As noted at Google’s support website, the different levels of the Local Guides program come with many different benefits. Up to today, those reaching the fourth level would qualify for 1TB of Google Drive storage for one year. Unfortunately, Google is now toning down that offer to just 100GB so that it can “continue giving Drive storage to all Level 4 qualified Local Guides.”

We are changing the Drive storage benefit for Level 4 from 1 TB to 100 GB, so that we can continue giving Drive storage to all Level 4 qualified Local Guides. Existing Local Guides who were signed up before July 7, 2016 (12am GMT) can still unlock the original 1 TB offer if they reach Level 4 by July 21, 2016 (12am GMT).

The change is effective immediately, but Google says that if you were signed up before today and you still want to go for that 1TB of storage, you’ll still be able to get it until July 21, 2016.

You reach Level 4 and get the Drive reward at 200 points, and if you reach Level 5 at 500 points, you become eligible for “Trusted Testing opportunities” (early access Google products and features) and the opportunity to apply to attend Google’s Local Guides Level 5 summit. Learn more about how to become a Local Guide over at Google’s website, and read the breakdown for rewards here.

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