Apps & Updates May 17

Google Docs adds 13 new animal avatars for Endangered Species Day

No app features a better example of Google’s whimsical touches than Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The company’s editing suite has long identified non-logged in collaborators through anonymous animal avatars. As part of Endangered Species Day, Google is adding 13 new animals to raise awareness.

On Wednesday, our APK Insight of Google Keep suggested that a dark theme for the note taking app was imminent. This dark mode is now beginning to roll out via a server-side update with version 5.19.19. expand full story

Call of Duty Mobile beta coming to Android and iOS this week, further intel

The announcement that one of the most popular PC and console FPS franchises ever would be coming to both Android and iOS is a pretty big deal. Now fresh intel has come directly from Activision, and they are telling us to expect the first Call of Duty Mobile beta within the next week.

Apps & Updates May 16

While phones are computationally powerful, screen size is still a limiting usability factor. Split screen multitasking is one of Android’s solutions, and Google Calendar is now planning to leverage another UI element to make it easier to create new events.

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Back in February, Google introduced Sound Amplifier and Live Transcribe for Android. An upcoming update to the latter app next month will let users see non-speech sound events, like clapping and music, as well as transcripts.

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Apps & Updates May 15

Financial services often possess a wealth of information about user spending and transactions. After “Privacy settings” in Google Pay were erroneously hidden, Google is moving to better emphasize and expose them to users.

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