Google Forms is getting a welcomed update today that brings an enhanced user interface and new features for all users and some specifically for Google Apps for Work and Education users.

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Among the new features, you’ll now be able to get real-time email notifications when someone completes and submits one of your forms, while individual responses will now be easily accessible from within the editor. “In addition to the summary of responses currently available in the Forms editor, you can now see individual survey responses as well. This will save you valuable time when analyzing your Forms. You can also print or delete individual responses from this screen.”

And specifically for Google Apps for Work or Education users, Google notes you can now “get a quick overview of who has responded to your form and who you are still waiting for responses from in the summary of responses. Use the “Send reminder email” feature to remind just those who haven’t already responded to your form.”


As for enhancements to the user experience, Google says to keep an eye out for a new UI for selecting templates from the home screen.

And lastly, Google is now supporting add-ons and Google Apps Scripts:

You can now use add-ons and edit scripts in the new Forms editor. Popular tools like Form Publisher, Choice Eliminator, and g(Math) for Forms help creators extend the capabilities of Google Forms.

Google has all of the details on its blog.

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