Since last year, Google has been working to streamline its enterprise and cloud business. Dianne Greene, formerly of VMWare, is head of a group that combines the previously separate Google Cloud Platform, Google Apps, and Google for Work. A quick update today for the latter service adds a view that shows all the apps to which a user has access.

With the new Hub, users can see a list of the Google and third-party apps they can use. Specifically, it shows all the apps that have been enabled for a user by their account administrator. It also has a section for apps that are whitelisted for use, but have yet to be installed. Ultimately, Google hopes the new Hub will get users to try out more apps.

New Google for Works users will be directed to this page during the initial sign-up process. The page only shows for those with an Apps for Work account. The Hub page is rolling out now to admins and users. The new page is useful, but Google could presumably have integrated a similar feature to the rarely used web app launcher found in the top right corner of every Google app.

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