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Stephen is Managing Editor at 9to5Google. You can find more of his current work on the flip side at 9to5Mac, as well as at 9to5Toys and Electrek. If you want to get in touch with Stephen, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Google+. Or, you can send him an email at stephen (at) 9to5mac (dot) com, or an encrypted email at hallstephen j (at) protonmail (dot) com.

Stephen has been covering Apple and Google for four years. He can be often found on the leaderboard of technology news curation website Techmeme, and has been cited by many major publications across the web including Wired, Re/code, Business Insider, CNET, BuzzFeed News, Computerworld, TechCrunchGigaOmPC World, PC Magazine, as well as newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Stephen’s first big story came in September 2014 when he exclusively published all of the details of Google’s unreleased Motorola-made Nexus 6 smartphone weeks before it was announced.

For several years he closely followed Google Glass and published extensive coverage of the product’s roadmap in early 2015 followed by several scoops revealing details about the forthcoming “Enterprise Edition” hardware in July, as well as Google’s plans for its distribution. These reports were confirmed when Stephen reported in late 2015 that the device had finally surfaced on the FCC website. He was also the first to report that one unit of the new device surfaced on eBay.

In September of 2015, Stephen published details of Google’s forthcoming 2nd generation Chromecast and Chromecast Audio products, as well as details on their companion application. He also exclusively reported on Google’s plan to finally bring Spotify support to the Chromecast.

In December of 2015, Stephen reported that Huawei planned to introduce women’s versions of its forthcoming Huawei Watch at CES 2016, as well as that Google was planning to introduce the gold variant of the Nexus 6P in the United States and begin selling the phone through Best Buy and other online retailers. The women’s Huawei Watch launched at CES 2016, and the Huawei Watch 2 with LTE capabilities launched at MWC 2017 after being delayed.

In March of 2016, Stephen exclusively reported that Tesla had at one point tested Google Glass in its Fremont, California factory, but had since moved to Vuzix hardware. He then published videos proving conclusively that Tesla had tested Glass.

Later in April of 2016, when Google’s Regina Dugan left the company to start an experimental hardware division at Facebook, Stephen detailed the story of her polarizing first meeting at Google. He also reported in 2016 that “Andromeda” an as-of-yet unannounced software project by Google, would launch on a Chromebook “Pixel”-like laptop and a Huawei-made tablet. He published more rumored details about this project in November of 2016.

In February 2017, Stephen shared the very first photos on the web of an LG G6 with its screen powered on, as well as detailed the device’s specs, more than a week before its announcement.

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August 16

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August 15

GOOG: 922.22


We told you earlier this month that Google was rolling out a new Preview Program for the Google Home, and now it appears that some users are finally able to access the program. When it’s available for you, you should see a “Preview Program” option in the “Device settings” page of the Home app…

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After a long wait (Google said it would be coming in ‘a few more weeks’ back in July), Google Allo’s web client is now rolling out — although it’s currently restricted to those running the latest version of the app on Android. We revealed in our teardown of the last version of the app that the launch of Allo for web was imminent, and site is now live…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

August 14

GOOG: 922.67


August 12

GOOG: 914.39


Just like last year, Google released the first developer preview for its forthcoming major software update in the middle of spring — March, to be exact. Now, just about 5 months later, Android 8.0 (Oreo?) is finally nearing public release. According to some tweets from a pair of well-connected Android reporters, the specific day to mark on your calendar is August 21st.

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In this week’s top stories: The latest beta of the Google app reveals some possible upcoming features, OnePlus releases three new icon packs to the Google Play Store, and we offer some alternatives to the Nexus 6. expand full story

August 11

GOOG: 914.39


Fired Google memo author James Damore writes Wall Street Journal essay

James Damore, an ex-Google engineer who has been the center of controversy this week after circulating a memo that has widely been characterized as sexist and anti-diversity, has now published an essay defending his various positions in The Wall Street Journal…

August 10

GOOG: 907.24


August 9

GOOG: 922.90


Much of “Google Play Protect” — announced back at I/O in May — is just a public-facing rebrand of security features that have long been part of Android. We saw of the beginning of its rollout when Verify Apps was rebranded with the Protect branding last month, and now the Play Store side of things is showing for some users.

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August 8

GOOG: 926.79


August 7

GOOG: 929.36


One of Google’s ‘Glass for Work’ partners, now seemingly called ‘Glass Partners,’ has listed the company’s not-so-newly-refreshed Glass hardware for sale on its website. The price to get the device and access to proprietary streaming software? €1,550.00, or roughly 1,828 US dollars.

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There’s not much left to learn about Google’s forthcoming Pixel and Pixel XL refresh. Between various leaksrumors, and our own reporting, it’s pretty clear that the Mountain View company is prepping a relatively minor refresh for the smaller of the two devices, and a more significant redesign for the larger XL model.

Besides one report that uncovered the XL model, the smaller model has been at the center of most of the leaks so far. That includes a real-life image of the smaller phone that leaked just last week. Now (via GSMArena) we have a couple more images.

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August 4

GOOG: 927.96


Well that was a fun little mystery while it lasted. AP‘s Artem noticed a brief mention of a device codenamed ‘dorado’ in AOSP last night, which spurred us to do a little bit — actually, more like an obsessive amount — of digging to figure out what exactly this device is…

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August 3

GOOG: 923.65

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