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GOOG: 950.70


Last December, Project Fi announced a referral program that netted referrers and new customers a $20 credit towards their monthly bill. The Google MVNO is now significantly expanding the program with a new Referral Challenge that adds prizes to the mix.

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Over the past few years, Google has been slowly reducing Adobe Flash usage in Chrome. With the announcement this morning that Adobe will soon stop supporting Flash, Google is following suit and will completely remove the plug-in from its browser by 2020.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Daydream VR lands on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ in latest update

Google has plans for a ton of new Daydream VR-ready smartphones through the end of this year, and that’s starting with a previous announcement. Following the reveal back at I/O 2017, Samsung is finally starting to roll out Daydream support for the Galaxy S8 family, starting with the Verizon variant.


As past events throughout time have proven, the world can sometimes be a dark and dangerous place. Having access to the right information during a crisis can prove to be lifesaving depending on the situation at hand, and the release of SOS Alerts on Google Search and Maps aims to make dealing with these future events easier and much more manageable. expand full story

Android O DP4: The default icon for system apps and apps without icons gets refreshed

The fourth and final Developer Preview of Android O finally dropped for Pixel and Nexus device yesterday, and several small graphical changes came with it. The latest change to be found is the system apps icon which has finally received a fresh coat of paint…

Apps & Updates July 24

GOOG: 980.34


Typing on TVs is something that pretty much everyone hates. Clicking half a dozen times between letter is infuriating, and it’s only made worse when you have a poor keyboard layout. When Google debuted Android TV, input was one of the key things that it fixed. It did that by pushing voice, but that doesn’t always work. Some apps need keyboard input, and Android TV’s keyboard always worked well. Now, though, Google is changing things up…

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