Following trials earlier this year in the San Francisco Bay Area, Waze’s ride-sharing service is expanding to all of California. Carpool is notable for its various restrictions that make it different from Uber or Lyft, but more affordable.

As the name suggests, Waze Carpool is akin to more traditional carpooling than being a direct taxi replacement. There are no full-time employees, with riders and passengers restricted to two rides a day — for getting to and from work.

The app is responsible for connecting riders and drivers with “nearly identical commutes based on their home and work addresses.”

Those interested in offering rides can opt in via the main Waze app, while those who want to request a ride do so through a separatededicated app. Only those over 21 can offer rides, with drivers not compensated more than $.54 per mile to cover the cost of gas.

Only those 18 and older can request rides, which are not necessarily guaranteed, but should be more affordable than competing services.

For those in California, Waze Carpool will launch next week on Tuesday, June 6th. Earlier this year, Waze discussed plans to expand to other cities in the US and other countries, especially in Latin America.

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