Google Apps Stories November 12, 2021

How to check your heart rate with the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Earlier this week, Google pushed a feature that could check your heart rate on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro without the use of a smartwatch. By reading the minute details in your index fingertip using the Pixel’s camera, Google Fit can identify your BPM. This allows anyone with a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro to check their heart rate on the go in seconds without external hardware.

Google Apps Stories November 10, 2021

Making the most of Android 12 widgets with customization

Android not only offers a lot of new AI-driven processing capabilities, but it also adds a little flare to the quality of life department. With the addition of Material You, wallpapers mesh well with the UI adding a cohesiveness that many people love about their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. In addition, Google’s widgets play along well and are easy to customize, allowing you to tailor the Android 12 experience even better.

Google Apps Stories January 27, 2021

iPhone SE display

With iOS 14, Apple is requiring app developers to tell users about and have them opt-in to tracking. Google announced today that its first-party iOS apps will stop using certain tracking methods to avoid having to show the upcoming permission prompt. Meanwhile, the company also provided guidance to developers and advertisers ahead of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency initiative.

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Google Apps Stories May 19, 2020

Here’s every Google app with a dark mode, and how to enable it [Updated]

For years now, the Android community has cried out for dark themes in applications and the system throughout, all while Google continued to slap more and more white themes basically everywhere. Slowly but surely, though, we’ve been seeing more Google dark mode apps in tons of apps and services. Here’s every Google dark mode app available today including Android, YouTube, Calendar, Chrome, and many more.

Google Apps Stories January 20, 2020

Google Assistant Search bar

Last year, Google brought some of their signature homepage “Doodles” to the home screen search bar of Pixel phones. Now, it looks like Google may be bringing those same Doodles to non-Pixel Android phones in the near future, starting with a “Lab” experiment.

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Google Apps Stories December 8, 2019

How to transcribe speech using Google’s Live Transcribe app

Speech-to-text technology has come a long way since the days of slowly droning into a microphone, hoping that the dictation software gets it at least half right. These days, applications like Siri or the Google Assistant can understand natural speech in real time, with high levels of accuracy. Using your voice to write or control your tech is pretty convenient, but that same technology can be pretty useful for people with hearing problems or anyone who needs live transcriptions of spoken language. That’s where Google’s Live Transcribe comes into the picture.

Google Apps Stories November 9, 2019

PDF in Google Docs

A PDF file is one of the most widely used document types. It can be shared across multiple platforms, compressed into a smaller size easily, and cannot be edited without leaving a digital footprint. These are some of the reasons that you’ll see PDFs used for legal documents like contracts and such. You can create your own PDFs straight from documents in Google Docs a few different ways.

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Google Apps Stories November 4, 2019


The ability to receive a notification for a reminder can be a lifesaver. And one thing that makes those alerts even better is when they’re based on your location. If you need to ask your boss about that raise when you get to the office or print those concert tickets when you get to the library, location-based reminders come to the rescue. Google Keep offers handy location reminders, and here’s how to set them up.

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Google Apps Stories March 26, 2019

Android Messages for Web QR Scan

Last year, a change to Chrome OS revealed that Messages for Web would be transitioning from to This lined up with the recent transition from the “Android Messages” name to simply “Messages.” Today, a slightly updated version of Messages for Web with RCS settings has gone live on

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Google Apps Stories March 22, 2019

Gmail will drop support for IFTTT integration starting March 31

If This Then That, better known as IFTTT, will soon drop support for Gmail integration after Google announced that certain third-party apps will no longer be able to connect to your email account for automation purposes.

Google Apps Stories March 21, 2019

Google Duo adds exclusive video filters for Indian Holi festival

Google Duo has now officially added a series of bright and colorful video filters that add colorful powder, borders, sunglasses, and food to short messages to help Indian users celebrate the Holi festival.

Google Apps Stories March 14, 2019

Over 150 millions users have downloaded one of 200 SimBad adware infected Google Play Store apps

The Google Play Store has had its fair share of security issues. In this latest instance, the SimBad rogue adware was found by the Check Point research team to have infected over 200 now-gone apps on the Google Play Store (via Android Police).

Google Apps Stories March 6, 2019

11 further US banks get Google Pay support for March 2019

Google Pay is such a convenient contactless payment method and now it has expanded to a further 11 US banks.


Google has released a brand new app called Bolo (which translates literally to ‘speak’ in Hindi) which has been designed to help children learn both Hindi and English.

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Google Apps Stories January 21, 2019


While it still seems as if tech brands caring about our ‘digital health’ is a little contradictory, it’s still neat to be able to get data on just how long we’re using our handsets.  expand full story

Google Apps Stories December 20, 2018

Google Photos increases Live Album limit to 20,000 photos and videos

Back in October, Google Photos introduced the new Live Albums feature that would identify people and pets and automatically create photo and video albums with a 10,000 photo and video limit. That has now been doubled to 20,000 thanks to a Live Albums update.

Google Apps Stories December 12, 2018

Google Photos now blocks unsupported video formats from unlimited storage

A change to Google Photos now means that any unsupported photo or video file types will now take up space on your Google account from December 6, 2018.

Google Apps Stories December 4, 2018

YouTube for Android w/ Dark Mode

Initially an exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers for the past six months, “Autoplay on Home” is now rolling out to all free mobile users. This feature helps viewers decide what to watch before clicking on a video within the Home tab. expand full story

Google Apps Stories November 19, 2018

Google Calendar SMS notifications will be removed January 7th 2019

From January 7, 2019, SMS notifications from Google Calendar will cease to work for all users. Instead of SMS notifications, standard Google Calendar in-app notifications will be the main method of reminder for users regardless of device or wireless connection.

Google Apps Stories October 30, 2018

Google Pay now officially available in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Google Pay in the Scandinavian states of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden is now officially available, opening up the service to millions within the Nordic nations who previously only had access to Apple Pay for mobile payments, having launched within the region earlier this summer.

Google Apps Stories May 24, 2018


For several years now PayPal has been a billing option in the Play Store, while Android Pay integration arrived last year. Today, the two companies are announcing a deeper integration that makes PayPal available throughout multiple Google apps and services as a new standard payment method.

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Google Apps Stories April 11, 2018


At Cloud Next ’17, Google quietly announced a revamp to Gmail that focuses on intelligent features like smart reply and groupings. Now, over a year later, an Early Access Program for a “new Gmail experience” is launching in “the coming weeks.”

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Google Apps Stories September 20, 2016



Search in Google Drive is getting a significant update today that adds autocorrect and Natural Language Processing search. NLP allows users to look for files in a more natural and informal manner, just like with “Ok Google” on mobile. Additionally, Docs is getting a new Columns feature and the ability to download converted documents in their original file format…

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Google Apps Stories September 8, 2016



Team collaboration tools are now a dime a dozen and increasingly relying on third-party integrations to stand out. As part of that battle, HipChat today has announced deep integration with Google Apps that adds Calendar and Drive right into the main interface of the chat app.

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Google Apps Stories September 6, 2016

Google Drive now merges duplicate files, keeps older copy in revision history

Assumably knowing that a common way people use Google Drive is by downloading a file, editing it locally, and then re-uploading, Google has today announced a subtle but useful change to how duplicate files are handled. Files with the same name will now automatically be merged, with the older copy still viewable in revision history…

Google Apps Stories August 23, 2016

Google Drive update allows you to add file & folder shortcuts to the homescreen

Following a slight redesign of the Google Drive website last week, the Android client is getting a number of small updates like homescreen shortcuts and the ability to upgrade your storage plan through the app. Additionally, version 2.4.311 will be the last update for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google Apps Stories August 22, 2016



Using a login party like Google, Twitter, or Facebook is much more convenient than remembering a username and password for individual services. To improve security for this type of sign-in, Google is deprecating third-party app logins from web-views in favor of the native browser.

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Google Apps Stories August 18, 2016

Google Drive web app gets a slight revamp, now splits large folder downloads

The Drive web app has received a slight revamp this morning that brings it in line with the Material Design of current Google sites. Additionally, Drive on the web is getting better downloads support, especially for large files and Google Forms.

Google Apps Stories August 17, 2016



Google has made huge inroads into the education market thanks to Chromebooks and Apps with features specifically aimed at schools. In time for the new year, Google Classroom is getting a bunch of new features, like annotations and email summaries for parents. Additionally, Expeditions has more virtual field trips and Forms finally supports adding images.

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Google Apps Stories August 15, 2016

Inbox is now enabled by default for Education and Non-profit Google Apps customers

Launched in 2014 and frequently updated with new features, Inbox by Gmail is Google’s smarter take on email. As of last year, all personal Google Accounts gained access to the app. Starting today, Inbox is now available by default for Education and Non-profit domains.

Google Apps Stories July 28, 2016



Back in 2014, Google introduced add-ons to Docs and Sheets that allowed third-party apps to build extra functionality into Drive. Add-ons are now coming to Google Drive on Android with several apps, like DocuSign and Scanbot, already updated with the new seamless integration. All third-party developers will likely be able to build their own integrations in the future.

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Google Apps Stories July 25, 2016



While Google Maps has had several UI changes on the web and mobile over the past few years, the actual map layer has remained the same. Starting today, however, Google is making a few visual changes and additions to Maps on desktop, Android, and iOS that will help with navigation.

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Google Apps Stories July 19, 2016



Last year, Google introduced an Arts & Culture app to showcase its collection of digitized art and other projects. The Google Cultural Institute is releasing an updated version of the app that is more feature-rich with a Google Cardboard VR component and a new Art Recognizer tool in select museums.

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Google Apps Stories July 7, 2016



Update: GV has reached out to inform us that Miner is starting a new project — not company — inside Google.

After founding Android with Andy Rubin, Rich Miner joined and has been at Google’s venture capital arm as a general partner. Now, he is reportedly planning to return to Google proper and launch (via Fortune) an education-focused company. Clearly, the project reflects Google’s increased interest in making products for the education market…

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Google Apps Stories July 6, 2016



Building on a new text selection and search feature introduced last month, an update to Now on Tap adds the ability to translate foreign languages found in any app. On Tap can now also read QR and bar codes, as well as suggest interesting articles and videos as part of a new Discover feature.

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Google Apps Stories June 30, 2016

PSA: No, it’s not just you — Google Calendar is down

Update: It looks like service is being restored for some.

We’ve received a slew of reports this morning that Google Calendar — an app that is completely invaluable to the daily lives of many — is currently experiencing some extended (but, thankfully rare) downtime. Google has confirmed on its Google Apps status dashboard that many users of Google Calendar are seeing a “Server Error” page.

Problems were initially recognized at around 8:47 AM CT, and seem to be continuing almost as hour later with Google “continuing to investigate this issue” as of 9:35 AM. Additionally, we’ve spotted scattered reports of Hangouts being down for some, although the Google Apps dashboard is not showing any issues as of the time of this writing.

We’ll update this article when the service is back up.

Google Apps Stories June 29, 2016



One of the key features that Google Maps on Android lacks is the ability to add multiple destinations when plotting directions. Many users (via Android Police) are reporting that the feature is now rolling out server-side as part of version 9.31 of Maps.

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Google Apps Stories June 25, 2016



In this week’s top stories: Specs for the rumored HTC ‘Sailfish’ Nexus device leak, more on the OnePlus 3, Google’s new Prompt two-factor feature, we review Sony’s Xperia X, and much more.

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Google Apps Stories June 17, 2016

Google’s upcoming Allo and Duo apps just got slightly redesigned icons

In case you didn’t hear, Google is planning to launch a couple of new messaging apps in the “summer”: Allo and Duo. The former is a familiar messaging app that builds in support for some of Google’s machine learning and AI technologies (and some more quirky new features), and the latter is a super-simple one-to-one video calling app that boasts speed and encryption.

Now, with the apps’ launches coming just around the corner (“this summer”, Google says), Google has given both a new updated icon…

Google Apps Stories June 16, 2016



Google Photos is arguably one of the best photo services available today, however one feature it’s been missing since launch is the ability to play a slideshow. Whether you missed it or not, the feature is now finally here.

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Google Calendar on Android will now tell you when you’re free for an event

In April, Google Calendar for Work and Education received the ability to “find a time” when your coworkers are free for a meeting. Now an update to the Android app adds a similar “when you’re free” feature to all personal Google accounts when scheduling an event.

Google Apps Stories June 13, 2016



Over the past few months, Google has rolled out several new features powered by machine learning. Announced at an enterprise event today, Google Springboard allows users to search through Google Apps and acts as a day-to-day work assistant, providing “useful and actionable information and recommendations.” The company also announced a major revamp to Google Sites.

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Google Apps Stories June 7, 2016

You can now quickly rotate images in Google Photos with a keyboard shortcut

If you — like me — have enabled auto-upload to Google Photos on pretty much all of your devices, you’ve surely noticed that some photos just don’t arrive on the site with the correct orientation sometimes. The Google Photos editor — which also has filters, brightness control, etc. — is an easy fix for this (it only take a few clicks), but now Google has made rotating photos in the app even easier with a quick keyboard shortcut that you can use when viewing any photo…

Google Apps Stories June 6, 2016

Google Contacts on the web now shows verified business information from Maps

Despite being announced over a year ago, the revamped Google Contacts web app remains in preview and is still lacking some legacy features. A new feature rolling out today, however, will list verified business information from Google Maps directly in a contact.

Google Apps Stories May 31, 2016

User first names are being removed from the Google bar on web apps

Starting today, the Google bar found on the company’s various web apps will no longer display a user’s first name. This minor visual tweak makes the sites look cleaner and will rollout to both regular and enterprise accounts.

Google Apps Stories May 12, 2016

Evernote announces Google Drive integration, available in beta for Chrome and Android

Some people heavily rely on Evernote to take notes and keep track of tasks. With a new Google Drive integration, Evernote users will be able to add Docs, Slides, and Sheets into notes and quickly search for files stored in their Drive.

Google Apps Stories May 11, 2016

Shared Albums in Google Photos gain commenting and smart suggestions

Launched at the end of last year, Shared Albums in Google Photos will now let people comment on pictures. As part of the Android and iOS update, a new smart suggestions feature will also recommend the right photos to add to a Shared Album.



Google Translate is getting a bevy of new features today that will make translating on mobile easier. Android gets a new feature that will get rid of the need to manually copy and paste into the Translate app, while iOS finally gets an offline mode. Additionally, the Word Lens instant visual translation feature now works on both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

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