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Stephen is Managing Editor at 9to5Google. You can find his current work at 9to5Google, 9to5Mac, 9to5Toys, and Electrek. If you want to get in touch with Stephen, be sure to follow him on Twitter. Or, you can send him an email at stephen (at) 9to5mac (dot) com, or an encrypted email at hallstephenj (at) protonmail (dot) com.

Stephen can be often found on the leaderboard of technology news curation website Techmeme, and has been cited by many major publications across the web including Wired, Re/code, Business Insider, CNET, BuzzFeed News, Computerworld, TechCrunch, GigaOm, PC World, PC Magazine, as well as newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Stephen’s first story came in September 2014 when he published exhaustive details on Google’s unreleased Nexus 6 smartphone. He followed that with extensive Google Glass reporting, including scoops on the forthcoming “Enterprise Edition” and Google’s plans for its distribution.

In September 2015, Stephen revealed details on Google’s forthcoming 2nd gen Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, as well as Google’s plan to bring Spotify support to the Chromecast. He also revealed Google’s plan to introduce a gold Nexus 6P in the United States.

In March 2016, Stephen exclusively reported that Tesla had tested Google Glass in its Fremont factory. Later that year, Stephen detailed “Andromeda,” an unannounced software project by Google, which would launch on a new Google laptop and tablet hardware. That project was later cancelled.

2018 was marked by extensive reporting on Google’s first-party hardware and software projects. Stephen detailed Android Pie months before it launched, dug up the cause of extensive Pixel 3 leaks, and contributed to those leaks himself through exclusive leaked Pixel 3 camera details. Stephen also exclusively reported on the shuttering of Google Hangouts and Google Allo.

In 2019, Stephen revealed almost all of Google’s forthcoming hardware launches before they happened. That started with exclusive details about the budget Pixel 3a and 3a XL, and continued later in the year with the earliest reports on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Google’s second-generation Nest Mini, a new Nest Wifi, and a new Chromebook called Pixelbook Go.

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The fall events of 2019 are behind us, and the mid-range Pixels are set to arrive sometime this Spring, and that means there are likely some phones coming up that you’re interested in! So what are you to do with all your old gear? You should trade it in, and we’ve put together all the best trade deals for Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and more below…

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Station, Google’s free ‘Next Billion Users’ WiFi program, is shutting down

Google has today announced (via TechCrunch) that Station, its free WiFi service available at 400 rail stations in India and many other countries around the world, is shutting down.

It looks like some foldable phones owned by tech reviewers are already breaking — and it’s happening for more people than just the one that intentionally abuses his devices. The latest events involve both the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Moto Razr (2020), and it looks like there might be temperature-related causes for the maladies… expand full story

February 12

After several of the largest companies exhibiting at the show pulled out over the last week due to concerns over the coronavirus epidemic, GSMA has now announced that Mobile World Congress 2020 is officially cancelled…

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February 11

It’s Samsung Unpacked 2020 today, and the first 20 minutes of the event were by far the most interesting. Samsung jumped right into the thing that’s catching most everyone’s eyes and minds — the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This is the third major entrant in this new category of phones we call foldables, following last year’s Galaxy Fold and the more recent Moto Razr. I’m still trying to put my thoughts together on these as a category, but the Z Flip is definitely the most promising one yet.

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It’s February 11th, and that means Samsung’s big Unpacked event for the first half of 2020 is here. 9to5Google’s Samsung Unpacked Live Blog + News Hub will be updated regularly throughout the day with the latest announcements from Samsung. The event kicks off at 2PM ET/11AM PT, so read on for quick links to our roundup coverage over the last few weeks, tweets from the ground, and all the latest news as it develops…

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Samsung is going to take the stage at Unpacked this morning in San Francisco to unveil its latest flagship products, and you can watch the event livestream right here. The show kicks off at 2PM ET/11AM PT, but we’ll start live blogging with photos from the event space and the latest news around 9AM PT. Tune in below to watch Samsung announce the Galaxy S20, Z Flip, and more…

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February 7

Google is prepping to launch picture-in-picture video calls for Google Duo on the web, according to a source familiar with the matter. That means you’ll soon be able to make Duo calls and do other things on your computer at the same time.

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February 6

According to two sources familiar with the matter, Google has internally rolled out a beta version of YouTube Music that adds support for the music library/cloud locker functionality you might be familiar with from Google Play Music. One source suggested that efforts to transition Google Play Music users to YouTube Music are right around the corner…

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January 15

Google’s next mid-range Pixel entry is right around the corner, and plenty of rumors and leaks have already made their way out. We have a pretty good idea of what it looks like, we can assume some of the specifications using trends from last year, and we think we might know what it will cost. Here’s everything that’s been rumored so far about the forthcoming Google Pixel 4a.

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Twitter edit button not happening this year, says Jack Dorsey, explaining why

A Twitter edit button would easily top any poll for the most-requested new feature on the social network. But CEO Jack Dorsey says it’s not happening this year, and he’s explained why in a new video Q&A…

January 14

Alarming test shows US carriers fail to protect you against SIM-swap attacks

An alarming test carried out by Princeton shows that the five largest US carriers fail to properly protect their customers against so-called SIM-swap attacks.

They were able to persuade the carriers to assign phone numbers to new SIMs without successfully answering any of the standard security questions. Once a phone number has been reassigned to a SIM in the possession of an attacker, they can reset passwords even on accounts protected by two-factor authentication (2FA)…

January 7

Sonos is suing Google over alleged theft of its smart smart speaker technology, The New York Times reports. Sonos is filing in two federal court systems and seeks financial damages for the alleged theft of smart speaker technology across 5 patents. The alleged theft reportedly originated with a Google Play Music-related partnership in 2013.

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December 21, 2019

Video surveillance doorbells aren’t without controversy, but there’s no doubt that they provide a sense of security to their owners and opportunities for recourse when someone chooses to do something distasteful. Certainly the most common example is catching porch pirates, but… Christmas light cutting, too? expand full story

December 18, 2019

It may have been $230 earlier this week (as our friends at 9to5Toys spotted), but you can still grab the Pixel 3a at Best Buy for $250 if you’re willing to activate the phone today. While I think our gift guides have done a great job of rounding up some of the best gifts for the Android fan in your life, this might just be the biggest no-brainer of them all…

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December 16, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you’ve barely started buying gifts for your family and friends, and it’s really starting to set in that Christmas is just a little over a week away. Good thing Amazon Prime 1-day shipping exists, right? Here’s some of our top last minute gift picks for Android fans — the one requirement being that they’re available for shipping or in-store pickup in time for Christmas…

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December 12, 2019

This week we talk all about some Google Pixel news, the first Pixel 4a rumors, some Pixel 4 sales rumors, and a Fuchsia tablet?

Alphabet Scoop is available on Google Play, Google PodcastsiTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, and through our dedicated RSS feed for Pocket Casts and other podcast players.

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December 5, 2019

This week we talk all about the announcements at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit 2019 (including the Snapdragon 865, Sundar Pichai takes over Alphabet, and some Pixel things.

Alphabet Scoop is available on Google Play, Google PodcastsiTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, and through our dedicated RSS feed for Pocket Casts and other podcast players.

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December 4, 2019

Qualcomm flew me out and put me up in Maui, Hawaii to sit through a couple keynotes about its new smartphone chips, so here I am telling you about their new smartphone chips. The company announced the Snapdragon 865 and 765 yesterday, and today they detailed them in full. Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about the former — the flagship chip… expand full story

Snapdragon 865 will be first SoC to support on-phone ID card APIs in Android R

Qualcomm and Google announced today at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit that the company’s new Snapdragon SoCs — referring to the new Snapdragon 865 and 765 — will be the first to support the new Android Identity Credential APIs coming with Android R.

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