YouTube announced an interesting new feature for creators today that will allow them to promote their channel across YouTube free of charge. Normally Google charges companies to place those ads that are often displayed at the beginning of YouTube videos, but for YouTube creators, Google will now display video ads for free through a new tool called ‘Fan Finder’.

YouTube is asking creators to submit a channel introduction video ad to Fan Finder, much like the example video ad from Rainn Wilson’s Soulpancake channel in the instructional video below. Once you’ve submitted the ad, Google will automatically turn it into a TrueView video ad and display it across YouTube for users it thinks might enjoy your content. Like normal YouTube ads, users will be able to skip the channel ads after 5 seconds:

We’ll turn your video into a TrueView video ad, which gives viewers the option to skip after 5 seconds. We’ll show your ad for free across YouTube to connect you with brand new fans. Fan Finder takes into account the interactions that viewers have with millions of YouTube channels in order reach the people who are most likely to engage with your channel.

You can learn more about using the new Fan Finder tool here and check out Google’s instructional video for the new ads below:

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