Apps & Updates April 9

A new Google Shopping experience that featured a personalized homepage launched in 2019. On Android, Google rebranded the existing Express app to Shopping, but it’s now shutting down the mobile experience in favor of just the web.

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Apps & Updates April 7

In 2019, the Google Play Store received a Material Theme redesign that was followed by a dark mode. The next major revamp is here and sees new navigation, as well as revamped settings.

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Apps & Updates April 6

Some Google Pixel phones stuck with Widevine L3 and SD quality Netflix

Netflix and many other video streaming apps use Google-owned Widevine DRM to ensure content isn’t easily pirated on Android. An issue for the past few months sees some Google Pixel phones unable to stream Netflix in HD quality due to Widevine L3 being detected

In mid-March, Google removed the ability for users to download their Play Music library via Takeout. With that data now gone, Google Play Music is getting one last update on Android to hide the app.

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Unlike other first-party apps, Google’s browser has historically followed a strict, publicized six-week release cycle. After going without updates for the past four months, a new version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad is rolling out now.

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Gmail for Android gains delightful swipe action animations

Besides integrating Chat and Rooms with Gmail, Google recently introduced minor yet delightful animations when swiping away emails in the list view on Android.

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