Google Apps Stories May 24

For several years now PayPal has been a billing option in the Play Store, while Android Pay integration arrived last year. Today, the two companies are announcing a deeper integration that makes PayPal available throughout multiple Google apps and services as a new standard payment method.

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Google Apps Stories April 11

At Cloud Next ’17, Google quietly announced a revamp to Gmail that focuses on intelligent features like smart reply and groupings. Now, over a year later, an Early Access Program for a “new Gmail experience” is launching in “the coming weeks.”

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Google Apps Stories September 20, 2016

Search in Google Drive is getting a significant update today that adds autocorrect and Natural Language Processing search. NLP allows users to look for files in a more natural and informal manner, just like with “Ok Google” on mobile. Additionally, Docs is getting a new Columns feature and the ability to download converted documents in their original file format…

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Google Apps Stories September 8, 2016

Team collaboration tools are now a dime a dozen and increasingly relying on third-party integrations to stand out. As part of that battle, HipChat today has announced deep integration with Google Apps that adds Calendar and Drive right into the main interface of the chat app.

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Google Apps Stories September 6, 2016

Google Drive now merges duplicate files, keeps older copy in revision history

Assumably knowing that a common way people use Google Drive is by downloading a file, editing it locally, and then re-uploading, Google has today announced a subtle but useful change to how duplicate files are handled. Files with the same name will now automatically be merged, with the older copy still viewable in revision history…

Google Apps Stories August 23, 2016

Google Drive update allows you to add file & folder shortcuts to the homescreen

Following a slight redesign of the Google Drive website last week, the Android client is getting a number of small updates like homescreen shortcuts and the ability to upgrade your storage plan through the app. Additionally, version 2.4.311 will be the last update for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.

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