Whether you’re one of the cool kids who got their Nexus 6 shipment from Motorola or you inked a deal with Sprint, you’ll probably want to protect your new investment. While the web is already loaded with accessories to compliment Google’s new flagship smartphone, the company is only marketing two at the Play Store and one of them is now available to purchase.

Spotted earlier in the month, the Nexus 6’s Naked Tough Case is now up for grabs with Google Play’s standard one to two day warehouse departure time. This $35 clear hard shell protective gear won’t add too much heft to your handset and it also features a slick kickstand if you decide to prop your phone up in landscape mode to watch movie.

As for the $40 Stand Folio by Case Mate, Google Play is still listing it as coming soon, but something tells us that should be changing in the not so distant future.

(via Google Play)

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