering a new tool that uses AR to help you enforce it.

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Viral tweet reminds us how much better voice typing is on Google Pixel vs. iPhone [Video]

Voice dictation is a really handy feature for getting out a message if you can’t type manually, but the usefulness of that feature relies heavily on how fast, and more importantly, how accurate it is. In a recent tweet that’s gone viral, we’re reminded just how much better voice typing is on a Pixel phone compared to Apple’s iPhone.

Quibi will add support for Google’s Chromecast in June

Quibi is a streaming service with a bunch of original content, but it’s designed to be consumed primarily on your smartphone while you’re “on the go.” In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and, in the reality where people actually want to watch TV shows on their TV, Quibi is giving in and implementing support for Google Chromecast soon.

Google Maps has a timeline feature built in that uses your location data to show you where you’ve been. Some find it handy, some find it creepy. Regardless of where you stand, though, Google Maps has been missing timeline data for some users, but there’s a fix coming.

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Progressive Web Apps are going to be an important part of the web going forward, and Google Chrome has been going all-in on the functionality. Now, with its latest updates, Google is working on a new Chrome setting that launches Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) at startup on your computer.

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A handy trick of Google Assistant is its ability to cast content from various video services to any nearby Chromecast device. For a while, HBO supported Google Assistant integration, but with the debut of HBO Max, that casting option has not only disappeared, but there’s no replacement yet.

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Cloud gaming hasn’t gotten off to the greatest start, but things are getting better slowly. Nvidia GeForce Now suffered many removals following the launch of its paid subscription, but now the company has gotten the message and will now ask developers to opt-in to the service before its games are made compatible.

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May 27

Google’s Pixel Buds are pretty great wireless earbuds as we’ve mentioned in our recent review. However, they’re not perfect for everyone. For some users, though, this style of earbud requires a pair of foam tips. The good news? Pixel Buds technically work with foam tips. The bad news? Let me explain.

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Following an announcement earlier this year, YouTube TV has today opened up access to HBO, Cinemax, and HBO Max through your current subscription.

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‘Samsung Money’ adds a physical debit card to Pay w/ account, more [Updated]

Samsung Pay is pretty sweet. Using a combination of NFC and MST you can pay with your phone at just about every store and, in turn, leave your wallet behind. Now, though, Samsung has announced that it’s adding a physical debit card to Samsung Pay in the form of “Samsung Money by SoFi.”

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