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You can now scroll down on fullscreen YouTube videos to read descriptions, comments, more

While many people today watch videos on mobile phones and tablets, the web is still an exceedingly important screen. YouTube is improving the fullscreen web player with the ability to scroll down to see recommendations, descriptions, and more.

Apps & Updates November 15

The first wave of Google Material Theme redesigns was for Android clients, with web apps in recent weeks following. After Google Keep Notes last month, Google Photos on the web is now the next major site to be revamped with various Material Theme tweaks.

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As promised in August, the Google Phone dark theme is now rolling out with the latest beta update. Google Phone 26 follows Google Contacts earlier this week and the company’s advice to developers that dark themes help conserve battery life.

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Apps & Updates November 14

G Suite admins can now require strong passwords, set expiration dates, and prevent reuse

Security and passwords are paramount in this day and age, especially in corporate environments. New G Suite password options allow admins to enforce policies like stronger logins that have to be changed every so often and cannot be reused.

After the death of Google Reader (RIP), many users flocked to Feedly as an alternative RSS client. Over the years, the service has gotten better and better and today, Feedly for Android is getting an overhaul (at least in beta).

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Since I/O 2018, Google Maps has seen a slew of updates from the Google Material Theme to focus on personalized location suggestions. Last month, it added a “Follow” button on listings to get store updates, with Google Maps for Android and iOS now adding a business messaging feature.

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