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How to use a Wear OS watch on your right wrist and invert the UI 180 degrees

Google’s Wear OS isn’t the most feature-packed platform, but it remains a good option for many who want a stylish smartwatch or just one that connects well to their Android phone. One thing Google never properly added support for, though, is inverting the UI so you can wear a Wear OS watch on your right-hand wrist. Here’s how to do that.

The cameras in our smartphones have gotten incredibly good, but most of them are designed to just press a button and capture without any manual controls. Alongside its physical lenses, Moment has been working on its Pro Camera app for over two years now, but the company has just announced it will be shutting down the app on Android.

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At this point, most people have moved beyond paper contact books and just keep all of their friends numbers and information in their phone instead. Google Contacts does a great job of saving that information and, now, Google is finally making it possible to backup contacts that were created locally.

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Google Home Mini is probably one of the company’s most successful pieces of hardware ever, and it’s inspired a lot of fun DIY projects and even some official products. Now, someone has put a Google Home Mini inside of a rotary phone, opening up the ability to literally hang up on Google Assistant.

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In 2020, a lot of Android manufacturers are showing off crazy concepts of what’s possible with display technology, with Samsung especially pushing foldable smartphones. Now, Xiaomi is further showing off its Mi Mix Alpha prototype in a video with YouTuber MKBHD.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series doesn’t officially go on sale in the US until next Friday, but the device is already hitting the market in Samsung’s home country of Korea. However, initial sales of the Galaxy S20 are described as “dismal,” with Samsung blaming factors outside of its control.

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February 27

After its acquisition of Fitbit last year and accompanying teasing from Google itself, many are hoping to see a revamp to Wear OS particularly in the realm of fitness/health tracking. Now, a survey from Google directly is giving us a glimpse into what sort of health tracking features Google may be working on for the platform.

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Shazam adds Apple Music integration to its Android app

Apple Music might not be the first thing you’d think of for Android users, but as the service grows in popularity many have been converting. Apple has also had a solid track record of updating its Android app with new features. Now, Shazam for Android is adding Apple Music integration.

Android tablets aren’t as popular as they once were as Apple’s iPad just continues to get better, but Samsung has etched out a series of fairly good tablets with its Galaxy Tab line. Now, Samsung is apparently preparing a lower-cost version of its “flagship” Galaxy Tab S6 with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

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Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker on the planet, but Apple’s tight reigns on the US market give the company a run for its money. Now, a report on last year’s numbers reveals that Apple absolutely dominated the US market while Samsung had the most successful Android phones of 2019.

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Xiaomi Black Shark 3 gaming phone teasers hint at magnetic charging, 65W speeds

Gaming phones have started popping up all over the place in the Android world and one of the most interesting has been Xiaomi’s Black Shark series. Now, ahead of its official announcement, Xiaomi is teasing the Black Shark 3 and it has some interesting points regarding power, including a magnetic charging system.

Earlier this week, Google Nest was hit with a massive outage that not only took out live video, but even recording history for several hours. Understandably, many Nest users were outraged at this, but now Google is giving out refunds to paying Nest Aware subscribers as an apology for the outage.

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Xiaomi apologizes over slowed Android updates due to coronavirus outbreak

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus — officially known as COVID-19 — is wreaking havoc on the tech industry, and now, Xiaomi is warning that the virus’ impact could slow down Android updates.

Security is an important part of our smartphones since they carry so much personal information, and as things advance, they’re only going to be carrying more. Today, Samsung is announcing a new “Secure Element” chip that’s a turnkey solution for securely storing this data, and it’s already being used on the Galaxy S20.

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Nvidia is pushing out an update to Shield TV that delivers bug fixes and support for the Xbox Elite Controller 2. Sound familiar? A similar update hit older Shield TV models last month, but now Shield Experience 8.1.1 is bringing those updates and a metric ton of bug fixes to 2019 models.

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Today, Spotify announced a few notable changes to its mobile app and they’re already rolling out for iOS users. Are you an Android user who wants this redesigned Spotify? Well, all they’ll tell us is that it’s “coming soon.”

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Last year’s Google Pixel 4 saw one of the heaviest leak seasons of any smartphone, partially due to a change in Google’s production that saw the device manufactured in part out of Vietnam instead of China. Now, a fresh report is confirming that both Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 will be produced in Vietnam, with the low-cost model starting production in April.

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February 26

It’s 2020 and the headphone jack has basically died every death it could. After Apple quite literally pulled the plug from its iPhone 7, holdouts in the Android market have also been dropping support. Now, the only major “flagship” phone left with a headphone jack is the LG V60 ThinQ. Would you buy from LG to keep your headphone jack?

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For years now, one of Google Chrome’s most-loved Easter eggs has been the offline Dino game, something that’s even spawned real-life figures. As Microsoft builds out its Chromium-based Edge browser as a Chrome competitor, it’s also showing off a Surf game that looks like a lot more fun.

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iQOO 3 delivers Snapdragon 865 w/ disabled 5G, 55W charging, slick orange color

Ever heard of iQOO? The Vivo sub-brand doesn’t have much of a presence in the States, but it’s growing in India and today the brand is announcing its latest device with a notable “feature.” The iQOO 3 packs a Snapdragon 865 processor and it’s one of the first devices to disable the 5G modem.

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