Google Apps Stories January 21

While it still seems as if tech brands caring about our ‘digital health’ is a little contradictory, it’s still neat to be able to get data on just how long we’re using our handsets.  expand full story

Google Apps Stories December 20, 2018

Google Photos increases Live Album limit to 20,000 photos and videos

Back in October, Google Photos introduced the new Live Albums feature that would identify people and pets and automatically create photo and video albums with a 10,000 photo and video limit. That has now been doubled to 20,000 thanks to a Live Albums update.

Google Apps Stories December 16, 2018

For years now, the Android community has cried out for dark themes in applications and the system throughout, all while Google continued to slap more and more white themes basically everywhere. Slowly but surely, though, we’ve been seeing more Google dark mode apps on various platforms. Here’s every Google dark mode app available today.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Google Apps Stories December 12, 2018

Google Photos now blocks unsupported video formats from unlimited storage

A change to Google Photos now means that any unsupported photo or video file types will now take up space on your Google account from December 6, 2018.

Google Apps Stories December 4, 2018

Initially an exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers for the past six months, “Autoplay on Home” is now rolling out to all free mobile users. This feature helps viewers decide what to watch before clicking on a video within the Home tab. expand full story

Google Apps Stories November 19, 2018

Google Calendar SMS notifications will be removed January 7th 2019

From January 7, 2019, SMS notifications from Google Calendar will cease to work for all users. Instead of SMS notifications, standard Google Calendar in-app notifications will be the main method of reminder for users regardless of device or wireless connection.

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