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Through a new teaser video on its YouTube channel, OnePlus has just revealed that it will be announcing a new product later this week on August 25th. The 30-second teaser features an acoustic soundtrack and shows a spinning “V2” logo on vinyl…

Nomad case for Pixel 3

We don’t see an actual product in this video, but the object in the center of the frame looks a bit like an earbud, and given the music theme of the video, I’d say we’re probably going to see something music related — perhaps a new pair of earbuds (or headphones) from the company.

These could be a standard pair of earbuds, perhaps even a successor to one of OnePlus’ previous options. The design in the video looks somewhat similar the $49.99 OnePlus Icons earbuds. Alternatively, we could also see a successor to the less expensive OnePlus “Silver Bullets”, which are actually out of stock at the moment.

That said, seeing all of the hype around USB C powered audio lately, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see a pair from OnePlus. Who knows, maybe they’ll even be affordable, unlike JBL’s option. Either way, we’ll find out more later this week.

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