It’s an official Samsung video, so don’t expect any objectivity, but if detail is what you’re after, this video showing both the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smart watch, is 18 minutes long. Jump to 12:57 if you’re only interested in the watch … 


You can see our own rather briefer hands-on looking at the S Pen features of the Note 3, and our hands-on of the Galaxy Gear here.

The Note 3 is expected to be available on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon around the beginning of October at $299.99 with a two-year contract. Verizon will also offer a $599.98 bundle deal for Note 3 and Gear together.

I have to say I’m still left feeling smart watches are a solution in search of a problem, but time, if you’ll excuse the pun, will tell.

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