In this week’s top stories: Google’s ‘taimen’ Pixel follow-up, Galaxy S8 specs & release date, hands-on with the Project Jacquard Levi’s jacket, Google Assistant & Home, and much more. 

Best iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV game controllers

We kick things off this week with hints that Google may have a third device in the works in addition to the Pixel and Pixel XL follow-ups. KGI corroborates Galaxy S8 specs and an April 21 release date as it also projects slower sales compared to Galaxy S7. And We take a look at Chromecast vs Android TV to find out what Google’s best solution for the big screen is.

Stephen goes hands-on with Google’s Jacquard fabric & the Levi’s Commuter jacket. Google Assistant and Home news. And the latest apps and updates as we take a look at the best of Android Nougat’s app shortcuts.

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