While still in retirement, Google’s former head of search Amit Singhal is joining the board of GOQii, a smart fitness startup that has already launched in India. Unlike other fitness competitors, GOQii is more focused on selling a personal coaching service than actual hardware.

In fact, GOQii’s tracker is available for free after signing up for a monthly subscription service with a personalized coach that keeps track of your progress and provides advice to reach a preset goal. Those who already have a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other tracker can continuing using their devices by syncing across the data to a companion app.

Singhal was attracted to join the company for adding a “human element to the [fitness] process.” While he is now on the company’s board, the 15 year head of search is still “very much in retirement.”

The startup has already launched in India and plans to expand to the United States this month and China in the near future. Those in the US can join the wait list today. GOQii makes the good point that while consumers have many devices that can track fitness data, most don’t know what to do with all the information. 

(via Re/code)

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